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настоящее имя: Christopher Shively

I'm a 25 year-old DJ, producer, and record label owner, originally from Kansas City, although I now live in Chicago. I got started in electronic music pretty early--I began buying rave, jungle, and house 12"s in the early 1990s, and played my first DJ gig in 1995 (at the tender age of 13! what an adorable little munchkin I was). Since then, I've played at over 350 events in 10 countries, alongside electronic music legends like Juan Atkins, Plaid, The Bug, Ghislain Poirier, Aux88, DJ SS, Bong-Ra, Legowelt, Ssion, Remarc, Nookie, Kid606, Pinch, Istari Lasterfahrer, R.A.W, Dev79, Michael Foreshaw, Parasite, Enduser, Reid Speed, 0=0, and more.
As a producer, I first got attention through a lot of old-school-influenced neo-jungle tunes. My jungle stuff tends to be very heavy on drumwork and edits, with a lot of .....ta rap influence and a little bit of ragga influence (although I tend to shy away from full-on vocal tracks). After some successful jungle releases on Mashit, Clash, and some other labels, as well as a fair chunk of press exposure from XLR8R, Grooves, BBC Radio 1, Pitchfork Media, and loads of others, I founded my own label, Dead Homies, as an outlet for catchy, dancefloor-worthy, well-produced, forward-thinking jungle and dubstep.

Murderbot - Ruff In The Bunny Fizness [2007]

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Label: Dead Homies (OG006)
Released: 09 Oct 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Drum & Bass, Jungle
Source: Web
Url: http://www.beatport.com
Quality: 320kbps / Full Stereo
Tracks: 10
Size: 125,10 MB
Playtime: 54:58 min

Rlz Note: http://www.murderbot.net/

A remastered / remixed collection of Murderbot's jungle work to date.

# title duration
01. Dead Homies Anthem [04:06]
02. Inferno VIP [05:31]
03. Rubadub Soldier (feat. Nick C) [05:50]
04. Onlyworld [06:00]
05. More Guns [04:51]
06. Twilight Zone [06:10]
07. Bloodclot For The Sake Of Bloodclot [05:24]
08. Purple Skunk [05:58]
09. Murderbot Stands In Judgement [04:32]
10. Fi You VIP [06:36]</span>



пароль: funkysouls.com
Я модерирую когда захочу.
На narod скинь PLS!!!!
Artist: Murderbot
Album: Onlyworld/Purple Skunk
Label: Dead Homies
Catalog#: OG 002
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: US
Released: 25 Oct 2005
Genre: Electronic
Style: Drum n Bass, Jungle
Notes: Limited to 1000 copies. Label art by John Dretzka of MK12.

A. Onlyworld (6:04)
B. Purple Skunk (5:56)


Artist: Murderbot
Album: My Streets
Label: Dead Homies
Catalog#: OG 004
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: US
Released: Jul 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Drum n Bass, Jungle

A. My Streets (6:55)
B1. Take Me Away (6:40)
B2. More Guns (4:49)


Artist: Murderbot
Album: Dead Homies Anthem/Murderbot Stands In Judgement
Label: Clash Records
Catalog#: CLASH008
Format: Vinyl, 7"
Country: Netherlands
Released: 11 Oct 2006
Genre: Electronic
Style: Drum n Bass, Jungle
Credits: Mastered By - Simon Davey

A. Dead Homies Anthem (4:04)
B. Murderbot Stands In Judgement (4:30)


that's all the murderbot i have... enjoy!

в каком качестве сии релизы?? smile.gif
"А голова - предмет темный и исследованию не подлежит" (с)
i dont speak russian... sad.gif
Oh, excuse me, could you tell us, what's the bitrate of these Murderbot's releases (Onlyworld/Purple Skunk, My Streets and Dead Homies Anthem/Murderbot Stands In Judgement)?
"А голова - предмет темный и исследованию не подлежит" (с)

CLASH008 -------> VBR (~205kbps)
OG004 -------> VBR (~190kbps)
OG002 -------> VBR (~220kbps)
перезалейти на ипапку плес, послухать охотэ +)

ой соре, я прозрел %)
пытошная жара
I think this one has not been posted..

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Murderbot - Wet Deck

Murderbot - Ruff In The Bunny Fizness [2007] - отлично! Глоток свежего воздуха среди засилия дарксайда. Даже Джетро Талл засемплил ))
Мемчи́ки - эта абщение с илитай. Эта не толька шутки пра тваю мамашу, но и шутки пра мамашу админа. Мемчи́ки - эта гигабайты тральских шутак. Мемчи́ки - эта абщение. Мемчи́ки - эта тралинк лалак. Мемчи́-и-и-и-и-и-ки!!!
CHRISSY MURDERBOT - Chrissy Murderbot ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Murderbot - Ruff In The Bunny Fizness [2007]

перезайлейте на айфолдер пожалуйста rolleyes.gif
Mestizo / Let It Spray / SECLUS024 / WEB / 2010
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artist: Mestizo
title: Let It Spray (SECLUS024)
label: Seclusiasis
cat.num: Seclus024
genre: Bass
year: 2010
playtime: 36:26 min
url: n/a
rls.date: 01/06/2010
source: WEB
quality: 320kbps / Joint-Stereo
tracks: 08
size: 83,5 MBb
t r a c k l i s t
01 Let It Spray (Produced By Rx) 04:19
02 Let It Spray (Instrumental) 04:19
03 Let It Spray (Acapella) 03:04
04 Let It Spray (Chrissy Murderbot Remix) 05:18
05 Let It Spray (Dev79 Remix) 03:27
06 Let It Spray (6blocc Remix) 05:15
07 Let It Spray (Siyoung Remix) 06:38
08 Let It Spray (Innaspace Remix) 04:06
36:26 min

---> ul.to
---> rs.com
---> ifolder.ru
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