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Recuva 1.01.069 Beta

• Added option to restore folder structure
• Fixed issue with 98 which caused the options OK button to not be drawn
• Fixed issue that could cause the tick state to become confused in tree view
• Speed improvements to multiple selections in list view
• Fixed tab order in options window
• Memory handling improvements
• Minor bug fixes

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Recuva 1.02.086 Beta

• Massive increase on scan speed
• Re-architected memory management component
• Improvements to stability and file type handling
• Numerous UI changes
• Added live list filtering
• Enhanced support of removable USB drives

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Recuva 1.02.091 Beta

• Reinstated tree view - now with a filter
• Added 'Check all' column header
• Added status information after a scan
• Fixed issue that sometimes caused a crash in Win2k
• Remembers the previous save path
• Added drive letter to file paths
• Multiple XM types now supported
• Fixed memory leak that could cause a crash in Vista
• Fixed a status panel display bug that made it look odd in Win2k3
• Added drive icon to drop down list
• Performance improvements

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Recuva 1.02.095 Beta

• Added drag select to list view
• Tree view now expands on double click
• Disabled right click menu in list view column headers
• Improvements to SD card compatibility
• Tick all column is now fixed width
• Double hard NTFS algorithm issue finally fixed
• Updated string table
• Fixed layout issue with 120dpi
• Fixed issue with right click menu
• Cleared issue that caused the tick boxes to not redraw

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Recuva 1.03.100 Final

• Sorting is much faster with a large numbers of files.
• Fixed unhandled exception when closing in debug mode.
• Added handling of super short zero byte files that could cause the scan to hang.
• Filter text is now a whizzy grey color, when not in use.
• Removed previous selected item from group when drag selecting.
• Improved find rate in FAT32 system drives.
• Super duper optimized for NTFS system drives.
• Added full size Vista icon.
• Fixed issue that could delay selection rectangle redraw in themed Win2k3.
• Added 'Highlight Folder' option to right click menu in list view.
• Fixed banner icon drawing issue in 2000.
• Minor tweaks and fixes.

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Recuva 1.04.104

• Fixed issue that stopped Recuva working from a USB drive under XP64.
• Fixed highlighted items bug when sorting by columns.
• Fixed tree view tooltips in Win2000.
• Speedier recovery from thumbdrives under USB 1.1.
• Updated installer engine and detection routines.
• Several minor UI changes.
• Minor tweaks and fixes.

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Recuva 1.05.118

• 22 language translations added.
• Added support for Windows 98.
• Fixed cleartype font support.
• Tweaks to data run types (improves recovery rate for NTFS).
• Better handling of large numbers of files in list view.
• Stores users settings in the registry.
• Minor tweaks and fixes.

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Recuva 1.06.132

• Improvements to NTFS recovery.
• Improved handling of fragmented MFT.
• Fixed rare crash when using the filter.
• Improved accuracy of status information.
• Stability improvements.
• Various UI tweaks.
• Added Catalan and Norwegian translations.
• Localization fixes.

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Portable (349 Кб.)
Recuva 1.07.138

• Fully Unicode (requires unicows.dll with Windows 98/ME).
• Improved restoration of file names when restoring from the Recycle Bin.
• Better feedback for files that fail to be recovered.
• Threading issue fixed (affected removable FAT32 drives).
• Minor UI changes.
• Added Simplified Chinese.
• Minor tweaks and fixes.

Installer (543 Кб.)
Portable (478 Кб.)
Recuva 1.08.174

• Added image preview feature.
• Redesigned find box.
• Fixed sorting by state issue.
• Better handling of the cluster array (bad allocation issue).
• Fixed error during data processing (could freeze at 99%).
• Improved support of sparse files.
• Minor tweaks and fixes.

Installer (626 Кб.)
Portable (575 Кб.)
Recuva 1.09.190

• Added Piriform styling to main dialog banner
• App now automatically checks for updates
• Incorporated scanning of $LogFile to NTFS scan
• Dynamic changing of language
• UI tweaks and improvements
• Minor bugs fixes

Installer (644 Кб.)
Portable (599 Кб.)
Recuva 1.09.194

• Fixed bug with fragmented MFT tables.

Installer (646 Кб.)
Portable (600 Кб.)
Recuva 1.10.223

• Added Secure Deletion option (Win2k and newer).
• Added option to save settings to an INI file.
• Optimized error logging.
• Improved recovery of sparse files.
• Performance improvements.
• Various UI tweaks.
• Minor tweaks and changes.

Installer (667 Кб.)
Portable (619 Кб.)
Recuva 1.11.257

• New file contents analysis.
• Tweaks to secure delete feature.
• Added filter by file type.
• Added status icon to the list view.
• Improved progress indication on large files.
• Several performance improvements.
• Minor tweaks and changes.

Installer (678 Кб.)
Portable (631 Кб.)

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