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All of your new tracks is really Old-School!!!
And this is very COOL! thumb.gif

here is a preview of all the songs in the new album "I Think It's Gonna Rain"



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Very very COOL! thumb.gif I like your industrial sound!!!
And there is beautiful cover:
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but I can not buy it in Ukraine sad.gif
Back to Old School!

George, contact me at aaronjfood360@gmail.com and I will send you a cd!
Redshirt Theory’s latest release is a compilation of his recent video game music placements.  Music on this album has been featured in such big budget releases as All Points Bulletin, Backbreaker and FlatOut ranging across different video game platforms including:  Playstation 3, Xbox360, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Playstation Portable (PSP), PC or a iphone / ipad.

Новый альбом - потрясающий!!! thumb.gif
Все песни хитовые, поэтому слушается на одном дыхании!
Осбенно порадовало разнообразие инструментов!!! rolleyes.gif
Back to Old School!
а рипчег то где? ;-)
Предводитель хохлопитеков
Redshirt Theory - I Think It's Gonna Rain [2010]
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Genre: Electronica, Rock, Breakbeat
Quality: 320kbps


1 – I Think It’s Gonna Rain (03:51)
2 – Final Lap (03:51)
3 – Human Chord (04:54)
4 – San Diego (05:26)
5 – Checkpoint (03:04)
6 – Bring it Down (02:30)
7 – Crazy (02:51)
8 – Blind to Scandal (02:51)
9 – Virus (Been There Done That) (04:46)
10 – Rattled Snake (02:32)
11 – Fang (03:50)
12 – Unwind on Me (02:32)
13 – Sitar Hero (02:33)
14 – Liquid Night (03:47)
15 – Expendable (02:08)
16 – I Think It’s Gonna Rain (Alternate Mix) (02:35)
You can buy for only 4$ here http://kunaki.com/Sales.asp?PID=PX00ZJRR47
It's a very good album!
Aaron, i wish you good luck in the future work!
как думаешь, автор будет на тебя ругаться? за нарушение авторских прав
картинка, оставленная пользователем

картинка, оставленная пользователем
Автор в курсе и дал добро ;-) Качаем легально!
vasya had my blessings! I gave him the link and he was nice enough to pass it along
Ухты, авторская раздача и вкусные теги. Попробуем.
А другие альбомы в сносном качестве (кроме 128 kbps имеется ввиду) есть у кого-нибудь ?
А другие альбомы в сносном качестве (кроме 128 kbps имеется ввиду) есть у кого-нибудь ?

К сожалению, нет!
Getting Massive (2006), в свое время, я вообще 2 года выискивал, очень сильная работа...
Давайте вместе просить автора! Может выложит! wink.gif
Back to Old School!
Unfortunately, no!
Getting Massive (2006), in time, I did 2 years sought out a very strong work ...
Let us work together to ask the author! Can choose to publish!

Hi @George-Land. I will upload "Getting Massive" album at 320 kbps, hopefully this weekend and I will share the link! I hope I understood you correctly!

My first goal is to get more than 1000 downloads of "I Think It's Gonna Rain". Right now I am at 400! Not bad!
Thanks!) It is correct!
It is good result! thumb.gif
Back to Old School!
спасибо, что запостили на главной. очень жаль было бы пропустить такой релиз


awesome stuff indeed thumb.gif

I'm in love with those classy Hard&Heavy riffs and solos with some old school Big Beat attitude and catchy electrodance filling cool.gif

the only thing I think coud be changed is that it doesn't sound quite like an album, gives more of a compilation feeling (well, at least as I feel it, dunno why -- maybe something about the way the album is build and songs are mixed... not sure though)

thanks for the sharing, hope this approach to distribution will pay off... Needless to say, I am absolutely sure you'll beat the target score you set very soon wink.gif

wish you all the best in what you are doing smile.gif
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