Mirror State

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Mirror State - Extension [2012]
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01. Extension
02. Conscious
03. The Bridge
04. Distracted
05. At Least I Noticed
06. Done With This Call
07. The Bridge (Second Line remix)
08. Distracted (Macka remix)

release 16 April, 2012
file size: 90 mb ZIP

thx subdeepvibe
To put it succinctly, this is the darkest release I've heard so far this year, and I am not in short supply of dark garage, I can tell you. Big up to Broken Bubble for nailing Mirror State down for an EP, because there isn't nearly enough of his stuff available as there needs to be. This is pure garage at its most deconstructed. Stripped down to its bare skeleton on an almost industrial level, with pulses of light that occasionally break the darkness, with only ghostly cold, sparse vocals to remind you of the human element.
Title track, 'Extension' is the perfect opener, preparing you for what you're about to receive in full, traveling through the wasteland until it all breaks down when you get to 'At Least I Noticed', degrading into almost shoegaze levels of fuzz and static.
'Done With This Call' drops back in to finish, before a couple of remixes which have become a bit of a trademark way of finishing off for Broken Bubble. Firstly, Second Line turns 'The Bridge' into a deep-kicking slab of techno that retains the apocalyptic vibe, whilst BB stalwart Macka puts together an acidic, percussion-crazy take on 'Distracted'.
For all those that proclaim Burial's tunes to be the ghost of UK-bred tunes of the past, check out this EP when it comes out, you might realise how wrong you've been!

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Ты не помог себе сам и не помог тебе боженька.
Осталась лишь ненависть к властям - cвятая обязанность любого "художника".
посмотрел я на треки (именно посмотрел), да они на одно лицо))
I liked this one...

But this new album was just too deep and dark for me...
Moving forward with each breath.
Ой, кого-то мне музыка этого чувака напоминает...
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More like an EP to me. However, I like the direction and has serious potentional. Hyperdub prospect.
обалденно ехать ночью с такой музыкой по нашим темным деревенькам на гродненщине.

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бюриал наставления ему давал =)
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Ребята, ну сколько же можно! Вся эта постбэриаловщина вызывает уже рвотный рефлекс ! Отковенное копирование чужого саунда- это не комильфо! Да и скучно к тому же

сабж в данном стиле уже года так 4, просто темку недавно создали.
Так что всё в порядке вещей...раньше помнится ныли о том, что в таком духе нечего послушать
Why did the lion get lost? Because the jungle is massive
Все круто, спасибо композитору!
Мне вот тоже понравилось

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