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Prince Alla aka Prince Allah or Ras Allah (b. Keith Blake, 10 May 1950, Denham Town, Kingston, Jamaica) is a roots reggae singer whose career began in the 1960s, and has continued with a string of releases into the 2000s.

Prince Alla - Only Love Can Conquer (1996)

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1 Stone
2 I Don't Want To Be Late
3 Only Love Can Conquer
4 Sun Is Shining
5 They Never Love (in disco style)
6 Lot's Wife
7 Bucket Bottom
8 Mama No Fight
9 City Without Pity
10 Lady Deceiver
11 Youthman In The Ghetto (in disco style)
12 Black Rose (with Phillip Fraser)
13 Their Reward
14 Dread Locks Nazarine


pills, thrills and bellyaches...
Prince Alla, Keety Roots - Rastafari [Black Legacy Records] [10 Inch]
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Get Here

Prince Alla - Spiritual High (Prod. By Disciples)

Prince Alla & Skankytone - Flowing Garden (2018)

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01 - Flowing Garden
02 - Shinning Dub
03 - Flowing Dub
04 - Heaven Dub

Prince Alla - Heaven Is My Roof
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Prince Allah - Bosrah
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70's tune, 2013 reissue
A1 Prince Allah - Bosrah
A2 Version
B1 Tappa Zukie - Tribulation Man from Bosrah
B2 Dub

V0 (Scene)
Various - Stars Ah Shine Records 1976 - 88
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Цитата: Liner Notes
Tapper Zukie is not only a successful recording artist in his own right but also a renowned producer. In the mid 1970's he set up his own record label Stars to help nurture the many artists that were rising in Kingston Jamaica. In doing so created a great catalogue of Reggae music that few artists have bettered.
His inspiration was the Detroit label Motown Records. His plan was to head a whole stable of artists and was inspired by the vast talent from his own Greenwich Farm area. An early release in 1976 Ronnie Davis's 'No Weak Heart' set the bar level high with it's Vin Gordon driven rhythm, Tapper was using the cream of the crop of the Jamaican musicians to realize his aims. Singer Prince Alla had recorded before but seemed to find his sound under Tapper's guidance and scored a hit with the roots classic 'Bosrah'. Another great find were Junior Ross and the Spears and they cut there timeless hit 'Liberty' for the Stars label. Linford Nugent cut the catchy 'Black Princess', but it was not only new talent that found its way to the Stars camp.
Tapper had mastered a heavyweight sound that suited the roots period of the time and many artists came to him for this very reason. Rocksteady legend Alton Ellis cut 'We A Feel It', Cornell Campbell 'Press Along Natty' and Horace Andy scored a massive crossover hit with 'Natty Dread A Weh She Want'. Tapper Zukie had also taken over a pressing plant in Kingston so the whole instore production and distribution was now available to his artists. Even the Crown Prince of Reggae himself Dennis Brown came to the Stars label and recorded a great heavy weight song in 1988 'Death Before Dishonour'.
For this release and with the help of Tapper Zukie himself, we have had picked some of the highlights of the Stars label to make this great album all the artists are stars and all the tracks shine.
Hope you enjoy the selection....

01 Junior Ross and The Spears - Liberty
02 Prince Alla - Bosra
03 Linford Nugent - Black Princess
04 Cornel Campbell - Press Along Natty
05 Dennis Brown - Death Before Dishonour
06 Horace Andy - Natty Dread A Weh She Want
07 The Mighty Diamonds - Morgan The Pirate
08 Rockey Dread - Everyone Has There Work On Earth
09 Ronnie Davis - No Weak Heart
10 Freddy McKay - Marcia
11 Alton Ellis - We A Feel It
12 The Mighty Diamonds - Bad Boy
13 Cornell Campbell - World Of Tribulation
14 Horace Andy - Run Babylon
15 Frankie Jones - Marijuana (CD Bonus track)
16 Tapper Zukie & Knowledge - Make Faith ext. (12inch Mix) (CD Bonus track)
17 Vibes Tone - Leaders Of Black Countries ext. (CD Bonus track)
18 Frankie Jones & Tapper Zukie - Proud To Be Black ext. (12inch Mix) (CD Bonus track)

Prince Alla & Dubvisionist - Feel So Fine (117 Records) 2018

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01. Prince Alla - Feel So Fine
02. Dubvisionist - Feel So Fine Dub

320Kbps (Web Link):
Prince Alla - Burning Fire (2019)

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01. In My Dreams
02. Mortimor
03. Lovebird
04. Burning Fire
05. Wah Do You
06. Stop Your Crying
07. Born a Fighter
08. Cry Freedom
09. Strange Things
10. What a Day

Цитата: @zytouny
Prince Alla & Dubvisionist - Feel So Fine (117 Records) 2018

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Prince Allah - Stand Firm (2019)

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01 – Some a Dem
02 – Some a Dub
03 – Stand Firm
04 – Dub Stand Firm
05 – Life Is
06 – Life Is Dub
07 – Love This Way
08 – Dub This Way


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