Nazi Bastards From Aldebaran

Nazi Bastards From Aldebaran - Invasion [2007]

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Artist.....: Nazi Bastards From Aldebaran
Title......: Invasion
Rip Date...: 2008-02-16
Style......: Techno-Industrial
Label......: Zhelezobeton
Quality....: VBRk
Type.......: Album
Size.......: 36.45MB
Source.....: CDR

An unknown artifact of the 90-ies Russian industrial scene! Having recorded several tracks in 1997-1999 the members of the project haven't done absolutely anything to make the result available for the public, and they just disappeared in complete obscurity... Years later the composition "Swastika Man" was released on the "Red Square" compilation by KultFRONT label. And only now can the gap be considered completely filled as this disk contains the full legacy of th e project. Music of NBFA is a kind of old school electro industrial: catchy rhythms, melodies and well thought-out synthetic fillings of tracks. Various samples spice up the compositions, and their titles like "Illuminati", "Cleansing the Planet", "Nazi UFO Attacks Paris Nightclub" unambiguously talk about  the ideological basis of this mysterious project.

1 Invasion 3:54
2 Swastika Man 2:55
3 Illuminati 6:25
4 Cleansing the Planet 4:20
5 Nazi UFO Attacks Paris Nightclub 2:57
6 Old Cunt 4:35


ааа...ну кто ж кроме русских такое придумать мог! biggrin.gif
спектары захватили ваш мозг!

всегда смешило это слово, с самого децтва
название лейбла рулит - железобетон)
оригинально ...
сомнительно,но всеравно канает.....аномалия *уле blink.gif
we will also kill ourselves and vomit diarrea on stage just for your veiwing pleasure because we love you
Неплохо , похоже на психодел сиридины 90-х
Мне лично очень понравилось, действительно весьма псходелически. Напоминает множество по-настоящему интересных исполнителей, причем как "живых", так и электронных. В целом, если это действительно русская группа, то я впервые за долгое время рад за нашу музыку.
блин,ну где ты такие вещи находишь? smile.gif
i made my last breath. ate my last meal.
you got what you deserved, nigga, how's dat feel?

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