Итак, попытка номер два. Не нужно оставлять свои комментарии по поводу актульности темы. Мы это уже прошли с максимальными потерями wink.gif
Порядок размещения новости:
Ссылка на нужное сообщение темы -> Название исполнитеоя и сама новость (новый альбом, к примеру)
Допускается краткое описание или какие-то интересные факты, почему эта новость должна заинтересовать остальных жителей раздела. Так же можно вставить небольшую обложку альбома и написать жанр, если исполнитель не широко известен.
Правила Топика:
В данной теме размещается только сама новость (новый альбом, муз. событие..), а все обсуждение идет уже в самой теме исполнителя.
Флейм не по теме и флуд категорически запрещается.
Свое мнение о событии здесь оставлять не надо, т.к. люди заходят в эту тему для другого и выискивать новость среди мусора не доставляет удовольствия.
Тема не является логическим продолжением Флейм | Emo vs Hardcore и временным решением её закрытия.


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Rip Date: 05-02-2009
Store date: 17-02-2009
Новый альбом PsyOpus
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New Album - Seneca-Reflections-(Advance)-2009-FNT

No Wings To Speak Of
Breakcore / Hardcore / Metal
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No Wings To Speak Of (new album)
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Новый альбом Colon Open Bracket
8-bit / Emo

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Новый альбом Within The Ruins

Как же мне нравится эта тема. Побольше бы людей ее поддерживали wink.gif
Спасибо ВСЕМ, кто ею занимается. Столько времени можно сэкономить thumb.gif

Концерт Funeral For A Friend в Москве
03/04/09 - Точка
It Prevails
Capture And Embrace

Melodic hardcore/Metalcore
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Рипнули Наконец Таки
Heaven In Her Arms
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"New EP"Duplex-coated obstruction" released at 02.11."

Дико ждем рип smile.gif

Тема на фанки

Инфа из их статуса на майспейсе biggrin.gif

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Сцена ЕР'шки Red Stars Parade
Experimental / Hardcore / Metal / UK
Red Stars Parade have been likened to artists such as Deftones, Neurosis,
Quicksand, Melvins, At The Drive-In, and Mastodon.

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следующий альбом Silverstein будет концептуальным

It appears as though Silverstein's new album titled "A Shipwreck in the Sand" (March 31st) has a story behind it...

Once upon a time, before the lakes and rivers were polluted, before the animals were poached to extinction, and before man had destroyed the earth's atmosphere, there was a great ship. This vessel was to venture into new waters to find new resources, and create a contemporary world, to make life easier and more enjoyable. It was a simple mission for the crew who were excited to be a part of this union. They pledged their allegiance to the captain, and vowed to be there no matter what, in sickness, health, and possible death.

As time passed by, there was no new land to be found. As the days grew shorter, and the nights grew longer and colder, the crew became more and more skeptical about the captain's vision. Originally passionate and committed, true and faithful, they now began to revolt.

As the mutiny started, and the captain was overthrown and chained. He asked them why they had so quickly and so drastically changed their course of action. They replied that there were no riches and no wealth to be found on this journey and that they would not die for this. The captain retorted that he promised no treasure, no riches, and questioned their motives. This union was not about love. This union was not about the cause. This union was for the wrong reasons...

...A man, a woman, and their child sleep in their home. The man awakes to the smell of smoke. He saves his family from a fire. As they struggle with the flawed insurance systems in place, and move to a hotel, everything starts to unravel. The promise of the American dream is gone. A hope for a life of luxury, money and wealth has dissolved. Adultery, addiction and enmity take its place. Passion once felt is no longer. Hatred grows. A union of trust once pledged is now questioned. This union was not about love. This union was not about the cause. This union was for the wrong reasons...

This is the story of A Shipwreck in the Sand.

With everything else you'll fade into the horizon


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Release Date: April 20

It Prevails
Melodic hardcore/Metalcore
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Сцена нового альбома
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Пароль на всё: www.funkysouls.com
Фан сайт группы Paramore
The Sorrow
Origin Of The Storm

Melodic Metalcore
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release date: february 27
Heavy Heavy Low Low have parted ways with their label New Weathermen/Ferret Music following a mutual agreement to go separate ways. The bands statement on the split can be found here
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новый альбом Alexisonfire будет называтсья young cardinals


hey kiddies. Today we got on a plane and flew out to the beautiful city of vancouver, b.c. to start recording our fourth album titled....young cardinals. for the first time in our 8 years as a band, we have finally decided to dоcument the making of a record from head to toe. we will be posting daily updates as well as video footage and photos from the studio on our myspace page in the video and photo section

check it out.
updated daily

With everything else you'll fade into the horizon

August Burns Red - Lost Messengers: The Outtakes (2009)
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August Burns Red
Mastodon have launched a new site for their upcoming album "Crack The Skye" over at www.cracktheskye.com. The new site features art, making of videos and more. "Crack The Skye" will see a March 24th release date through Reprise/Warner.

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