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Having only hit the ears of Tampa Bay music fans in October 2008, Not Tonight Josephine have since attacked the Florida rock scene at a frenetic pace. With five members sharing years of musical experience, from pop to modern rock to screamo to metalcore, these guys love being on stage and putting on a show. By landing opening spots for national acts such as Framing Hanley and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus; performing at Tampa radio station 97X’s Backyard BBQ; and playing just about every rock venue in the state multiple times - all in the past year - Not Tonight Josephine have quickly become one of the most buzzworthy rock bands in Florida. Their debut EP, This Orphan Heart; recorded and mixed by Brett Hestla and full of cranked guitars, soaring, in-your-face vocals, and hard-hitting, driving rhythms; is available now at iTunes and most digital outlets. The band is also sure to be playing all across the Southeast soon so keep an eye out... it's a show worth seeing!


Not Tonight Josephine - This Orphan Heart [EP] (2009)

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1. Sunshine
2. The Strings They Pull
3. Walk Away
4. Contrast

ещё одни... уникумы... нет чтобы назваться просто Josephine, так надо что-то ещё приписать...
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Для старта вполне прилично.
С нами Аллах и четыре английских пулемёта
Название, конечно, не внушает, но музычка неплохая
Сегодня ЕР официально вышел, никто FLAC не располагает?

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По спейсу весьма неплохо.
new song -cover of ace of bace

IMO Rockss

Клип на песню Carousel. Очевидно, ребята большие поклонники сериала Dexter, ибо сходства сюжетов не заметить невозможно smile.gif

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когда-нибудь все будет хорошо
в Alternative =)
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Групец зачётный! Ну тема действительно должна быть в разделе Алтернитива! wink.gif
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We also have a BRAND NEW full length Album titled "All on the Horizon" coming out April 26th!
КГБ следит за тобой!
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КГБ следит за тобой!
All On The Horizon (2011)
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[320 kbps | 84.48 Mb]

1. Why Can't You Stay
2. Carousel
3. Sweet Dreams and Lullabyes
4. Slow Down
5. We Will Never Be the Same
6. For The Last Time
7. All That She Wants
8. Follow Me
9. Convicted
10. Dont Tell Me It's Over


Thx Bob-Ombobobo from RIP
All On The Horizon (2011)
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очень хорошая,качественная работа получилась,которая радует уши.
7. All That She Wants
Ace Of Base cover thumb.gif

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