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The band has completed their label debut, which will be released on Redfield Records later this year.
Seemingly out of the blue MONASHEE appear on the scene. The alternative metal band celebrates the signing on Redfield Records with the single ‘Follow The Colours’ and knows to impress with a sound that is both unique and catchy. In line with their young and modern sound, MONASHEE want to leave their (musical) past behind and rather talk about the present and the future.
Not only because the single is the only released song to date, ‘Follow The Colours’ is ideal to describe the band’s present. Following the statement of guitarist Rob, the track summarizes the sound of MONASHEE perfectly: “You can especially point out ‘Follow The Colours’ because it represents our material musically and regarding the content as well. The song has many different facets from quiet to loud and expresses the versatility of the band that is like the leitmotif of the album.” This versatility can already be found in the title, it continues in the artwork and is finally ex-pressed in the music. However for MONASHEE the colours not only stand for many-sidedness but also for individuality. Rob tries to put it in a nutshell: “‘Follow The Colours’ describes the urge of every individual to do what it feels to be the right thing, although it sometimes means that conventions have to be broken.” Singer Kebo adds: “Like the title says: Follow the colours – follow your colours, your interests, your abilities, the things you love without looking back or knowing, if you will ever reach your goals. Keep looking forward, concentrate on these goals and do everything you can to reach them.”


Monashee - Singles (2018)
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30.05.2018 - Follow the Colours (Single)
20.07.2018 - Split (Single)
30.11.2018 - Lone Wolf (Single)

mp3, 320 kbps
They used to be called I Scream For Ice Cream. They were supposed to play a show here not too long ago. But they had to cancel the show, because their singer quit on short notice. So I'm not sure what the status of this band really is. unsure.gif
Monashee - Follow the Colours (2019)
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Время: 0:40:28
Качество: mp3, 320 kbps
Размер: 92.79 Мб

01. White Wings (3:46)
02. Split (4:10)
03. Follow the Colours (4:18)
04. Mayday Mayday (4:21)
05. The Carraway Story (4:24)
06. Lone Wolf (3:38)
07. Great Heat (4:34)
08. Bury Me (3:48)
09. Cycles (3:45)
10. Need Deep Within (3:44)
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03. Follow the Colours (4:18)
07. Great Heat (4:34)

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