Oasis-Definitely_Maybe-1994-FST iFolder-Pt1|iFolder-Pt2
Oasis-Whats_The_Story_Morning_Glory-1995-FST iFolder-Pt1|iFolder-Pt2
Oasis-Be_Here_Now-1997-FST iFolder-Pt1|iFolder-Pt2
Oasis-The_Masterplan-1998-FST iFolder-Pt1|iFolder-Pt2
Oasis-Standing_On_The_Shoulder_Of_Giants-2000-FST iFolder
Oasis-Heathen_Chemistry-2002-FST iFolder
Oasis-Familiar_To_Millions-2CD-2000-FST iFolder-Pt1|iFolder-Pt2|iFolder-Pt3|iFolder-Pt4
Oasis-Dont_Believe_The_Truth-2005-FST iFolder
Oasis-Dig_Out_Your_Soul-2008-OASiS iFolder
Oasis-Dig_Out_Your_Soul-(Deluxe_Edition)-2CD-2008 iFolder

FLAC iFolder и iFolder

CD01-Supersonic iFolder
CD02-Shakermaker iFolder
CD03-Live Forever iFolder
CD04-Cigarettes And Alcohol iFolder
CD05-Roll With It iFolder
CD06-Some Might Say iFolder
CD07-Morning Glory iFolder
CD08-Whatever iFolder
CD09-Wonderwall iFolder
CD10-Don't Look Back In Anger iFolder
CD11-Champagne Supernova iFolder
CD12-D'ya Know What I Mean iFolder
CD13-Stand By Me iFolder
CD14-All Around The World iFolder
CD15-Don't Go Away iFolder
CD16-Sunday Morning Call iFolder
CD17-Who Feels Love iFolder
CD18-Go Let It Out iFolder
CD19-Hindu Times iFolder
CD20-Stop Crying Your Heart Out iFolder
CD21-Little By Little iFolder
CD22-Songbird iFolder
CD23-Lyla iFolder
CD24-Importance Of Being Idle iFolder
CD25-Let There Be Love iFolder
CD26-Stop The Clocks (Japanese EP) iFolder
Oasis-Lord_Dont_Slow_Me_Down-2007-OASIS iFolder

Bonus Tracks and EPs:
Oasis-Supersonic-(EP)-(Japan_Import)-1994-BKF iFolder
Oasis-Who_Feels_Love_(Acoustic)-Promo_CDS-2000-pyt iFolder
Oasis-The_Importance_Of_Being_Idle-(DVDA_Single)-2005-MTD iFolder
Oasis-Dont_Believe_The_Truth-JP_Bonus_Tracks-2005-JRP iFolder
Oasis-Little_By_Little_(Special_Tour_Edition)-CDS-2002-FKK iFolder
Oasis-The_Hindu_Times-DVD_Single-2002-TLT iFolder
Oasis-The_Hindu_Times_(Real_Promo_Single)-2002-4HM iFolder
Oasis-Stop_The_Clocks-(Special_Edition)-DVD-2006-FKK iFolder

Official video:
Oasis-Songbird-XviD-2002-VFi iFolder
Oasis-Wonderwall-DVDRip-XviD-1995 iFolder
Oasis-Little_By_Little-DVDRip-XviD-2002 iFolder
Oasis-Let_There_Be_Love-DVDRip-XviD-2005 iFolder
Oasis-Wonderwall-XviD-1995-GORE iFolder
Oasis-Supersonic_(US_Version)-DVDRip-XviD-1994-FST iFolder
Oasis-Live_Forever_(US_Version)-DVDRip-XviD-1994-FST iFolder
Oasis-Shakermaker-DVDRip-XviD-1994 iFolder
Oasis-Rock_N_Roll Star-DVDRip-XviD-1994 iFolder
Oasis-Cigarettes_and_Alcohol-DVDRip-XviD-1994 iFolder
Oasis-Acquiesce-DVDRiP-XviD-2006-mV4U iFolder
Oasis-Let_There_Be_Love-XviD-DVDRip-2005-PMSVCD iFolder
Oasis-Supersonic-DVDRip-XviD-1994-FST iFolder
Oasis-Live_Forever-DVDRip-XviD-1994-FST iFolder
Oasis-Lord_Dont_Slow_Me_Down-PROPER-DVDRiP-x264-2007-mV4U iFolder
Oasis.Lord.Dont.Slow.Me.Down.SWESUB.PDTV.x264-LiPAN iFolder
Oasis-Champagne_Supernova-DVDRip-XviD-1996-OASiS iFolder
Oasis-Stop_Crying_Your_Heart_Out-DVDRip-XviD-2002-OASiS iFolder
Oasis-Live_At_Brit_Awards_2007 iFolder
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Can anyone please repost to or any other hoster service, please? for me works very bad sad.gif

Thnks in advice... wink.gif

Absolute truth doesn't exist and this is absolutely true
thx for the share, cool.gif cool.gif

but is it normal that only 4 songs are in the rar ?

wink.gif wink.gif

As soon as I get more I'll upload on yousendit. For the moment I'm uploading those first 4 songs...
Watch out, I'll be back soon for more !!!
ph34r.gif thumb.gif ph34r.gif thumb.gif

OK vicious
here it is:

Enjoy cool.gif

Pakyie, thanks for the effor wink.gif

Appreciated man smile.gif thumb.gif

Absolute truth doesn't exist and this is absolutely true
Thanx a bunch Pakyie,thumb.gif
I love this forum!!!

Это сообщение отредактировал enigma7000 - 26.04.05 в 20:48
картинка, оставленная пользователем

Track Listings
1. Turn Up the Sun
2. Mucky Fingers
3. Lyla
4. Love Like a Bomb
5. The Importance of Being Idle
6. The Meaning of Soul
7. Guess God Thinks I’m Abel
8. Part of the Queue
9. Keep the Dream Alive
10. A Bell Will Ring
11. Let There Be Love
Seen this before, it the leaked 4-5 tracks again & re-encoded samples of the rest of the tracks in 320kbps, so certainly not the full new album.
the album is 65mb so how can it be samples?
Because they re-encoded the samples to 320kbps to get bigger filesize and a total of 65mb. Trust me, this one has been going around for more than 1 week and it's true. I tried this one yesterday morning again and it's NOT the real full stuff.

Это сообщение отредактировал poldemol - 30.04.05 в 11:52
great! thanks friend.
it's a very very very big's only bit of songs.....But grazie!
If I had my way I'd have all of you shot!!
think everyone will have to wait then, i thing most people think its shit aswell. time to pack up i think.
Oasis - Don't Belive The Truth ( Preview)
Mucky Fingers
Meaning of Soul
Keep a dream alive
let there be love
Съешь еще этих мягких французских булок, да выпей чаю.
Oasis - Don't Believe The Truth [2005] (Full real album finally)
картинка, оставленная пользователем
1. Oasis - Turn Up the Sun (4:01)
2. Oasis - Mucky Fingers (3:56)
3. Oasis - Lyla (5:12)
4. Oasis - Love Like A Bomb (2:54)
5. Oasis - The Importance of Being Idle (3:41)
6. Oasis - The Meaning of Soul (1:44)
7. Oasis - Guess God Thinks I'm Abel (3:26)
8. Oasis - Part of the Queue (3:50)
9. Oasis - Keep the Dream Alive (5:47)
10. Oasis - A Bell Will Ring (3:09)
11. Oasis - Let There Be Love (5:31)
12. Oasis - I Can See It Now (4:06)

Also on torrents now, search for Oasis_-_Dont_Believe_The_Truth-2005-MWF

Torrent available too now, look around for:
sounds good, thanks! thumb.gif

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