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artist....: Pechenga
title.....: Helt Borte
cat no....: n/a
genre.....: Electronic
style.....: Ambient
label.....: Smalltown 12
tracks....: 10
quality...: 320kbps
storedate.: May-??-2011
rlsdate...: Sep-06-2011


Nr. Trackname Time
01. Hamningberg 03:21
02. Gitaro 04:29
03. Pechenga 03:47
04. Snowflakes 03:52
05. Ununoktium 03:48
06. Domen 03:21
07. Helt Borte 03:10
08. Ultima Thule 03:51
09. Gagarin 01:13
10. My Frozen Spirit 03:56


34:48 min



Originally issued in Norway in 2007 when it sold 57
copies, 'Helt Borte' is the icy-cool debut album from Rune
Lindbaek and Cato Farstad. Billed as an ambient record, I
can definitely see where they get the term from, but this
is far from the floaty Eno-esque soundscapes you might
expect. In fact the most appropriate comparison I can
bring to mind is Jean Michelle Jarre, and this duo have a
similar grasp of jubilant melody and similar passion for
late 70s/early 80s synthesizer sounds that manages to make
up the beating heart of their music. The pre-occupation
right now with woozy 16-bit synthesizer melodies (as
explored on the ever-reliable Gift Tapes label) was kind
of pre-empted here. At times I feel like I could be
playing an import-only Super Nintendo RPG (albeit with
slightly higher res sound), and the deft transcendent
atmospheres don't take long to drag you into their
soft-focus parallax realms. Recommended


Just enjoy the music, and if you want
to be a part of things. Every musical style is welcome


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Великолепнейше!!!!Спасибо релизеру! biggrin.gif
Печенга - города на Кольском полуострове (мурманская область), на границе с норвегией.
Печенга - города на Кольском полуострове (мурманская область), на границе с норвегией.

это военный городок на реке Печенга.
...Увидел на главной на днях вечерком..находясь в Никеле!ээээээээээ biggrin.gif
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сорри за оффтоп.
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Прекрасный альбом!

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