последний альбом был куда лучше, в этом ничего не запомнилось, как одна сплошная песня.
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Artist : Real Friends
Album : Composure
Label : Fearless Records
Genre : Rock
Street Date : 2018-07-13
Quality : 279 kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo
Encoder : Lame 3.98.4 -V0
Size : 69.24 MB
Time : 32:53 min
Url : http://realfriendsband.com/


1. Me First 3:13
2. Stand Steady 3:26
3. From The Outside 3:05
4. Smiling On The Surface 3:07
5. Hear What You Want 3:16
6. Uncondtional Love 3:41
7. Composure 3:15
8. Get By 3:32
9. Ripcord 3:19
10. Take A Hint 2:59


Composure, the newest release from Illinois pop-punk band Real Friends feels
like an emotional punch to the gut. Driven by a well rounded, matured sound
and powerful lyrical content, Composure not only finds Real Friends stepping
out of their comfort zone sonically but also touching on some very personal
topics like mental health, self-love and growth.

Opening track, "Me First" packs a punch both sonically and lyrically. With
explosive energy and a full sound, the band doesnÆt falter while Dan Lambton
displays some of his best vocal work to date, from softer tones to
emotional, gravely yells. Within the first few songs, the lyrical content is
sure to stand out as well, with tracks like "Stand Steady," "From The
Outside" and "Smiling On The Surface" soon to be anthems for those who have
ever struggled or are currently struggling with their mental health. You'll
find solace in knowing that youÆre not alone, and hope knowing that if
Lambton can cope with, and ultimately survive despite his struggles, then
you can too.

Composure feels like the album that Real Friends have been building toward
since their beginning. It's honest and personal and will certainly resonate
with fans no matter where they might be in their own personal journey, all
while the band continues to push the boundaries of their sound.
02. Stand Steady (3:26)
06. Unconditional Love (3:41)
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