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Peter Visti - Love Is The Key (2011)
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Artist: Peter Visti
Title Of Album: Love Is The Key
Year Of Release: 04.25.2011
Genre: House / Disco / Balearic
Label: Bear Funk
Catalog #: BFKCD 017
Quality: CBR 320 kbps
Tracks: 08
Time: 53:20 min
Size: 121 MB
When Peter Visti dropped his first few singles on Eskimo Recordings back in the late 2000s, there was palpable excitement. While he hasn't quite delivered on that early promise, the Danish producer remains a considerable talent - as this promising debut album shows. His sound is still rooted in soft-focus nu-disco and slow-motion Balearica (see the snuggly "Be A Vise Man" and synth-laden dancefloor grumpiness of "Lost In Space"), but there are plenty of pleasing, well-executed diversions - not least the stripped-back old skool squelch of "Drinking In Darkness", deep house bump of "I'm Out The Door" and slick punk-funk groove of "Bongo Fever".


1 Love Is The Key 5:59
2 Be A Vise Man 6:20
3 Lost In Space 7:14
4 I'm Out The Door 6:48
5 Bubble Bubble 6:10
6 Tahiti On My Mind 7:06
7 Drinking In Darkness 6:06
8 Bongo Fever 7:43

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Peter Visti– Heaven Is A Disco / Fighting James
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Catalog#:541416 501998
Released: 27 Apr 2009

01. Heaven Is A Disco
02. Fighting James

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Illusions In A Twisted Mind

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Bear Funk
23 April, 2012

01. My Advice 07:45
02. Illusions In A Twisted Mind 06:17
03. Des Reves Presque Pasreille 06:58
04. Besos 06:13
05. Can You Feel It 07:16
06. Among Angels 07:45
07. Bring Back Love 08:05
08. Change Of Life 07:41

Колян, а ты в курсе, что у тебя вместо "монстра" раздача Fighting James?
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Крутая обложка)

Музыка тоже хороша)

Цитата: (deev)
Колян, а ты в курсе, что у тебя вместо "монстра" раздача Fighting James?
даёшь заявленное! ))

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буду разбираться...
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Peter Visti - Late Nite Balearic Monster / El Ritmo Del Mar
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Catalog#:541416 502825
Released: 27 Apr 2009
Format: mp3, 320 kBps

01. Late Nite Balearic Monster
02. El Ritmo Del Mar
narod =43,77Mb

LEENDDER feat CHAZ - Everytime You Cry

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SC 005
28 September, 2012

01 Everytime You Cry (Satin Jackets remix) 08:54
02 Everytime You Cry (Peter Visti remix) 05:21
03 Everytime You Cry (SoundSAM remix) 06:01
04 Everytime You Cry (GrooveU & Dr Benz remix) 05:58
05 Everytime You Cry (original mix) 07:01

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The KDMS - Part Time Lovers (Remixes) (2013)

Label: MB Disco
Cat#: MB2033
Release Date: October 11th
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320 kbps / 44,1 kHz / Full Stereo / lame 3.99
Total Size: 122MB

1. Part Time Lovers (Leaves & Iron Curtis SMPL Mix) 7:01
2. Part Time Lovers (Acid Washed Remix) 5:41
3. Part Time Lovers (Martin Brodin Remix) 5:57
4. Part Time Lovers (A Copycat Remix) 7:38
5. Part Time Lovers (Peter Visti Remix) 6:38
6. Part Time Lovers (Nirosta Steel Eastwood Remix) 4:29
7. Part Time Lovers (Leaves & Iron Curtis SMPL Dub) 7:00
8. Part Time Lovers (Nirosta Steel Eastwood Instrumental) 4:29
9. Part Time Lovers 4:16




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