Drone / Neofolk / Psychedelic / UK / New Weird America
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"We've been a fan of Pefkin's delicate dreamscapes for a long time,
and as such we're immensely proud to be able to present Zugunruhe.
With its combination of processed guitar, free-form percussion,
haunting vocals and analogue electronics, Zugunruhe is a beautiful
collection of tracks that walks that ever-narrowing path between
pop songs and pure abstraction." © sound & fury

Download - Pefkin (2009)
Pefkin - Zugunruhe (2009) 320 kbps

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01. Shells
02. Counting The Leaves That Tremble At Dawn
03. Third Part
04. Ancient Wings From The Printing Stone
05. Zugunruhe
06. Remember The Words

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