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ARTiST : Miss Fortune
ALBUM : A Spark To Believe
LABEL : Sumerian Records
GENRE : Rock
RELEASE : 2014-05-28
STREET : 2014-05-16
QUALiTY : 278kbps avg / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo
SiZE : 67.91 MB
PLAYTiME : 00:33:56

Track Name Time

1. Were Not In Kansas Anymore 3:35
2. Ghost 3:04
3. Chasing Dreams 3:52
4. My Apologies 3:10
5. A Spark To Believe 3:00
6. Interstate 44 3:27
7. A Lost Cause 3:34
8. Ive Got A Five Point Plan 3:28
9. Take That Shit Back To Baxter 3:26
10. The Double Threat Of Danger (Acoustic) 3:20


а по мне так о*уенные чуваки, на репите гоняю, ваще не надоедают))) thumb.gif
Let the dominoes fall
Вживую то тянет всё)) нормулёк! My Apologies начало вообще как надо thumb.gif

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даже если ты один против всех это не значит что ты не прав
Вокалиста арестовали по обвинению в домашнем насилии: AP. На лейбле группа уже не значится.

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Yes our singer Mikey is in jail

с уоткинсом зажигать вдвоем будут.
нихера себе..
даже если ты один против всех это не значит что ты не прав
To set the record straight, we are very active.
Everything with Sumerian Records was just a big misunderstanding that's being sorted out.
Miss Fortune will still continue whether we stay a signed band or an independent band.

I'm proud to announce I will be entering the studio 10 days from now with producer Cameron Mizell (Memphis May Fire / Sleeping With Sirens / Woe, Is Me) to record a new single! More details soon.

Все ок thumb.gif
У вокалиста и гитариста новый сторонний проект по тяжелее - Northern Lights.
“We are now an independent act”—Miss Fortune talk their future and launch a new, “heavy” project
This past October, Miss Fortune frontman frontman Mikey Sawyer was arrested on charges of domestic assault, which resulted in the band being dropped from Sumerian Records and having to cancel their scheduled tour appearance with the Word Alive the Color Morale, Our Last Night and the Dead Rabbitts.

A few weeks after his arrest, Sawyer took to the band's Facebook to say that he had been exonerated of the charges against him and that he was wholeheartedly innocent.

While Miss Fortune as a whole have been fairly silent since these events took place, they have now posted a lengthy update via their Facebook page, which states that they are now a fully independent band and no longer associated with any record label. Additionally, Sawyer and MF guitarist Josh Kikta have teamed up with members of Outline In Color to form a new, "heavier" band outside of Miss Fortune, which are called Northern Lights. Despite the new endeavor, however, MF are still very much alive and will spend 2015 writing their sophomore studio album.


Слили невыпущенную акустику)
Вокалист писал сочиняют новый альбом!
где же ты Майки!?!?
даже если ты один против всех это не значит что ты не прав
Miss Fortune - Die for You [single] (2016)
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Цитата: (SirMickleThird)
где же ты Майки!?!?

вокалиста Мики зовут
охеренный сингл! на репите rolleyes.gif

2 oz[LP]
даже если ты один против всех это не значит что ты не прав
Miss Fortune - The Bottom (Single)
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mp3, 320kbps


New Music Video (2017) thumb.gif

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