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Very few producers indeed have had such a remarkable last 18 months as Paleman, evolving as he has rapidly from a promising talent into one if the most devestating producers from these grey shores.
His music is a refined blend of the classic and the current – simple and elegant, with the odd distinctive flourish. Echoes of the Hacienda and Paradise Garage, via Garage and Deep House – but still utterly 2013.  He is influenced by a wide variety of sonic influences  – Jazz, African and World Percussive pieces, Techno and House – with the common thread of being percussion focussed; an obsession that is to be further manifested by his recent move to London to study jazz drumming. A fact that further alludes to a real, uncommon talent with potential for real musical longevity.
He is only a couple of releases deep into his career, but they have been very much lauded, and his tunes have been providing the highlights of everyone to Loefah to Boddika to Skream’s sets. “Furrball” –  his release with Zed Bias on Swamp 81 –  sold out before it even hit the shelves, and his release on Loefah’s new SCHL RCRDS imprint is about to drop too to great acclaim, building on the firm foundations of Dusky’s release on the fledgling label.
Other recent highlights include his remix for Redlight, playing at DMZ 8th Birthday, his beast of a set at the recent Sold Out SWAMP 81 Birthday at Fire and The Lightbox, collaborating with Roy Davies Jnr at RBMA, and countless shows around UK and Europe; And if at the tender age of 20 you are one of Zed Bias’ Favourite producers and collaborators, things tend to bode well.

FULC001 Paleman - All Good (2012)
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01. All Good (04:28)
02. Hunt (05:25)
03. Slither (05:34)

MP3 320kbps: ZippyShare / RusFolder

SWAMP025 Paleman & Zed Bias - Furrball & Boiler (2013)
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01. Furrball (05:34)
02. Boiler (04:41)

MP3 320kbps: ZippyShare / RusFolder

SCHOOL002 Paleman - Halfout (2013)
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01. Paleman - Half Out (5:08)
02. Paleman - Etch (4:47)

MP3 320kbps: ZippyShare / RusFolder

Redlight - Switch It Off (Ben Pearce / Paleman Remix) (2013)
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01. Switch It Off [Ben Pearce Remix] (5:50)
02. Switch It Off [Paleman Remix] (5:43)

MP3 320kbps: ZippyShare / RusFolder


Chapel only on physical release?
yeah, hope anybody will rip it
yeah hopefully soon!
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0:02 Yonurican - Boriken Soul
4:00 Wad - Pearson Sound
8:23 Press Up - Mosca
12:30 Nyiduonge Drums - Owiny Sigoma Band
15:27 Boddika - Soul What
18:00 Randomer - Bring
20:00 Paleman & New York Transit Authority - Drones -> req
22:00 9T8 - Dusky
27:07 Brett Jacobs - El Hadu
29:00 Doc Daneeka - Walk on In
31:00 Zed Bias & Terror Danjah - Telepathy
35:00 Legwork - Life Is Shower (Dubspeeka Mix1)
39:00 Zed Bias - Couch Life
41:15 Trusta - Bulletproof
44:00 Pearson Sound - Untitled
45:00 Lil Silva - One Twenty
49:00 Mushy - Tech 101
54:30 Boddika - Heat
56:26 Four Tet - Kool FM (Champion Remix)
58:26 Paleman - The Day
1:01:30 Ben Pearce - Pale Ale
1:05:17 Alfred Taylor - Akagi
Fucken Toilet Room !!! hahahahah best. thing. ever thanks michealyo123
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Fucken Toilet Room !!! hahahahah best. thing. ever thanks michealyo123

req: the day plz

i know its only vinyl but rip even thumb.gif

decka sound & fortay - hold up (nineteen 89)

any1 please???
The Neana Remix is gold! I might just have to buy this whole release tomorrow or the day after. Got a list going..

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R.I.P. DJ Rashad
"Teklife Till Tha Nextlife"
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Decka Sound & Fortay - Hold Up [EIGHTYNINE005]
1. Hold Up (Original Mix)
2. Hold Up (Artifact Remix)
3. Hold Up (Neana Remix)


Does anyone have any release info on Paleman & New York Transit Authority - Drones? Or how i can get my hands on it?
R.I.P. DJ Rashad
"Teklife Till Tha Nextlife"
It was meant to be coming out on an EP mate but your guess is as good as mine.

Wicked tune though!

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