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Please, read rules of a Section "Rock, Metal, Alternative"


The rules of the section. Read this first.

- Be more concrete when creating new thread! Please, use meaning-bearing sentences as a name of the new topic. The name must reflect the main point of your question or announcement. Such topics as “Help!”, “Doesn’t work”, “I’ve got a problem” may be deleted without a notice.

- There is no need to post off-topic messages. Personal correspondence in topics is forbidden. Use Personal Messages instead.

- If you want to appreciate one of the users or show your respect to him/her, then do this using Personal Messages (PM).
Such messages as “thnx”, “спасибо”, “great job”, “ thumb.gif ” will be deleted! Be more detailed when expressing your opinion about the subject of the topic.

- If you want to start a new thread but you don’t have any links to artist’s albums, but you still want to discuss the artist you like or find a link, then at least write few words (e.g. mini-bio, genre, homepage..). If you’ve got nothing to say, then post a message in topic " Поиск Музыки / Music Search ".

- It’s strongly recommended to mention the size / bitrate / coder of the album you post link to (if you know this info, of course).

- Use the search before starting a new topic. It works fine, except the case when artist’s name consists of less than four symbols. In this case you should try to search by album name.

- How to use the search:
Here's an example
картинка, оставленная пользователем
If you’ve got no results, then start a new thread.

To search music of a concrete genre use one of the following topics:
1. Punk, Emo, Hardcore & Ska
2. Пост-рок и близкие к нему стили..
3. Французы
4. Made in Japan
5. Тrue Black Metal

- Please, show your respect to other members of the forum. Do not swear at the forum! If you’re really pissed, use PM.

- It’s not recommended to post direct links to files on such resources as fatalcontact, aside, antipop and other similar. Better post a link to the whole site or forum.

- You can post direct links to files on your site or public stores (yousendit, rapidshare, etc.). Otherwise, post links only in this format: _http:// or use the tag [CODE][/CODE] (button «Код»).
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