OST - Black Mesa

Abstract / Ambient / Melodic / Game Soundtrack / 2012
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"After seven years, hundreds of hours and too many song revisions to count, the Black Mesa Soundtrack is finally released. Faced with the impossible task of creating a soundtrack that will pay homage to Half Life 1 and the millions of fans worldwide, I have made production choices that some will most likely question. From a slightly different perspective, I have tried to bring what I feel is the essence of Half Life, to Black Mesa. I had no prior experience composing soundtracks. Creating the sound effects was a challenge all on its own, but the music was a far greater task than I initially anticipated. Luckily for me, the lengthy development cycle gave me time to learn and experiment with a lot of different ideas. I wanted to try new musical genres and styles in Black Mesa, while still maintaining a Half Life "feel". A few song re-makes were attempted, but there is no point in re-making something that is already a classic. I know I risk much composing a soundtrack so different, but I am hoping the community will come to like it almost as much as the original."
- Joel Nielsen

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Joel Nielsen - Black Mesa Soundtrack (2012)

MP3 / VBR 0 / 108.9 MB

01. Anomalous Materials
02. Apprehension (Mesa Remix)
03. Blast Pit 1
04. Blast Pit 2 (Mesa Remix)
05. Blast Pit 3
06. End Credits Part 1
07. End Credits Part 2
08. Forget About Freeman
09. Inbound Part 1
10. Inbound Part 2
11. Inbound Part 3
12. Lambda Core
13. Office Complex (Mesa Remix)
14. On a Rail 1
15. On a Rail 2
16. Power Up
17. Questionable Ethics 1
18. Questionable Ethics 2
19. Residue Processing
20. Surface Tension 1
21. Surface Tension 2
22. Surface Tension 3
23. Surface Tension 4
24. Unforeseen Consequences
25. We've Got Hostiles
26. Black Mesa Theme (Mesa Remix)
27. Black Mesa Theme
28. Apprehension
29. Blast Pit 2
30. Office Complex

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Вау! Как это ново.
зачем на бесплатные релизы платную рекламу ставить - никогда не понимал. как то не честно ж.
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Вне игры этот ост не нужен
Вне игры этот ост не нужен

я бы сказал ДО игры. а ПОСЛЕ - получай удовольствие и ностальгируй.
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Отличный саундтрек, засел в башке так же плотно, как когда то от того же Twisted Metal 4, хоть и жанры совсем разные
Да здравствует музыка!!!
Сколько себя знаю, только две игры побудили меня на то, чтоб скачать саунд трек и слушать в плеере, первая Сайлент Хил и вторая эта.
Гениальный саунд, я в восторге.
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Joel Nielsen - Black Mesa: Xen Soundtrack (2019)

MP3 / 320 KBPS / 92.2 MB

01. Transcendent
02. Internal Conflict
03. Entangled
04. Convergence
05. Alien
06. The Hunting
07. Lair
08. Mind Games
09. Shadows of Death
10. Harbinger
11. Critical Mass
12. Ascension
13. Respite
14. Limitless Potential
15. Border Worlds
16. Nihilist

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