Moving Units - Dangerous Dreams (2003)
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Artist: Moving Units
Title: Dangerous Dreams
Genre: Rock
Label: Palm Pictures
Time: 42:42 min
Size: 51 Mb
Bitrate: VBRkbps 44.1kHz JointStereo
Release Date: August 19, 2003

Track List
1. Submission
2. Going For Adds
3. Available
4. Between Us & Them
5. Unpersuaded
6. Bricks & Mortar
7. Anyone
8. Scars
9. Birds Of Prey
10. Emancipation
11. Killer/Lover
12. Turn Away

псиб чел...ааафигенное музло...
хорошая группа. recommended фэнам bloc party. но куда она делась?
someone repost please?

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Artist : Moving Units
Title : Moving Units
Date : 12-14-2002
Ripper : Rollmops
Genre : Rock
Label : 31G
Size : 19,9 MB
Bitrate : 192/44,1

Track List
01. Between Us & Them 03:25
02. X And Y 04:34
03. I Am 02:33
04. Melodrama 03:54


Going back to the best moments of 70's/80's post-punk. Their songs are all
і hits. Enjoy!

Formed with the idea of saving Los Angeles, MOVING UNITS are now ready to
excite and delight the whole world with their debut four song EP. Here to
rescue you from the doldrums of monotonous punk rock, THE UNITS have been
dazzling the kids and creating a stir with their incredible live shows. They
will surely win you over with their GANG OF FOUR meets A.C.R. meets DELTA 5
meets E.S.G. high-energy modernist disco with buttery hooks! Features
already received huge press from the likes of NME and MOJO. This 12" EP also
features eye popping art work from next wave underground hero Matt Damhave

Moving Units - Dangerous Dreams (2003)

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It doesn't matter how it sounds but how your eyes would glisten
Moving Units - Dangerous Dreams (2003)

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так залито туда... biggrin.gif
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ну так пора бы уже привыкнуть к тому, что на ifolder ссылки живут очень долго.
в крайнем случае, перед скачиванием посмотришь рекламу. :)
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It doesn't matter how it sounds but how your eyes would glisten
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here you go, Moving Units - Dangerous Dreams (2003)

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Moving Units — Hexes For Exes (2007)
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спасибо abandonedships


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Artist: Moving Units
Album: Hexes For Exes
Label: Metropolis Records
Source: CD
Genre: Indie
Rip Date: 2007-09-30
Store Date: 2007-10-09
Rip Tool: EAC
Encoder: LAME 3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
Quality: 210 kbps AVG VBR 44.1/Joint Stereo
Time: 40:33 min
Size: 61,2 MB

Track List
01. Pink Thoughts 4:21
02. Crash 'N' Burn Victims 3:30
03. Paper Hearts 3:22
04. The Kids From Orange County 4:07
05. Dark Walls 4:02
06. Pick Up The Phone 2:54
07. Nail It To The Cross 3:42
08. Wrong Again 3:11
09. Kings And Queens Of Nothing 4:19
10. Hearts Departed 3:31
11. Blood Beats 3:34




Moving Units was formed in 2001 by Chris
Hathwell, Blake Miller, and Johan Boegli as a
response to what the band refers to as "an
uninspired music scene". The band selected the
name Moving Units to express their distaste for
the sales-obsessed mentality of the record
industry. Thanks to their compelling mixture of
post-punk and dance rock and incredible live
shows, where singer/guitarist Miller’s frantic
performances are tethered to singer/drummer
Hathwell’s driving rhythms and the danceable bass
lines and self-controlled, aloof stage presence
of bassist Johan Boegli, The Moving Units quickly
became a band to be reckoned with. Their
reputation soon grew and their winning over of
the jaded LA music scene earned Moving Units a
residency at Spaceland, a hub of underground
music. 2002 saw the release of the self-titled
Moving Units ep (released on Three One G), which
garnered rave reviews.

2003 saw the band chosen to open for Blur and
then Hot Hot Heat. The band has also shared the
stage with legendary names like The Pixies and
Nine Inch Nails, opening for the latter on the
first half of NIN’s 2006 tour.

October 2004 saw the debut album entitled
Dangerous Dreams (released by Palm Pictures). An
album nearly two years in the making, Dangerous
Dreams was hailed as a stand out in the dance
punk scene, invoking references of superiority
over everyone from the Rapture, Yeah Yeah Yeahs,
Ladytron and The Faint to Franz Ferdinand.
Reviewers referenced a range of influences, from
the danceable influence of New Order to sneer of
The Minutemen, the artistic sensibilities of Can,
Wire, A Certain Scene, the disco-punk flavors of
Gang of Four to the melodic sensibilities of The
Pixies, all while hailing the uniquely original
sound. Described by Nylon magazine as "...a
euphorically smutty, joyfully disenfranchised,
danceable call to arms," Dangerous Dreams
refreshing combination of thumping bass lines and
drums, stabbing guitars, catchy lyrics and vocal
melodies won over audiences, critics and the
dance floors alike.

In 2007, Moving Units joined Metropolis Records
for the release of their new album Hexes For
Exes. From the infectiously catchy guitar lines
of “Pink Thoughts”, and the dance electronic
synths of “Crash ‘N’ Burn Victims,” “The Kids
From Orange County” to the rhythm driven “Paper
Hearts” and the Joy Division and New Order
influences on “Dark Walls” the album immediately
stands out, with foot-tapping hooks making you
take notice of the depth of the lyrics. Hexes For
Exes is an album that has been crafted for the
dance floors and to sing along with. The swagger
and sleaze of “Pick Up The Phone” and the grooves
of “Nail It To The Cross” were made for moving
to. The slower tempo of “Kings and Queens Of
Nothing” and “Hearts Departed” with its stripped
down vocals and echoing guitar sound are a
striking counterpoint to the dance vibes of the
album, rounded out perfectly by the bass hooks
and playful rhymes of “Blood Beats.” Hexes For
Exes breathes new life into dance rock.
ааааа!!!!! пасиб огромное)) долго ждал этого альбома!)надеюсь он не хуже предидущго) biggrin.gif
офигенные чувачки!!самое крутое что я качал из инди за посл. месяц! thumb.gif спасибо за лучшую музыку, milkit
спектары захватили ваш мозг!
Moving Units - Hexes for Exes (2007)-
apologies, I don't speak Russian, and Babelfish is a shitty translator!

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