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Spacesuits - s/t

01. Speedy
02. Uncharted
03. Meteor
04. Rangers
05. Float
06. Nibiru
07. Roots
08. Crunch
09. Chase
10. Chicks
11. Contact
12. Lift Shift
13. Rockabye
14. Navigation
15. Steps


Spacesuits is the result of an organically-formed all-Canadian hip hop group fronted by emcee's Moka Only, LMNO, Mr. Brady, and backed by producer, Jules Chaz. Much like the album's front cover, which depicts a handful of animated alien-like characters hanging out in the real-life city street, the music combines contrasting elements that make for a spaced-out vibe while maintaining the earthy tones that can only be achieved through record sampling. Listen to tracks like Rangers and Nibiru to get a quick taste of the album's juxtaposing nature.
Moka Only - Martian XMAS 2014 (2014)

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02.Can We Go
03.It Sound Nice (feat. A-Ro)
04.Play Ball
05.Toaster (feat. A-Ro)
06.The Market (Produced by Julez Chaz)
07.Elton John (feat. A-Ro)
08.Round This Time
09.Tickin' (feat. A-Ro)
10.China Beach
11.Commission Boogie (feat. Illa J)
12.After Eight
13.Piece of Mind (feat. A-Ro)
14.What I Hafta Say (Produced by Julez Chaz)
15.Wish For That (feat. A-Ro)
16.Warm It Up
17.We Should Really Talk (feat. A-Ro)



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Moka Only – Magickal Weirdness (2015)


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Moka Only – I’m Delighted (2016)

01. Delightro
02. Filterbox
03. Hup Hup
04. Beez
05. Go
06. Are You Present
07. For The Payyy
08. Everybody Knows
09. Should We Write
10. Penticton
11. Anja
12. Creamy Jam
13. Definitely On Some
14. Aurora
15. Going In
16. True Googz
17. Gotta Automate
18. Boggles
19. Mopin
20. What Da Fuck
21. Sliding
22. Peenanno
23. Right…
24. Chiming
25. Fanta
26. Sunny Bap
27. … I Can See
28. Rat Race
29. Bellhowse
Moka Only – Milky State (2016)

01. Thinking Cap
02. If This Is All There Is
03. Phone Don’t Ring feat. Jon Rogers
04. Drop A Hot One
05. Blipify
06. I’m Sayin’
07. Keep Keep feat. Mr. Brady
08. Blue In The Drums
09. Gettin’ Over The Hump
10. Start That Way
11. The Basement
12. Back To The Bobos feat. JingleBell of Yaggfu Front
13. Street Sound
14. Here’s Hopin’
15. Picture Clear feat. The Pharcyde
16. Blipify2
17. Night After Night

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Moka Only – Martian Xmas 2016 (2016)

01. Hot Buttered Intro
02. What Up November
03. Evergreen Scene
04. Superdamp
05. A Break In The Weather
06. Bread Butta
07. How Simple Can It Get
08. For Dolo
09. Somethin’ For Warmth
10. The Wish
11. Tripple Dog
12. A Little Coal
13. Renew The Do
14. Decent

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