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Pitchshifter are a British metal / industrial metal band from Nottingham.

Originally known as Pitch Shifter, the band was started by Johnny A. Carter (lead guitar/programming) and Mark Clayden (bass/vocals), with Stuart Toolin (rhythm guitar) and JS Clayden (backing vocals) in 1989. JS Clayden soon stepped up to the position of lead vocalist and co-programmer with the Submit EP in 1992.

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Through a few line-up changes and two incarnations, the band have released eight studio albums and numerous singles & EPs. They have collaborated in the studio with: Jello Biafra (singer of Dead Kennedys), John Stanier (drummer of Helmet), Dave Jerden (producer of Alice in Chains, The Offspring) and 'Machine' (producer/remixer of White Zombie, Lostprophets). Pitchshifter have also remixed bands such as Stereophonics and Pigface, and commissioned remixes by the likes of Therapy?, Biohazard, Luke Vibert, and Fuzz Townshend amongst others.

Over the course of their career, Pitchshifter have played live in twenty five countries, with the likes of Metallica, Black Sabbath, Iggy Pop, Fear Factory, The Offspring, Bad Religion, Deftones, Quicksand, Junkie XL, Fugazi, Incubus, Ministry, Staind, Pantera and many more. The band has also graced the stages of many festivals worldwide such as Ozzfest, Warped Tour, Reading Festival, Livid, Big Day Out, Dynamo Open Air and the Phoenix Festival.

Pitchshifter disbanded amicably after playing a “farewell for now” club tour of the UK in 2003 but have reunited from time to time to make random appearances in the UK at festivals (Bulldog Bash) and at large venues such as the London Astoria and the Nottingham Rock City. The last reunion shows on the "Back from the Dead Tour" in 2006 saw the band handing out free CD copies of the None for All and All for One EP, containing two new songs to all concert attendees, fueling rumors that Pitchshifter continue to secretly write new material in the studio during their self imposed ‘indefinite hiatus’ although these rumors have never been confirmed by front man JS Clayden.

Current band members:

J.S. Clayden - Vocals/Programming
Mark. D. Clayden - Bass (also a member of This Is Menace, lead vocals on Industrial)
Jason Bowld - Drums (also a member of This Is Menace)
Dan Rayner - Lead Guitar (Live) (also a member of Drawbacks)
Tim Rayner - Rhythm Guitar (Live) (also a member of Drawbacks)

Former band members:

Johnny A. Carter - Guitar/Programming
Stuart Toolin - Guitar (currently with Hordes of Satan)
Jim Davies - Guitar (also toured with The Prodigy, Currently with Victory Pill)
Matt Grundy - Guitar (Live)
D.J. Walters - Drums (Live)
Matt Godfrey - Guitar (Live)


Jello Biafra - Vocal Guest
Nosaj - Vocal Guest
John Stanier - Drums
Keith York - Drums
Logan Mader - Guitar (on 'St. Anger' from Blackest Album 4)

The band can be analysed as having two eras, reflected by the transition of the band's name from ‘Pitch Shifter’ to ‘Pitchshifter’.

‘Pitch Shifter’ (1991-1996)

In the first era, they pioneered and helped push the boundaries of British industrial metal, first playing a style in the vein of and heavily influenced by the music of Godflesh (albeit more linear and with less dynamics), which they termed ‘Death Industrial’ (not to be confused with the power electronics variant); fusing very heavy, down tuned, guitar riffs with sludgy drum machines, samples and harsh, mechanical ‘death grunt’ style vocals. Their work in this time has been acknowledged by members of Fear Factory, Neurosis and Killing Joke for its sheer intensity.

They later experimented with various innovative techniques in electronic music, sampling and hip hop, to help create a very influential industrial metal/rock sound on their Desensitized and Infotainment? albums, establishing them as one of the most respected bands in the British alternative underground. The sound in this period can be viewed as the bridge between their earlier albums such as Industrial and Submit, and the subsequent gear shift on to the ‘Pitchshifter’ era.

‘Pitchshifter’ (1998-present)

The second era saw the band changing their sound significantly, now playing a fusion of rock, metal and dance music, with JS Clayden changing his singing style from what was more of a ‘shouty' style into what is now considered the 'Pitchshifter voice'. This new style of alternative music, fusing elements of rock, metal, drum and bass, trip hop, techno and more was unveiled on their www.pitchshifter.com album, which is generally considered to be their breakthrough effort. Selected tracks from this album were featured in the video games Test Drive 5 & Twisted Metal 3.

The style was to become the band's trademark sound, which they pioneered and progressed over the release of further studio albums such as Deviant and PSI before their amicable parting of ways, garnering a large and loyal fan base on the way (who still follow them through their ‘indefinite hiatus’) and influencing bands such as Lostprophets and Hundred Reasons, both of whom who have supported the band on numerous tours.

Fans of the earlier material have been polarised over Pitchshifter's change in musical direction, with some fans openly embracing the ‘new’ style as a logical progression of the band's sound; with other fans rejecting it, deeming it to be overly radio friendly and/or musically shallow in the absence of the depth, bile and esoteric atmospheres of the older albums. It should be noted however, that front man JS Clayden has mentioned on several occasions that he dislikes the old albums and that he feels that they had done all that they could with the style, so it is unlikely that they would ever have released more material in the vein of the ‘Pitch Shifter’ era sound in any case.

According to JS Clayden on the message boards on the band's website, they are still writing new material and are progressing slowly but steadily towards completion of a new album. It will not be titled "20 Years of Madness", seeing as Pitchshifter will have been in existence for 21 years by the time of release - JS Clayden suggests it may be titled "21 Years of _______", possibly as a joke with the blank being undefined.
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Industrial (1991)
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Released: 1991
Recorded: September 1990
Genre: Industrial metal/Death metal
Label: Grindcore Records

Track listing:

01 - "Landfill"
02 - "Brutal Cancroid"
03 - "Gravid Rage"
04 - "New Flesh"
05 - "Catharsis"
06 - "Skin Grip"
07 - "Inflammator"
08 - "Eye"

LAME 3.92|VBR V0 (avg. 254 kbs)|44,1 kHz|Joint Stereo|38 min 51 sec|70,64 Mb
Desensitized (1993)
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Released: 1993
Recorded: April-May 1993
Genre: Industrial metal
Label: Earache Records

Track listing:

01 - "Lesson One" - 0:12
02 - "Diable" - 6:02
03 - "Ephemerol" - 4:14
04 - "Triad" - 4:30
05 - "To Die is Gain" - 4:52
06 - "(A Higher Form of) Killing" - 4:44
07 - "Lesson Two" - 0:06
08 - "Cathode" - 7:31
09 - "N/A" - 0:13
10 - "Gatherer of Data" - 4:57
11 - "N.C.M." - 5:10
12 - "Routine" - 4:03

LAME 3.92|320 kbps|44,1 kHz|Full Stereo|46 min 37 sec|107,67 Mb
[Part I][Part II]
Infotainment? (1996)
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Released: May 7, 1996
Recorded: Sep 26, 1995 - Nov 21, 1995
Genre: Industrial metal
Label: Earache Records

Track listing:

01 - "Introductory Disclaimer" - 1:18
02 - "Underachiever" - 2:51
03 - "(We're Behaving Like) Insects" - 3:38
04 - "Virus" - 3:43
05 - "Product Placement" - 4:19
06 - "(Harmless) Interlude" - 0:37
07 - "Bloodsweatsaliva" - 3:28
08 - "Hangar 84" - 5:36
09 - "Whiteout" - 3:03
10 - "Phoenixology" - 3:52
11 - "Pitch Sampler Vol. I" - 3:24
12 - "Pitch Sampler Vol. II" - 3:18

LAME 3.92|320 kbps|48 kHz|Full Stereo|38 min 09 sec|88,65 Mb
EP's & CDS's
Submit (1992)
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Released: 1992, CD re-released with extra tracks 1995.
Recorded: August 1991 - January 1992 at Bandwagon Studios.
Genre: Industrial metal/Death metal
Label: Earache Records
Producer: J.A. Carter

Track listing:

01 - "Gritter"
02 - "Deconstruction"
03 - "New Flesh P.S.I."
04 - "Bastardiser"
05 - "Dry Riser Inlet"
06 - "Tendrill"
07 - "Silo" (hidden, not on the vinyl)
08 - "Deconstruction" (live)
09 - "Landfill" (live)

LAME|192 kbps|44,1 kHz|Joint Stereo|39 min 17 sec|54,24 Mb
The Remix War (1995)
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Released: 1995
Label: Earache Records

Track listing:

01 - "Triad (Pitch Shifter Remix)"
02 - "Diable (Therapy Remix)"
03 - "NCM (Pitch Shifter Remix)"
04 - "Triad (Gunshot Remix)"
05 - "Diable (Pitch Shifter Remix)"
06 - "Triad (Biohazard Remix)"
07 - "To-Die-Is-Gain (Pitch Shifter Remix)"

LAME 3.92|VBR V0 (avg. 229)|44,1 kHz|Joint Stereo|31 min 07 sec|51,77 Mb
www.pitchshifter.com (1998)
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Released: April 7, 1998
Genre: Industrial metal/Industrial rock
Label: Geffen Records
Producer: Machine

Track listing:

01 - "Microwaved" - 3:27
02 - "2nd Hand" - 3:31
03 - "Genius" - 4:06
04 - "Civilised" - 4:38
05 - "Subject to Status" - 3:34
06 - "W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G." - 3:45
07 - "Please Sir" - 3:47
08 - "Disposable" - 3:38
09 - "A Better Lie™" - 3:13
10 - "Innit" - 2:52
11 - "What's in It for Me?" - 2:56
12 - "I Don't Like It" - 3:53
13 - "ZX81" - 7:34
14 - "Free Samples" - 1:48

LAME 3.93(1)|320 kbps|44,1 kHz|Full Stereo|51 min 42 sec|120,11 Mb
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Deviant (2000)
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Released: May 23, 2000
Genre: Alternative metal/Alternative rock
Label: MCA Records
Producer: Dave Jerden

Track listing:

01 - "Condescension" - 3:12
02 - "Wafer Thin" - 3:31
03 - "Keep It Clean" - 3:50
04 - "Forget the Facts" - 3:16
05 - "Hidden Agenda" - 4:16
06 - "Scene This" - 3:52
07 - "Dead Battery" - 3:45
08 - "As Seen On TV" - 2:54
09 - "Everything's Fucked" - 4:26
10 - "Chump Change" - 3:45
11 - "Stronger" - 3:37
12 - "P.S.I.cological" (P.S.I. cological" also contains a secret message at the end which adds up as a hidden track.) - 4:37

LAME 3.92|320 kbps|44,1 kHz|Full Stereo[/font]|[color=gray]45 min 02 sec|104,47 Mb
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P.SI (2002)
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Released: May 7, 2002
Genre: Nu metal/Industrial rock
Label: Sanctuary Records

Track listing:

01 - "Stop Talking (So Loud)"
02 - "Eight Days"
03 - "My Kind"
04 - "Misdirection"
05 - "Down"
06 - "Shutdown"
07 - "Whatever"
08 - "Screenshot"
09 - "We Know"
10 - "Super-Clean"
11 - "Slip"
12 - "Shen-An-Doah"

LAME 3.92|320 kbps|44,1 kHz|Full Stereo|52 min 29 sec|121,94 Mb
[ifolder] | [Multiupload]
Genius (1998)
Released: 1997
Recorded: 1997
Genre: Industrial metal
Label: Geffen Records

Track listing:

01 - "Genius (Lunatic Calm Mix)"
02 - "Genius (Deejay Punk-Roc Vocaliscious Mix)"
03 - "Genius (DJ Wally Remix)"
04 - "Genius (Luke Vibert Mix)"
05 - "Genius (LP version)"

128 kbps|44,1 kHz|Joint Stereo|29 min 46 sec|27,59 Mb
W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G. - What You See is What You Get (1998)
Released: 1998
Recorded: 1997
Genre: Industrial metal/Industrial rock
Label: Geffen Records

Track listing:

01 - "W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G. (LP Version)"
02 - "Genius (Chunk Mix)"
03 - "Subject To Status (Live)"
04 - "Microwaved (Live)"
05 - "Disposable (Live)"
06 - "Please Sir (Live)"

192 kbps|44,1 kHz|Joint Stereo|22 min 25 sec|30,86 Mb
Un-UK (1999)
Genre: Punk rock/Alternative metal
Label: Alternative Tentacles

Track listing:

01 - Un-United Kingdom
02 - Everything Sucks (Again)
03 - Kerosene (Big Black cover)
04 - Un-United Kingdom (Fuzz Townshend mix)

128 kbps|44,1 kHz|Joint Stereo|16 min 29 sec|15,20 Mb
Bootlegged & Distorted, Remixed & Uploaded (2003)
картинка, оставленная пользователем

Bootlegged, Distorted, Remixed and Uploaded is a compilation album by English metal band Pitchshifter. It was released in 2003, on their own record label, PSI records.

It comprises two discs. The first disc is a live album, depicting a concert played by the band at the London Astoria in 2002. The second disc is a compilation of remixes.

Released: 2003
Genre: Industrial rock/Industrial metal/Industrial
Label: PSI Records

Track listing:

Disc one
01 - "Triad"
02 - "Eight Days"
03 - "Microwaved"
04 - "Hidden Agenda"
05 - "MyKind"
06 - "What's In It For Me?"
07 - "Genius"
08 - "Shutdown"
09 - "We Know"
10 - "Keep It Clean"
11 - "Down"
12 - "W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G."
13 - "Please Sir"

Disc two
01 - "Stop Talking So Loud (I Don't Care What You Are Saying)"
02 - "Eight Days (Heat Treatment Remix)"
03 - "As Seen on TV (Martini Lounge Mix)"
04 - "Down (Burning Down the House Mix)"
05 - "Genius (Evil Axis Remix)"
06 - "Misdirection (Dark Winter Remix)"
07 - "MyKind (D.E.C. Mix)"
08 - "Dead Battery (Nishtegea Remix)"
09 - "Please Sir (Can I Go Now?)"
10 - "Wafer Thing (Dead Mix)"
11 - "Shen-an-doah (Edacious Empire Remix)"
12 - "Misdirection (Laptops at Dawn Mix)"

192 kbps|44,1 kHz|Stereo|1 hr 44 min 38 sec|144,51 Mb
[Part I][Part II]
P.S.I.entology (DVDA-Rip) (2004)
P.S.I.entology was the only DVD release from the British band Pitchshifter. The DVD was the second release from PSI records which is run by members Mark Clayden and J.S. Clyaden. The DVD was released ostensibly as a "thank you" to the band's loyal fan base. The release prompted the band to reform after their 2003 split to take part in a seven date tour of Britain in October of 2004. This was the last tour the band played together until the recent announcement of a 5 day tour of the UK to celebrate the birthdays of two of its band members (J.S. Clayden and Jason Bowld).

Audio Remixes:

01 - As Seen On TV (Mix By Martin Atkins)
02 - Genius (Mix By Shaper)
03 - Keep It Clean (Mix By Obny)
04 - Microwaved (Mix By Teflon)
05 - Misdirection (Mix By Logan Mader)
06 - Stop Talking (So Loud) (Mix By Obny)
07 - Doheny - Drive Me (By JS Clayden's Side Project)
08 - This Is Menace - Dead Man (By Mark Clayden and Jason Bowld)
09 - The Blueprint - Sans Chorus (By Mark Clayden's Side Project)
10 - Drawbacks - Grand Banks

lame 3.93.1|320 kbps|44,1 kHz|Stereo|32 min 18 sec|75.21 Mb
Singles & Remixes (2005)
Track listing:

01 - Genius (Deejay Punk Roc Dubalicious Mix)
02 - Genius (Lunatic Calm Mix)
03 - Floppy Disk
04 - Genius (Luke Vibert mix)
05 - You Are Free (To Do As We Tell You)
06 - Making Plans for Nigel
07 - Touch Me I'm Sick
08 - Hidden Agenda (Kyo-jin Mix)
09 - Voted Least Likely to Succeed
10 - Chump Change (Fat Controller Mix)
11 - Un-United Kingdom
12 - Everything Sucks
13 - Kerosene
14 - Un-United Kingdom [Fuzz Townshend Mix]
15 - Leave us Alone
16 - My Kind (J.S. remix)
17 - Scorched
18 - Shutdown (Heat Treatment Mix By Tim R)

128 kbps|44,1 kHz|Joint Stereo|1 hr 18 min 48 sec|73,53 Mb
None For All And All For One (2006)
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Released: 2006
Recorded: ?
Genre: Nu metal/Industrial rock/Industrial
Label: PSI Records

Track listing:

01 - Burning (Out Of Control)
02 - Does It Really Matter?
03 - Predisposed (To Sickness)
04 - Burning (Out Of Control)- Meltdown Mix
05 - Does It Really Matter- Heat Treatment Mix
06 - Burning (Out Of Control)- Molotov Mix

LAME 3.92|320 kbps|44,1 kHz|Full Stereo|25 min 34 sec|59,03 Mb
Pigface - Insect-Suspect (Motel Kafka Mix) - Pitchshifter Remix By J.S. Clayden - 320 kbps
Zilch - Pervert Hound [Pitchshifter remix] - VBR V0 (avg. 277 kbps)
Clawfinger - Biggest & The Best (Remix by Pitchshifter) - 128 kbps
Pitchshifter - Making Plans For Nigel (XTC Cover) - 192 kbps
Pitchshifter - St. Anger feat. Logan Madder [Metallica Cover] - 256 kbps


Video: MPEG1 Video 352x240 (107:80) 29.97fps 1500Kbps [Video]
Audio: MPEG Audio 44100Hz stereo 224Kbps [Audio]
Size: 37,53 Mb
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Video: MPEG1 Video 352x288 (4:3) 25.00fps 1150Kbps [Video]
Audio: MPEG Audio 44100Hz stereo 224Kbps [Audio]
Size: 35,12 Mb
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Video: MPEG2 Video 720x576 (4:3) 25.00fps 7000Kbps [Video]
Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz stereo 448Kbps [Audio]
Size: 146 Mb
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Video: MPEG2 Video 720x576 (4:3) 25.00fps 7000Kbps [Video]
Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz stereo 448Kbps [Audio]
Size: 155 Mb
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Video: MPEG2 Video 720x576 (4:3) 25.00fps 7000Kbps [Video]
Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz stereo 448Kbps [Audio]
Size: 105 Mb
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Это сообщение отредактировал brutalv4 - 01.07.11 в 10:56
Это сообщение отредактировал mic1
if U see some broken links by myself, just PM me and I'll reup... Some trash have happend to my mediafire account..
вообще никакая банда.... расчитана только на срубаловку бабла.... а так абсолютно посреднственная музычка. 

Нда ты просто об этой группе услышал в первый раз и поэтому неразбираешся.
Пичшифтер были (распались в 2002) флагманы современной британской тяжелой музыки , к тому же одна из самых яростных групп живьем.
Они всегда шли по своему пути и оказали влияние на многие команды.
Ни о каком бабле тут нет речи.

p.s. Чуваки, продолжаем искать Bootlegged Distorted Remixed & Uploaded .

Это сообщение отредактировал Axl Rose - 07.02.05 в 4:21
Axl Rose

А чё искать-то? Есть этот диск у меня. =) А вот залить его возможности нет. =(

А группа была просто мегаох*еть какая!
Собираюсь купить их офиц. DVD.
группа была действительно очень крутая! распадались они кстати долго- их farewell tour длился целый год.А есть ли у кого-нибудь их очень старые альбомы, типа Infortainment, Desensitized, Industrial?
Вроде бы у меня должны к концу недели появится.
Axl Rose
если я что то говорю то мой ответ не пустые слова.
с творчеством группы знаком лучше некуда и очень об этом жалею и не надо меня переубеждать!
нравится? слушайте! я лишь высказал мнение! ещё вопросы?

уважаемый критик,

бабло "рубят" все без исключения, разница есть только для конечного потребителя (слушателя) - готов или нет платить за то, что тебе предлагают. Нет - дело твое, а парни, меж тем, рубят за дело и "музычка" у них что надо.
во-во. Всё-таки около 15 лет они зажигали не зря!

Кстати DvD официальный я бы тоже купил но он продается только в лицензии, а это 900 р O_O

p.s. А то что группа классная это 100% .
Я наоборот жалею то что проникся их творчеством только в этом году, а не раньше.
Уж очень мощно поет Джей Эс. И рваные гитарные ритмы офигенные, к тому же качество звука отменное. Это тяжелая музыка будущего. Очень обидно что распались.

Это сообщение отредактировал Axl Rose - 08.02.05 в 15:36
Axl Rose, ну я официальный и собираюсь купить. Ещё вчера мог купить, да денег с собой не было. Конечно по-дешевле чем ты сказал.

А залить могу постараться только на выходных, но не обещаю. Хотя я его другу давал, по-пробую его попросить залить.
Что ни говори, я офигел просто когда в 1998 поиграл в TEST DRIVE 5, их там 3 трека было, просто угарел от Genius, но тогда яне знал че за группа и вообще не знал, что это она была, в 2003 только решил всетаки выяснить, че ж за группа играла в игре, нашел плейстешенувскую игру, эмулем запустил, высматрел=), весело вообщем, сейчас скачал почти все альбомы кроме Сабмит и ремиксовых, с офф сайта 3 клипа, но всетаки хочетсья купить двд, наверняка там есть все клипы, это было бы логично, потому как только так соседей убивать врубая Genius на всю, и вообше любое их творение, такое угарное сочетания альтерантивы, индастриала и электроники, просто офигительно.
Перерыл пол инета наверное уже, но этих альбомом с ремикасми еще нигде не нашел. Будем искать=)

Это сообщение отредактировал ColorCORE - 10.02.05 в 3:27
Ну на ДВД, 13 лив песен, и кажется 3-4 клипа. Ну и ещё чё-то там.
А реально кроме альбомов что-либо найти? Я поглядел у них там синглов хватает.
Фан сайтов что-то нет в сети,обычно с них можно что-нибудь скачать интересное. blink.gif

Это сообщение отредактировал ozzz - 10.02.05 в 3:43
картинка, оставленная пользователем
картинка, оставленная пользователем
Фан сайтов не видел, искал. Кстати, если интересно, солист ДжейСи сейчас прекрасно себя чувствует в группе doheny, http://www.dohenymusic.com/, послушайте Drive me, ну чес слово, тот же pitchshifter, только драма нету, нет электроники, чес слово не понимаю зачем разошлись ребята, играли клевую музыку.

Это сообщение отредактировал ColorCORE - 10.02.05 в 14:55
Нет сейчас,а раньше были,на одном помню все альбомы можно было скачать.
Сейчас все позакрывались, так что мы остались без синглов!
Зашёл на сайт doheny, послушал, ну пока рано что либо говорить,посмотрим когда они что-нибудь выпустят(буду ждать) и тогда понятно будет уютно он себя там чувствует или нет, голос вокалиста конечно очень узнаваемый(колорит не спрячешь), но ритм Pitchshifter - это,это как мне кажется главная фиша группы была, поэтому и сносило. Ритмично и энергично - вот это и есть Pitchshifter,за что и люблю!!!!!!!!!!!
Продолжаем искать Bootlegged Distorted Remixed & Uploaded !!!!
картинка, оставленная пользователем
картинка, оставленная пользователем

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