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ARTiST....[ Psy'aviah
TiTLE.....[ Entertainment Industries
GENRE.....[ Electronic
LABEL.....[ Alfa Matrix
KHZ.......[ 44,1
MODE......[ VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo
ENCODER...[ Lame 3.97
REL.DATE..[ Sep-10-2008

01. Entertainment Industries 04:12
02. Tired 03:39
03. Mine 04:08
04. Voltage 03:52
05. Broken Child 02:49
06. Moments (Feat. Suzi Q. Smith) 03:47
07. WTF 03:40
08. Animalx 05:29
09. In The Shadows 04:14
10. Freedomkiller 03:50
11. Good Vs. Evil 05:17
12. Grace 04:44
13. Tired (Leaether Strip Remix) 04:43
14. Broken Child (IC434 Remix) 04:52
15. In Silence (Feat. Implant) 04:32
16. Infected (Diffuzion Remix) 03:51



With an open-minded progressive electro-rock music PSY'AVIAH has
arrived at the crossroads of dark EBM, electro clash and
industrial rock. The Belgian trio effortlessly captures a diverse
audience bringing them onto stages of alternative rock festivals
and goth industrial events. Created in 2003, PSY'AVIAH entered
the spotlight for the first time when they won Belgium's famous
radio station Studio Brussel's demopoll. Their debut album
"Creationism" and their sexy and dynamic live performances
allowed them to establish themselves on the Belgian indie scene
as one of the most promising talents with comparisons to SOLD
OUT, PRAGA KHAN and FRONT 242. By teaming up again with producer
Len Lemeire (32CRASH, ANNE CLARK, IMPLANT, UNTER NULL, etc.) for
the recording of their 2nd album, PSY'AVIAH again brilliantly
scored a top 20 entry in BBC's "The Next Big Thing" contest with
their collaboration with poet Suzi Q. Smith. The band next
signed to the Belgian record label Alfa Matrix. For their new CD
"Entertainment Industries", you can expect a more upbeat and
danceable attitude, with the unique and sensual female vocals of
Emelie and Yves? unmatched vicious synth arrangements. PSY'AVIAH
integrates elements of noise and distortion into their intricate
melodic electronics reinforcing the rawness of the emotional
purity of their work. PSY'AVIAH are challenging the dark elektro
genre by grabbing it by the horns and giving it a special twist
by incorporating an electric pop rock tone to their work while
infusing fresh modern techno trance ingredients to the whole lot.
Their new hit songs "Tired", "Mine", "In The Shadows" and
"Voltage" are certain to send shockwaves through the scene. The
album also includes 4 bonus remixes by LEAETHER STRIP, IC 434,


альбом очень даже ничего такой, только заколебали всякие петь на английском с таким злым акцентом. пели бы уж тогда на родном happy.gif

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About the Band
Psy'Aviah - это Electro-industrial, Electroclash, EBM проект из бельгийского Антверпена. Группа основана в 2004 году и фокусировалась на живых выступлениях.
В 2005 году они выиграли на радио Studio Brussel Demopoll с песней The Future Of The Sun.
В 2007 они объединились с Len Lemeire (из Implant/32Crash), чтобы записать их первый альбом Creationism.
В 2008 году был подписан контракт с лейблом Alfa Matrix, что помогло с выпуском второго альбома Entertainment Industries, ремиксов и совместных проектов.
В 2010 вышел один из ожидаемых альбомов Eclectric. Осенью того же года был выпущен совместный ЕР с Ayria.

2007 Creationism (160kbps 00:48:03)
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01. In Silence
02. Love Hate Destruction
03. Infected
04. Infatuated
05. In The Dark
06. Pick Up Artist
07. Avon Girls
08. Creationism
09. Demons In My Mind
10. Never Fall Again
11. The Vilage (ft. Len Lemeire)

2008 Entertainment Industries (VBR~200kbps 01:07:38)
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01. Entertainment Industries
02. Tired
03. Mine
04. Voltage
05. Broken Child
06. Moments (feat. Suzi Q. Smith)
07. WTF
08. Animalx
09. In The Shadows
10. Freedomkiller
11. Good vs. Evil
12. Grace
13. Tired (Leaether Strip Remix)
14. Broken Child (IC434 Remix)
15. In Silence (feat. Implant)
16. Infected (Diffuzion Remix)

2010 Eclectric

CD-1 (VBR~192kbps 01:02:05)
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01. No Excuse
02. Keep Hope Alive
03. AllAboutYou
04. Something Evil
05. Anger Management
06. Attract/Reject
07. Paranoid
08. Blackhole
09. Ophelie (Featuring Jean-Luc De Meyer)
10. Sweet Hard Revenge
11. Into The Game (Featuring Ayria)
12. Twisted Mind
13. Fear Theory (Theory)
14. Fear Theory (Pratice)
15. Rivotril Nights

CD-2 (VBR~192kbps 00:52:25)
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01. Kings & Queens (Featuring Kristell Lowagie)
02. Memoires
03. Bad Gods Pray (Featuring Sowphie)
04. Seduction
05. Anger Management (IC 434 Re-Take)
06. No Excuse (Acylum Remix)
07. Sweet Hard Revenge (Alpha Q Mix by Encoder)
08. Anger Management (Break the Beat Mix by Sebastian Komor)
09. Anger Management (Ex.Ex Remix)
10. Sweet Hard Revenge (Dead Errant Soul Remix)
11. Anger Management (Essence of Mind Remix)
12. No Excuse (Studio-X Hard Dance Remix)
13. Paranoid (Symbols Of A Transient Society mix by Implant)

Psy'Aviah Feat. Ayria - Into The Game (EP) (2011)
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vbr~200 kbps
01. Into The Game (Original Eclectric Version) 03:26
02. Into The Game (Diskonnekted Remix) 03:42
03. Into The Game (Signal Aout 42 Remix) 06:04
04. Into The Game (Interface Remix) 04:30
05. Into The Game (Misery Remix) 04:12
06. Wired Life (Viral Edit) 05:40
07. Into The Game (Plastic Noise Experiencee Remix) 03:53
08. Into The Game (Suicidal Romance Remix) 04:08
09. Into The Game (Schwarzblut Remix) 04:18
10. Into The Game (Slave Republic Remix) 03:18
11. Voltage (Krystal System Remix) 04:02

Psy'Aviah - Eclectric [2CD Limited Edition Eclectricism] (2010)

Формат/качество: mp3/320 kbps
Размер файла: 254.48 Mb

Скачать / Download:

New Psy'Aviah album- 'Introspection / Extrospection' will be released on Nov. 25 2011

Full Length Previews from "Introspection ~ Extrospection"

"OK" - track from the upcoming album, mp3 192kbps -

PSY'AVIAH - 'Introspection / Extrospection' 1CD Edition

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SOS Overdose
Procedure To Mistrust
On My Own
Deep Dark Desire (feat. Kari Berg ex Ashbury Heights)
Virtual Gods
Nouveau Quiche (feat. MC Dééjoohcéé & Thomas C Beerten)
The Worst In Me
Timor *
Human Garbage
Song Of Independence
My List
Wired Life
Home (feat. Lis van den Akker)

PSY'AVIAH - 'Introspection / Extrospection' 2CD Edition

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SOS Overdose
Procedure To Mistrust
On My Own
Deep Dark Desire (feat. Kari Berg ex Ashbury Heights)
Virtual Gods
Nouveau Quiche (feat. MC Dééjoohcéé & Thomas C Beerten)
The Worst In Me
Timor *
Human Garbage
Song Of Independence
My List
Wired Life
Home (feat. Lis van den Akker)
CD2 - Retrospection (only available in the limited 2CD box edition of introspection / retrospection)
Ok (M.I.K.E. remix)
Virtual Gods (Radical G remix)
SOS Overdose (Noisuf-X remix)
Song Of Independence (remix by Ghost of Ghost & Writer)
Ok (Freakangel remix)
Virtual Gods (SAM remix)
SOS Overdose (BAK XIII remix)
Tired (Misery rendition)
Something Evil (Chaos All Stars feat. Mona Roukachi rendition)
Home (Hartung & Schleinitz rendition)
SOS Overdose (Leæther Strip rendition)
The Worst In Me (NTRSN rendition)

PSY'AVIAH - 'Introspection / Extrospection' 2CD Edition

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Bitrate: mp3 VBR kbps~256


CD1 - Introspection / Extrospection
01. SOS Overdose 04:05
02. Procedure To Mistrust 03:59
03. On My Own 04:42
04. Deep Dark Desire (Featuring Kari Berg) 03:34
05. Virtual Gods 04:00
06. Ok 03:17
07. Nouveau Quiche (Featuring Mc Djoohc & Thomas C Beerten) 03:49
08. The Worst In Me 04:21
09. Timor 05:42
10. Human Garbage 03:40
11. Song Of Independence 04:20
12. My List 03:15
13. Wired Life 04:33
14. Home (Featuring Lis Van Den Akker) 04:48

CD2 - Retrospection
01. Ok (M.I.K.E. Remix) 06:47
02. Virtual Gods (Radical G Remix) 07:29
03. SOS Overdose (Noisuf-X Remix) 04:08
04. Song Of Independence (Remix By Ghost Of Ghost & Writer) 04:03
05. Ok (Freakangel Remix) 04:31
06. Virtual Gods (Sam Remix) 03:55
07. SOS Overdose (Bak Xiii Remix) 04:00
08. Tired (Misery Rendition) 03:43
09. Something Evil (Chaos All Stars Featuring Mona Roukachi Rendition) 05:11
10. Home (Hartung & Schleinitz Rendition) 05:45
11. SOS Overdose (Lether Strip Rendition) 04:55
12. The Worst In Me (Ntrsn Rendition) 04:42

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Psy’Aviah – Lightflare (Limited Edition) (2018)
WAV, Tracks
1,3 GB
Disc 1
01. Lost at Sea (Feat. Mari Kattman)
02. Aftermath (Feat. Ellia Bisker)
03. The Great Disconnect (Feat. Marieke Lightband)
04. Sound of New (Feat. Addie Nicole)
05. In the Sound (Feat. MiXE1)
06. For Myself (Feat. Lofthill)
07. Heavy Heart (Feat. Mari Kattman)
08. Reboot Reset Relay (Feat. Fallon Nieves)
09. Ghost (Feat. David Chamberlin)
10. Lonely Soul (Feat. Phoebe Stone)
11. Plan B (Feat. Kyoko Baertsoen)
12. Game Changer (Feat. MiXE1)
13. Under the Rain (Vs. KONER)
14. Mr. Vanity (Feat. Fallon Nieves)

Disc 2
01. Earth, Wind, Fire, Air And Sky (Om Namaha Shivaya)
02. Lost At Sea (Feat. Mari Kattman – Rool Remix)
03. Plan B (Feat. Kyoko Baertsoen – SD-KRTR Remix)
04. Aftermath (Feat. Ellia Bisker – People Theatre Remix)
05. Sound of New (Feat. Addie Nicole – Alter Future Remix)
06. The Rhythm Will Guide You (Chandaas Talaah)
07. Lost At Sea (Feat. Mari Kattman – Assemblage 23 Remix)
08. Aftermath (Feat. Ellia Bisker – Chaos All Stars Remix)
09. Sound Of New (Feat. Addie Nicole – SD-KRTR Remix)
10. Reboot Reset Relay (Feat. Fallon Nieves – Cyborgdrive Remix)
11. Lonely Soul (Feat. Phoebe Stone – Isserley Remix)
12. Truth Is My Identity (Sat Nam)
13. Lost At Sea (Feat. Mari Kattman – Jean-Marc Lederman Remix)
14. Sound Of New (Feat. Addie Nicole – Alter Future Remix Dub)
15. Searching Anagata (Om)
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Psy’Aviah – Lightflare (Limited Edition) (2018) (MP3, CBR 320 kbps):

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