Mungos Hi Fi / Phokus & Mr. Boogie - Tweeky / The Infect
Label: Police In Helicopter
Catalog#: PIH-04
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: Germany
Released: 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Dubstep
Notes: Mastered at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin

1 Mungos Hi Fi - Tweeky (Powa Steppa)
2 Phokus & Mr. Boogie - The Infect (Acidbass Wobbler)


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great stuff - cheers! cool.gif thumb.gif thumb.gif
What do you call a frenchman wearing rubber shoes? Phillippe Phillop
Anyone got the LP version of Soundsystem Champions? Or atleast the extra dubs of Rooster, Herbalist and Old Time Dance?
Rooster sounds great)))
Mungo's Hifi - Ruff Mi Tuff Riddim (Scotch Bonnet)

01 Mungos Hi Fi Ft. Tippa Irie - Ruff Mi Tuff
02 Mungos Hi Fi Ft. Omar Perry - Live In Peace
03 Ruff Mi Tuff Riddim - Version
04 Mungos Hi Fi Ft. Daddy Freddy - Dread Inna Armagideon
05 Mungos Hi Fi Ft. Sister Carol - Culture Mi Vote
06 Mungos Hi Fi Ft. Bongo Chilli - Nuttin Nah Gwaan




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Clouds - Shallow (Mungo's Hi Fi Refix)

beg someone has it!
wasted youth

LD/ Mungo's Hi-Fi - Internation Roots (LD Remix)/King Of Kong
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MP3 / 320 / Web / Label Dub Police / Catalog: DP032 / Country: UK / Released: 14 Oct 2009 / 26580 KB
download rapid:
or ifolder: big thanx goes out 2 - 404_error
or last choise mediafire:
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its not the dubhead stuff we're used 2 but hee th' production's nice and so on --->>

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A fronte praecipitium,
a tergo lupi

irie thumb.gif
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Soom T - Consoomer
Type......: PROMO
Genre.....: Electronic
Style......: Hip Hop, Reggae, Dancehall, Grime, Dub
Label.....: N/A
CatalogNr.: N/A
Url.......: 2008.06.00
Source....: CDR

01. Did you know
02. Piano Player
03. Bass Bass
04. Four letter world
05. Remember to wake up
06. What about us? (Jonjo Dub Mix)
07. We rocked the party
08. What is life?
09. Bird Tweets
10. Road to space
11. We are the hastage takers
12. Send them kids to war (Live)
13. What about us (Tolcha Version) (Bonus 1)
14. What is life? (Gypsy Mix) (Bonus 2)
15. The Lanes (Bonus 3)
16. Hidden 1
17. Hidden 2

чувак, это просто супер!!!!альбомы этой девочки я ищу уже очень давно!!!!
кто скачал - залейте на другой обменник пилис...рапида болт весь день пишет
yeah! wink.gif She's wikkid wink.gif enjoy this: Soom T - They All Lie
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Mungo's Hi Fi / Itchy Robot - Fire Pon A Dubplate / Playback
Label:Scrub A Dub
Catalog#:SCRUB 003
Format:Vinyl, 12"
Style:Dub, Dubstep

1 Mungo's Hi Fi - Fire Pon A Dubplate
2 Itchy Robot - Playback

we need more Mungo's Hi-Fi Sound !!

General Levy Feat Mungo's Hi-fi Wicked Tunes !!

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