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Artist ....... E.B.E.
Genre ........ House
Source ....... WEB
Label ........ Plastic City History
Catalog Nr. .. PLAXX25F8
Release Date . Mar-16-2009
Tracks ....... 04
Length ....... 25:47 min
Quality ...... 320kbps 44.1kHz
Mode ......... Full Stereo
Size ......... 59,1 MB

01 Yesterday 05:34
02 Dewdropt 05:42
03 Drifting 07:00
04 Leveled 07:31


Artist ....... E.B.E.                 Ы   °       °
Genre ........ House                  Ы   ЫЫЫЫЫЬЫЫІ Ь
Source ....... WEB                    Ы   ЫІ     ЫЫ
Label ........ Plastic City History   І   ІІ   Я ЫЫ
Catalog Nr. .. PLAXX25F8              ЫЫЯЯІЫЫЫЫЫЫЫІ  ЯЬ
Release Date . Mar-16-2009            ЫЫ  °   Ы   °ЬЬЫЭ
Tracks ....... 04                     ЫЫ  Я  ЫЫЫЫЫІЫЫЫ
Length ....... 25:47 min              ЫЫЬЬЬЫЬЫІ   Ь ЫЫ
Quality ...... 320kbps 44.1kHz        Ы      ІІ  ЯІЯЫЫ
Mode ......... Full Stereo            ЫЯЯЯЯЫ ІЫЫЫЫЫЫЫІ°
Size ......... 59,1 MB                Ы    Ы ЬЫЫЫЯЯ  °

           °    01  Yesterday                          05:34     °
           °    02  Dewdropt                           05:42     °
           °    03  Drifting                           07:00     °
           °    04  Leveled                            07:31     °
(PLAXX25-8) E.B.E. - Yesterday
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Label: Plastic City History
Catalog#: PLAXX25-8
Format: File, MP3
Country: Germany
Released: 28 Feb 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Tech House
Bitrate: 320kbps/44.1Khz/Full Stereo

01. E.B.E. - Yesterday (05:34)
02. E.B.E. - Dewdropt (05:42)
03. E.B.E. - Drifting (06:59)
04. E.B.E. - Leveled (07:30)

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Artist DKMA Presents Andrastea
Title The Ascent-(PLAC062-2)-CD
RipDate Mar-24-2009
Genre House
Source CDDA
Label Plastic City
Catalog PLAC062-2
Size 100,0 MB
Quality VBR kbps 44.1kHz
Encoder LAME 3.97
Url n/a

01 Atmos 3 01:32
02 Buddah's Delight Feat. Crimp 05:49
03 Don't Lose It 06:57
04 Grid Lock 07:45
05 Herdsman 06:57
06 Menuette On Urside Feat. Melonie Daniels 03:07
07 Film 1 01:32
08 LOL Feat. Melissa Bailey 03:35
09 Renegade 06:54
10 Swingin Trees Feat. Soul Child 06:47
11 Seek N Find Feat. Stacey Jethroe 04:21
12 Groove Feat. Diva Dish 03:53
13 Walking On By Feat. Jeff Ramsey 04:36
14 Memorial Drive Feat. Marco Militano 06:12
15 Elektro 08:27

DKMA Presents Andrastea - The Ascent
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Label: Plastic City
Catalog#: PLAC062
Format: CD, Album
Country: Germany
Released: 12 Mar 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: House, Minimal, Tech House
Bitrate: VBR(~190)kbps/44.1Khz/Full Stereo

01. Atmos 3 (01:31)
02. Buddah's Delight (feat. Crimp) (05:49)
03. Don't Lose It (06:56)
04. Grid Lock (07:44)
05. Herdsman (06:57)
06. Menuette On Urside (03:07)
07. Film 1 (01:31)
08. LOL (03:34)
09. Renegade (06:54)
10. Swingin Trees (06:46)
11. Seek N Find (04:21)
12. Groove (03:53)
13. Walking On By (04:36)
14. Memorial Drive (feat. Marco Militano) (06:12)
15. Elektro (08:27)

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DKMA Presents Andrastea-The Ascent-(PLAC062-2)-CD-2009-eMF

Link: uploaded.to
Понравилась новость - Скажи автору спасибо!

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Artist ...... : Nic Fanciulli
Title ....... : Yawn
Genre ....... : Techno
Label ....... : Plastic City
Catnr ....... : PLAX073F8
Source ...... : WEB
Quality ..... : 320kbps avg / 44.1KHz / Full Stereo
Duration .... : 00:14:18 (32.9MB)
Ripdate ..... : 01-04-2009
Store ....... :

Tracklist ... :

1. Yawn (Original Mix) 7:47
2. Yawn (Andy Chatterleys Saved Remix) 6:31




Artist ...... : Nic Fanciulli
Title ....... : Yawn
Genre ....... : Techno
Label ....... : Plastic City
Catnr ....... : PLAX073F8
Source ...... : WEB
Quality ..... : 320kbps avg / 44.1KHz / Full Stereo
Duration .... : 00:14:18 (32.9MB)
Ripdate ..... : 01-04-2009

1. Yawn (Original Mix) 7:47
2. Yawn (Andy Chatterleys Saved Remix) 6:31
(PLAX073-8) Nic Fanciull - Yawn
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Ждем VA - Sunrise At ES Cavallet (Ibiza) - Mixed By Sin Plomo (2009)...

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artist : Terry Lee Brown Junior
title . Soul Digits (Remixes)
type : EP
year . 2009
genre : House
subgenre . Tech-House
label : Plastic City
cat . plax075-8
URL : http://www.humpty.de
encoder . Lame 3.97
quality : 320kbps / 44,1Khz / Full Stereo
source . WEB

01.Pulsar (Alex Flatner Remix) 08:09
02.Pulsar (Coccer Remix) 08:24
03.Soul Digits (Harold Heath Remix) 05:54
04.Soul Digits (Roberto Rodriguez Remix) 08:23
05.Pulsar (Tom Wax & Boris Alexander Remix) 07:09
06.Pulsar (Strykes Coconut Grove Remix) 08:02

46:01 min 105,4 MB


Highly addictive grooves and elements of house, techno, jazz,
downtempo and even breakbeat melt together and thus you can never
expect a certain category of sound but theres an important
ingredient for all of his works: Emotion! From early beginnings until
the present the musical ideas from Terry Lee Brown Junior had great
impact on what we now call "Tech-House". As a pioneer and central
player of the Tech-House scene he succeeded in getting and remaining
one of the most requested producers and DJs worldwide. Especially in
the U.S.A. and Great Britain he established himself as archetype for
nearly every following production or name in this division. In 2008
Terry Lee Brown Junior was very successful with his 5th album
"Softpack" and the singles "Pulsar", "Chatterbox", "Delightful
Encounter" and "Wait". Furthermore he continued his stylish
compilation series Terrys Cafe with volume 11. On top of this he
released his album "T A X I" under his established alias "nor elle"
on the label "Mole Listening Pearls".

"Soul Digits", also taken from the high recommended album "Softpack",
is the first single in 2009 and at the same time the next breathless
remix package with interpretations from Alex Flatner, Cooccer, Tom
Wax & Boris Alexander and Stryke of "Pulsar" and Harold Heath and
Roberto Rodriguez of "Soul Digits".



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artist : Nacho Marco
title . Estefania
type : EP
year . 2009
genre : House
subgenre . Tech-House
label : Plastic City
cat . plax074-8
URL : http://www.humpty.de
encoder . Lame 3.97
quality : 320kbps / 44,1Khz / Full Stereo
source . WEB

01.Estefania 08:19
02.Estefania (DJ Yellow Alienation Remix) 09:37
03.Sundays On The Beach 06:25

24:21 min 55,8 MB


Spanish producer and DJ Nacho Marco comes with the next big thing
"Estefania". The man behind Loudeast Records released on labels like
Freerange, Pacha Recordings, RyRallo, So Sound, Odori, Aloia, Future
Groove/Mute, Shinichi, Exun or Hypnotic Music and remixed tracks for
Shakira, Fangoria, Vince Watson or Satoshi Tomie. Now he is back with
the great "Estefania" Maxi to spread some romantic house flavour.

Simple but powerful "Estefania" goes its way through musical
sexyness. This track touches the listener very soft and comes up from
behind. With the simple chords the playful synthesizer adds elements
and Nacho Marco, who started playing vinyl at a club at the age of 15
and produced his first track in 1999, creates fluffy atmosphere by
using a plenty of layers with a wide range of sound colours.
Cofounder of Yellow Productions (with mate Bob Sinclar founded in
1993) and Mr. "Alienation" DJ Yellow layed his hands on "Estefania"
and gives us a more deep as well as dubby interpretation of the
original track. But the warmth we experienced with the original is
continued in this mix and widened by some far melodic and mystic
string pads. The owner of Poussez Music did a great job.

With "Sundays On The Beach" the groove becomes more weightly and a
bit more classical. More rhythmic and with playful and tight
percussions the sound of the track joins an arrangement that does not
search fruition through naked minimal scrupulosity but through the
fun of bringing very real sounds together.



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artist : VA
title . Sunrise At ES Cavallet (Ibiza), Compiled By Sin Plomo
type : Album
year . 2009
genre : House
subgenre . Tech-House
label : Plastic City
cat . plax003-4
URL : http://www.humpty.de
encoder . Lame 3.97
quality : 320kbps / 44,1Khz / Full Stereo
source . WEB

01.Sin Plomo - Nature Groove 07:06
02.Stryke - Einsame Nacht 05:28
03.Nick Curly - Static 06:11
04.Terry Lee Brown Junior Feat. Robert Manos - Wait (The Timewriter Remix) 07:43
05.DKMA Presents Andrastea - Listen Feat. Greg Capozzi (Running Mix) 06:09
06.Sin Plomo - Cubos 08:11
07.Nikola Gala - Blueberry (Strykes Deep Blue Dub) 07:41
08.Sin Plomo - Desierto 07:44
09.Nacho Marco - Estefania 08:19
10.Gorge - Bambossa 07:00
11.The Timewriter - Flicking Pages (Daniel Kyo Remix) 07:32
12.Franksen & Tom Wax - Percy Thang 06:55
13.Sin Plomo - Room Stripes 07:28
14.El Farouki - Cigue 07:32
15.Various Artists - Sunrise At Es Cavallet (DJ Mix By Sin Plomo) 79:05
(DJ Mix By Sin Plomo)

180:04 min412,4 MB


Last year Babak Shayan opened the warm season with his diversified
"Sunrise At Sas Salinas" compilation. This year Ibiza based Plastic
City artist Sin Plomo leads every open heart to the beach and
afterwards directly in the club.

With his sun-filled soul Sin Plomo, who was firstly inspired by the
record collection of his father, given to him at the age of 17, lives
the spirit of balearic house music and spreads it around the globe.
His first album "Different Ways To Dance" gave him much of attention
in 2002 and releases like "I Surrender", "You Got The Love" or "Miss
Me" on the french label Fire Music pushed him right on the top. With
his compilation series "Chica Disco" he bears the blame to broadcast
the spirit of Ibizas musical spirit by featuring only tracks
produced on the island. With his mate Torsten Stenzel (owner of the
Maigic Island Studios Ibiza) he builds the projects Ministers Of
Dance, Cyber Junkies and Superlounger, just to name a few.

With "Sunrise at ES Cavallet", by the way one of the most beautiful
beaches of the island because it is one of the few still natural ones
and furthermore the only nudist beach on the island, Sin Plomo proves
with his DJ skills the ability making every DJ to a real artist: the
formation of pictures.

Who is not feeling the sand between the toes, not seeing the golden
sunset, smelling the salty breeze, not feeling the pulsating beats in
the body or the phantastic easement of the mind when hearing to other
summer-compilations of the genre, he will hear and feel it listening
to this astounding mix by our man in Ibiza Sin Plomo. With tracks
from Stryke, Nick Curly, Terry Lee Brown Junior feat. Robert Manos,
DKMA pres. Andrastea, Nikola Gala, Nacho Marco, Gorge, The
Timewriter, Franksen & Tom Wax, El Farouki and some of his own
exclusive productions, Sin Plomo created a compilation that runs
directly into the feet and into the heart.





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