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"Art-Rock / Experimental / Garage Rock"
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инструментальный рок и матрок это, по мне так.

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Не разочаровали, альбом так же хорош, как и ипишка. Смело, оригинально, качево. Молодцы парни
Мемчи́ки - эта абщение с илитай. Эта не толька шутки пра тваю мамашу, но и шутки пра мамашу админа. Мемчи́ки - эта гигабайты тральских шутак. Мемчи́ки - эта абщение. Мемчи́ки - эта тралинк лалак. Мемчи́-и-и-и-и-и-ки!!!
Перезалейте, пожалуйста, Paus-E_Uma_Agua-(EP)-2010-PMS и PAUS_-_PAUS-2011-FKK.
Перезалейте, пожалуйста, Paus-E_Uma_Agua-(EP)-2010-PMS и PAUS_-_PAUS-2011-FKK.

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ARTIST........: PAUS
TITLE.........: Claro
LABEL.........: Universal
URL...........: http://www.facebook.com/pausmusic
GENRE.........: Instrumental Rock / Psychedelic / Math Rock
QUALITY:......: 256 kbps avg/ 44100Hz / Joint Stereo
RIP DATE......: 2015-04-01
RELEASE DATE..: 2014-03-31

01. Corta Vazas 3:13
02. Pontimola 3:27
03. Bandeira Branca 3:59
04. N 4:01
05. Ambiente de Trabalho 4:24
06. Primeira 4:02
07. Cume 3:54
08. Cuda Turca 3:52
09. Negro 4:21
10. Claro 4:14

Total 39:27

Release Notes:
Paus, a four piece from Lisbon, revel in noise. Theyre rock musicians
performing something closer to techno by using robust drumming, electronic
belches and synthesised atmospherics helping to add beauty to the chaos. This
second album follows on from their masterful self-titled debut released back in
2011 and builds on the foundations put in place with it. They have two drummers
(always a good thing, unless its The Glitter Band) who use something called a
Siamese kit, two drum kits connected by a bass drum, so obviously its the
forceful beat that rules here, creating a wall of sound which the rest of the
band try to obliterate with all kinds of glorious noise.

The English translation of the word Paus is sticks. They share not only their
name with London based Japanese noiseniks Bo Ningen (meaning: The Stickmen in
Japanese) but theyre also kindred spirits in violent sounds. But where Bo
Ningen are full of mystical Eastern promise, Paus is the sound of an overheated
studio, the floor covered with broken glass from the whiskey bottles smashed
against the studio wall. They dont pre-record, its all done live in the
studio. This gives Clarao an unpredictable feel, like the best 50 minutes of an
eight hour jam session, cut into tracks and made into an album. Thats not to
say this isnt a free flowing piece of work, they definitely knew exactly what
they had to do to get the album sounding this good.

Among the bizarre samples, scathing guitar sounds, and keyboard dysfunction are
vocals hollered in their native tongue which leave the message to the
imagination of those who cant speak the language. With that in mind, the
hollered call to arms vocals on the furious Pontimola, a track that slashes as
hard as Fugazi at their most belligerent, are probably not Hey Hey Were
Paus, so dance or fuck you, though itd be great if they were.

Although the majority of tracks arent instrumental, they play as such due to
most instances of vocal being heavily processed or gated, creating a stuttered
effect which renders the voice as an additional part of instrumentation rather
than conventional vocals. Cume is one example; the vocal is little more than a
waaaa waaaa which perfectly complements the ravey synth line. Bandiera
Branca again uses synths but adds fuzz bass and an almost regular song
structure which thrillingly falls apart with the cacophony of white noise and
3/4 drum patterns which grinds the track into thrilling end. Klaxons - try to do

They can also do the atmospheric soundscape thing just as effectively. The dubby
basslines and Spiritualized-influenced keys on the instrumental Ambiente de
Trabahlo are given a psychedelic feel by the reverbed effect on the guitar
riff, and Premiera is a marching take on take on techno, like Fuck Buttons
overpowered by funk. For those who wish Fuck Buttons would peel back a few
layers, Paus are exactly the kind of thing youre looking for - their forceful
groove will also appeal to fans of post rock acts such as Mogwai, Battles,
Tortoise and Explosions In The Sky, but instead of the dreamy textures excelled
by those guys, they inject an acidic spike that comes across as Steve Albini on
a really bad trip brandishing a chainsaw, with a line in afrocentric guitar riff
and a sore head. Each track is an exhilarating exploration of power, noise and
rhythm. Theres so much to love here.


The often-stated belief that theres nothing new in rock is of course a
ridiculous claim, made by those with decidedly Anglo-American ears. But you
know, theres a whole world out there. Claro is the second album from
Portuguese group Paus, and while often excellent, its clearly the work of a
band operating outside of the US/UK musical axis. So it must be world music
then Well, theres the rub as soon as you introduce tonal or rhythmic
elements from non-English speaking cultures into rock, theres a strong
temptation to exotic-ise that music, when actually it should be viewed as a
stirring of the universal melting pot, a new combination of ingredients to prove
the naysayers wrong.

For all that, its still difficult to talk about Claro without falling back on
notions of foreignness. Paus produce music thats a head-on mash-up between the
traditional and the modern, processed guitars and electronica mixed in with
Latin rhythms and chanted vocals. Theres also a hint of Tropiclia, but this is
far away from the charming psych pop of Os Mutantes the band members are all
ex-hardcore punks, and the spirit of bands such as Fugazi is apparent in
Claros forceful, sometimes overwhelming, arrangements and intense drum
battery. But what this album most resembles is an updating of Jon Hassell and
Brian Enos concept of fourth world music, where elements from different
cultures and eras are combined to create a future primitive hybrid.

Thats not to say this is academic music in simple terms, it rocks and is best
enjoyed at high volume. Opening track Corta Vazas immediately nails Paus
blend of pan-global influences, its cyclical Afrobeat guitar and drawn-out
vocals thrillingly interrupted by a pounding rhythm and growling fuzz bass,
Anglo-American signifiers of linear rock power contrasted with a song structure
based on reoccurrence. Similarly, the insistent tribal marimba riff of
Pontimola is hacked away at by mounting waves of glitchy, industrial noise
while a dirty, muffled bass tries to pull it free of its moorings. This sense of
standing still while moving forward is one that Paus create throughout the

Of course, there are precedents for this type of cybernetically-modified art
rock Battles and Blk Jks spring to mind but its Radiohead that are a
particularly pertinent reference point. After the stilted dead-end of The King
Of Limbs, you suspect Yorke co would love to make something both as organic
and fucked-up sounding as the distorted funk bass, echoing vocals and
electro-detritus of Bandeira Branca (the video to which captures Pauss
ancient Vs futuristic vibe perfectly). Ditto the proggy, shimmering keys of
Primeira or the insectoid guitar and duelling bass and drums of the title
track, where the softly beseeching vocals sound like theyre singing the groups
machinery to sleep.

After the dense interplay of the first few songs, Paus take their sound in more
exploratory directions. Ambiente De Trabalho is mellowed out with dub techno
and yes, ambient textures to the extent that it sounds as though Eno himself may
actually be collaborating with them, while Cume experiments with cut-up
vocals, its elastic and ecstatic instrumental sections driving the song
heavenwards. Negro is the group at their furthest out, a spacy guitar figure
over a deep bass swell that explodes into the void with a whirring of digital
gears and cyborg muezzin cries.

Claro is a robust challenge to the pessimists of the Anglo/American rock
hegemony. It may require a slight re-adjustment of the ears to fully appreciate
this album, but its vibrant, multi-faceted sound is yet another bulwark against
the myth of the stalled future.
второй трек прикольный
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PAUS-Clarao-2014 мож кто поделится?
Paus -Mitra (2016)

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01. Pela Boca
02. Mo People
03. Fumo
04. Outra Coisa
05. Era Mata-lo
06. Olhos De Asma
07. Aquedutos
08. Mancha Negra
09. Agua De Rosas

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