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After innumerable frat parties, slutty sorority girls and drunken bar fights, vocalist Adrian Patrick & guitar-player Ted Carrasco finally decided to focus their post-adolescent rage and began writing together in early 2003. Over the course of that year, the two college drop-outs spent countless hours searching for the right players. Twelve months and two livers later, their musical direction would change, guided by the classically-trained fingers of guitarist Ryan Patrick. A student at the world-renowned Las Vegas Academy of the Performing & Visual Arts, the teenage guitar-major joined the group following some key firings by Ted and some crafty inter-band politicking by older brother, Adrian. Unbeknownst to them and literally right around the corner was a diamond-in-the-rough: drummer Alan Doucette. The son of internationally-acclaimed, Latin sensation Olga Breeskin, “Deuce” has the blood of musical royalty pumping through his nicotine-clogged veins. The youthful fervor of Ryan & Alan proved to be a secret, metal-edged weapon for their more experienced, alt-rocker counterparts. A year later, upon completing two overseas tours in the United States military, Sergeant D.W. King brought balance to this volatile musical weapon, a perspective that only a bass-playing, combat-veteran could provide.

So instead of breaking local ordinances, the boys have been breaking local attendance records for the past two years, firmly securing their place as one of Las Vegas’ biggest unsigned bands. Dubbed the "#1 unsigned act in America" by FOX News, OTHERWISE have been invited to share the stage with several national acts including: NOFX, the Vandals, SugarCult, W.A.S.P, Camp Freddy, The Human Value, One Thousand Pictures, Lo Mass Republic, Whitestarr, Escape the Fate,
Morningwood, Whitesnake, Living Things, Thin Lizzy, Godhead, David Lee Roth, Panic Channel, the Dreaming & Blue October.

Most recently, the lads of OTHERWISE were voted the "#1 unsigned band in Las Vegas" & were awarded the opening spot on Xtreme Rock Radio 107.5's Holiday Havoc 2006 mega-concert, featuring: The Deftones, Papa Roach, Unwritten Law, & Lost Prophets.

With the release of their self titled album, these young men plan to cast their shadow across the land, with unfurled wings of fortune and glory. On the path to immortality, OTHERWISE vow to take no prisoners. Granted a little luck and with the right team behind them, OTHERWISE sit poised to conquer the world, three and a half minutes at a time...

Adrian Patrick - Lead Vocals,
Dave - Drums,
Ryan Patrick - Guitar,
Radley - Bass,
Jason J - Guitar, vocals

Otherwise - Otherwise (2006)
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1 Silence Reigns
2 Necropolis
3 Shadows
4 Trapped
5 Antemortem
6 The Death of Me
7 Need to Escape
8 Eyes of a Tragedy
9 Ghost of You
10 Colorblind
11 Whiskey Black
CD baby
Картинка с луной thumb.gif ..группа судя по прослушиванию на cdbaby неплохая, нужен альбом, чтоб толком понять wink.gif
Вот рипы песен с майспейс:
Emerson Road ft I AM ONE
I Am Spartacus
Miles of Rain ft I AM ONE
Shapes of Metal
Us Versus Initiative

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Хорошая группа. Треки очень понравились, особенно I Am Spartacus thumb.gif
"Some Kind of Alchemy" EP
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Any have this?
в клипе энэргетика Anberlin и Fightstar thumb.gif
жалко, что вокал не эмоватый... хотя это и особенность )
надо ценить )

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Some Kind Of Alchemy (2009)

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01. Bloody Knuckles, Broken Glass [3:09]
02. Has Anyone Seen My God Damn Dignity? [4:00]
03. Stop, Drop & Roll (Doesn't Work In Hell) [3:46]
04. I Am Spartacus [3:09]
05. Shapes Of Metal [10:33]

192 kbps | 34 Mb
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Забыл добавить что это [ЕР] wink.gif
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Sh+t, dead link.
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Otherwise - Lighthouse (2010)
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[128 kbps | 3.8 Mb]

1. Lighthouse

Otherwise - Man On Fire (2010)
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[128 kbps | 4.5 Mb]

1. Man On Fire

Otherwise - Some Kind Of Alchemy [EP] (2009)
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[128 kbps | 28.7 Mb]

1. Bloody Knuckles, Broken Glass
2. Has Anyone Seen My God Damn Dignity?
3. Stop, Drop & Roll (Doesn't Work In Hell)
4. I Am Spartacus
5. Shapes of Metal


Otherwise - Otherwise (2006)
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[256 kbps | 67.5 Mb]

1. Silence Reigns
2. Necropolis
3. Shadows
4. Trapped
5. Antemortem
6. The Death of Me
7. Need to Escape
8. Eyes of a Tragedy
9. Ghost of You
10. Colorblind
11. Whiskey Black

Wow, what a band!
Otherwise - Bloody Knuckles, Broken Glass [Music Video]
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ARTiST.... Otherwise
TiTLE..... Some Kind Of Alchemy
LABEL..... Self Released
GENRE..... Metal
RiP.DATE.. 2011-07-21
STOREDATE. 2009-12-07
QUALiTY... 232 kbps / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo
TRACKS.... 5 / 24:35
SIZE...... 42.69 MB
RIPPER.... EAC Secure with LAME 3.98.4
URL....... http://www.myspace.com/otherwise


1 Bloody Knuckles, Broken Glass 3:09
2 Has Anyone Seen My God Damn Dignity 4:00
3 Stop, Drop And Roll (Doesn't Work In Hell) 3:45
4 I Am Spacrtacus 3:08
5 Shapes Of Metal 10:33



From the depth of Sin City comes a band that Fox
News calls the #1 unsigned band in America. After
listening to their EP, it is easy to see why
With a mix of metal and radio friendly melody
these guys are sure to make a mark in the music
world. Their sound which I would compare to a
Nickleback only edgier or maybe the Goo Goo Dolls
with a bit more bite, Otherwise has a quality
which will have you making a microphone out of
any handy object and singing along with Adrian

I first heard about this band like many others
outside of the Las Vegas area when Adrian sang
the duet with Maria Brink of In This Moment on
the song "The Promise" from their album A Star
Crossed Wasteland. It is easy to hear why he was
chosen as his vocal range is the perfect yin to
Maria's yang. As they trade screams and melodic
passages, it becomes obvious you have two great
singers who each bring something special to the
world of music. Some Kind Of Alchemy shows you
just what Adrian is capable of. With a range that
many a vocalist would sell their soul for, he
gives you a sampling on this EP of what kind of
magic his band has to offer

With a melodic sense that relies on catchy riffs
supplied by Ryan Patrick and a huge chorus sung
by his brother Adrian, the band starts you off
with a super dose of high energy rock and roll
called "Bloody Knuckles, Broken Glass". Here they
give us one of those songs that are meant to be
blasted at high volume while cruising down the
shoreline with the top down. There is plenty of
music out there on the darker side and it is good
to find someone who likes to live in the world of
sunlight once in awhile. Just listening to this
song again while writing this makes me want to
head outside and enjoy what the planet has to

Turning a bit heavier but still giving you those
terrific riffs and dynamic vocals, "Has Anyone
Seen My God Damn Dignity?" picks up where the
last song ends. Although this one is a bit more
serious, you still will be cranking the volume to
max and singing at the top of your lungs with
this refreshing bit of rock

Otherwise is a band that knows how to make you
stop what you are doing and listen to what they
have to offer. They are like caged animals
waiting to be released and this disc keeps
simmering and simmering just below the boiling
point until they unleash their bombastic fury
When they tell you that "Stop, Drop & Roll
(Doesn't Work in Hell)" it is done with a
churning style that slowly keeps you roasting in
the pits of Hades as Adrian sings about the irony
of life in the long run with a nice dose of the
angst that the title suggest. Another thing that
this band will do is make you think and feel what
they are trying to say. When you let your mind
decipher the paradox in the title and lyrics it
really brings out the fact that Otherwise is a
band that works on you in many different ways and
levels. Not only are you carried away by the
music the guys make, you work the grey matter
that is inside us headbangers

"I Am Spartacus" is an example of how they use
the song title to describe an attitude they are
projecting rather than just using a part of the
lyric as the name. Otherwise delivers a beat down
just like a gladiator might as you finally get a
chance to hear that scream of Adrian's. He uses
it as an exclamation point to this devilishly
cool bit of melodic metal. It might be my
favorite moment on the disc

They end the disc with the same kind of energy
that they started out with. Well, sort of
"Shapes of Metal" continues the anthem like
powerful melody and irresistible vocals that you
have heard throughout the disc. You might want
more by the end of it and Otherwise delivers by
slipping in the old hidden track trick

After a lengthy amount of dead air comes the
acoustic ballad "Emerson Road". Believe me it is
the capper as you hear a different side of the
band and one that is just as appealing as what
has come before. A band doesn't have to go full
tilt all the time and Otherwise shows their
ability to create the beautiful as well as the
energetic rocker. It is a great little ballad

I have to say that this one took me by surprise
From the limited exposure that I had to Adrian's
vocals, I had no idea what was in store for me on
the album. This is one of those times when I know
that I have been listening to a band that is
going to be big someday and we are given the
opportunity to watch them grow. If this disc
doesn't make you want to hear more than all you
have to do is go to their myspace and you can
hear the further development of the band. On
there is the new single "Lighthouse" and if this
is the direction they are going than it is
obvious that they are heading down the road to
stardom. This one spreads out a beacon that will
show you the way. Taking a bit of the Disturbed
approach, Adrian unleashes that terrific scream
in between some dynamite guitar work and terrific
singing. I look forward to him using this
approach more and more

This is a very entertaining and good slice of
metal music that proves you don't have to be
heavy all the time. I know there is a lot to be
said for the deep and darker music out there and
I love that kind of stuff but sometimes you need
to lighten up and when that time comes, think


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Otherwise Sign With Century Media
Otherwise have signed with Century Media Records for the release of their new album which is due in the spring.

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