Red Hot Chilli Peppers Live @ Makuhari, Tokyo (Nov '02)

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By the way

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Greatest Hits

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Эх. sad.gif Ничего уже не работает.
Red Hot Chili Peppers-By The Way(2002)

in 3/17...............7 download......
Спасибо, чуваки за музон!
"Плыву не так быстро, как ветер дует, а так, как парус поставлю"
i'have this album!!! biggrin.gif
anyway THx !!Some one can psot some old chili peppers album?
I would have dl'd it if i had found it in time. sad.gif
Oh well, anyone have a link for "One Hot Minute"?
А нет ли у кого Live In Hyde Park? очень хотелось бы послушать, говорят, да и сам вообщем знаю что просто мега концерт. Вот хотелось бы в мп3 поиметь smile.gif
Выложите если есть.
да. live in Hyde Park я бы тоже поцнил) как в принципе и сам Hyde Park)
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Хм... неужели ни у кого нет Live in Hyde Park?
как так??? ohmy.gif blink.gif

RHCP - Live In Hyde Park

2 CD's

Zip Files not tested but seems to be fine smile.gif

Enjoy it wink.gif


Sorry i've been testing this post, and the ZIP files are passwored... sad.gif

Sorry, 'cause i don't know the password sad.gif

Any post about this would be appreciated... sad.gif

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RHCP - Live In Hyde Park

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01 - Intro
02 - Can`t Stop
03 - Around The World
04 - Scartissue
05 - By The Way
06 - Fortune Faded
07 - I Feel Love
08 - Otherside
09 - Easily
10 - Universally Speaking
11 - Get On Top
12 - Brandy
13 - Don`t Forget Me
14 - Rolling Sly Stone
15 - Throw Away Your Television
16 - Leverage Of Space
17 - Purple Stain
18 - The Zephyr Song
19 - Californication
20 - Right On Time
21 - Parallel Universe
22 - Drum Homage Medley
23 - Under The Bridge
24 - Black Cross
25 - Flea`s Trumpet Treated By John
26 - Give It Away

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please send me login and password,

please send me login and password,

maybe: Funky
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