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Start The Riot (Atari Teenage Riot cover)

Industrial Is Dead

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Invasion LP flac есть у кого? beer.gif
Beast (2015)

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1.Dig Dug Has a Posse 05:01
2.Fffiends 04:32
3.Beast 03:28
4.Locked 04:18
5.Sporecrystal (Instrumental) 04:48

огонь! Beast вообще рвёт в хлам thumb.gif
Beast очень круто. выкачал с бэндкампа Pop that pretty thirty, имхо еще круче thumb.gif
Rabbit Junk - Singles from the Lost Years 2011​-​2013

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1.Break Shins to This [remaster] 02:48
2.What Doesn't Kill You Will Make You a Killer [remaster] 04:24
3.Bubble [remaster] 04:00
4.Boy With the Sun in His Eyes [remaster] 06:20
5.Own Up [Remaster] 04:08
6.Lucid Summations [remaster] 05:42
7.Break Shins to This [instrumental] 02:48
8.Boy With the Sun in His Eyes [instrumental remaster] 06:20
9.Bubble Alternative Version [remaster] 04:30
10.Own Up [instrumental remaster] 04:08
11.From the Ashes [remaster] 04:02


Ремастеренные версии звучат сильно вкуснее, ну и инструменталы - вообще огонь

А так-же присутствует Dj-set от JP


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Новый Dj-сет от JP

Тырк на soundcloud

Rabbit Junk - Ghetto Blasphemer II - From the Stars (2010 - special flashback release)

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1. From the Stars 05:45
2. Revenge of Julian Modely 05:04
3. The Expidition 05:35

Bandcamp (можно купить за $0)

А так-же шикарный ремастер альбома The Named (сайд-проект JP)

The Named - Seeing is destroying (Glitch Mode reissue)

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1. Discipline (Single 2015) 04:38
2. Civilization Extermination (Glitch Mode Re-master) 03:19
3. Breakout (Glitch Mode Re-master) 03:54
4. Seeing is Destroying (Glitch Mode Re-master) 04:01
5. Fuck the Noise (Glitch Mode Re-master) 03:33
6. Bloodlust Blues (Glitch Mode Re-master) 03:53
7. Young.Broke.Pissed. (Glitch Mode Re-master) 03:14
8. Levels (Glitch Mode Re-master) 00:56
9. The Shape of Living Resistance (Glitch Mode Re-master) 03:45
10. Empire (Glitch Mode Re-master) 03:26
11. Fat Slave (Glitch Mode Re-master) 03:29
12. Wasting Away (Nailbomb Cover) (Glitch Mode Re-master) 02:45

Bandcamp - $0

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anyone have the self titled album and Reframe in FLAC??? many thanks in advance for your help
Rabbit Junk new Remix EP "Like the Flesh Does The Knife" preview


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anyone have the self titled album and Reframe in FLAC??? many thanks in advance for your help

rutracker .org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3813251
Rabbit Junk - Like the Flesh Does the Knife (2017)

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1.Precipice (3rd Degree Mix) 05:00
2.IDONTGIVEAFUCK (Drenchrom Blade Mix) 05:32
3.Locked (Hard Narco Mix) 06:05
4.BEAST (#parentlife Mix) 04:41
5.Bubble (Amnestic Mix) 03:43
6.Broken Highways (STRNGR's Wasteland Heartbeat Remix) 04:56
7.Locked (Glitch Mode Breaks Mix) 05:12

4 remixes by the band, 1 by Amnestic, and i more by STRNGR. These aren't just your run of the mill remixes; each mix is intended to reanimate the original in a new guise that stands on its own

Bandcamp (name your price)

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Ovter God is a Pacific Northwest based band founded by producer JP Anderson (Rabbit Junk) and model/designer/"scenestress" Rhienium in 2016. Ovter God derives lyrical and symbolic inspiration from legendary science fiction author HP Lovecraft while fusing classic goth (Bauhaus, Christian Death etc.), synthwave, and discopunk with the electronic soundtrack of dystopia. Their debut EP "Kvlt Life" is out May 23rd 2017.



1.Unnamable 03:53
2.Unruhe 04:44
3.Media 03:48
4.Nothing Left 04:00
5.A Moment 04:27
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Чет Ovter God не зашел вообще. По-моему и без них синтпопа хватало, тем более, более годного.

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Лучшее в 2017 году:
Пятница - Ку
Hugo Kant - Out Of Time
Demon Hunter - Outlive
InsideInfo - InsideInfo
JP долгих лет творчества и спасибо за все что он делает
3 ремикса прикольных. на оф сайте есть еще пару новых (для меня) ремиксов 2016 и инфа насчет полноформатника нового. Ovter God вообще не зашел тоже.

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