Project Renegade

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Project Renegade is a four-member metal band from Athens, Greece, founded by Marianna (vocals) and Ody (drums) and joined after by Tasos (guitars) and Makis (bass). Project Renegade's sound derives from an alternative, heavy and groove background blended with electronic and ambient elements. After realeasing their debut EP "Cerebra", the band is currently working on their first full-length album and is eager to present its music in live shows.

Marianna -Vocals
Ody - Drums
Tasos - Guitar
Makis - Bass

Project Renegade - Cerebra [EP] (2017)
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Bitrate: 320 Kbps
01 - Pressure
02 - Natural Born Killer
03 - One of the Crowd


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Hey Renegades!! Are you ready for a big reveal??? This is the cover of our 1st full-length album!!! And the name of it???? "ORDER OF THE MINUS"

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