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10 баллов, круто!
ВАЩЕ МЕГА!!!! а можно cue???
RA.087 JD Twitch (Optimo)

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Optimo, the now legendary Sunday night party at the Sub Club in Glasgow, is one of the most successful long-running leftfield nights in the world. Hosted by veteran Glasgow DJs JD Twitch and JG Wilkes, Optimo has its own way of doing things: the night doesn’t book DJs, it books live acts, a policy which has seen the likes of Richie Hawtin, Lee Scratch Perry, LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip and even Grace Jones squeeze through its doors. Nowadays Twitch and Wilkes are a bit of a roadshow, too, taking Optimo to Japan, New York, Europe as well as around the UK to spread the Glasgow love around.
Optimo also cater for stay at home types too with regular mix CDs, the latest of which ‘Walkabout’ scored the #8 spot on RA’s top 10 comps of 2007. That mix was a trip through the darker side of proto-techno, but these are men of many facets—you’re as equally likely to hear punk rock cuts, Tropicalia or disco as straight up dance music at an Optimo night. As far as his RA mix goes—and we’re very excited to present this one after nagging Twitch for ages for it—it’s a lovely trip indeed, making sense of golden house cuts, African-inflected techno and even a spazzed out Rod Stewart cover in fine Optimo fashion. It’s also very, very well mixed, as you’d expect from a DJ who has been doing this since in the eighties.

01. Popol Vuh - Engel Der Luft
02. Woolfy - The Growler
03. Cage & Avairy - Television Train
04. Invincible Scum - Shake It Up
05. Artist Unknown - Do Ya Think I'm Sexy
06. Gamma Ray - Birth Control (Edit)
07. Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts - Mederico
08. Juzu presents Lugar Precioso - Drum De Fuego (Joaquin Joe Clausell Mix)
09. Kalabrese - MakeLoveDisco
10. Petre Inspirescu - Sakadat
11. Silicon Soul (Germany) - Who Needs Sleep Tonight (2004 Insanity Remix)
12. Jape - Floating (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
13. Artist Unknown - Zimbra Drums
14. Blast Head - Soft Step
15. Lindstrom - The Contemporary Fix (EYE Mix)
16. Hercules & Love Affair - Blind (Club Mix)
17. Lou Reed - Satellite Of Love
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thanx a lot!! graciass!!!
ifolder пожалуйста
JD Twitch (Optimo) - Resident Advisor podcast (2008)
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RA.088 Andy Stott & Claro Intelecto

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Over the last couple of years, Modern Love have issued a series of deep techno 12-inches that have almost singlehandedly put Manchester front and centre of dance music once again. Two of the label’s sharpest weapons are producers Andy Stott and Claro Intelecto: the 27-year-old Stott has had a dozen finely-wrought, bassy releases on the label, including the celebrated full-length Merciless, while Claro, aka Mark Stewart, has made his name with four volumes of Warehouse Sessions EPs, each of which has been justly celebrated for bringing a bit of the warehouse spirit back to modern techno.
Stott and Claro also play live, both together and separately, and if you’re in the vicinity of Berlin you can check them out in the flesh alongside Moritz Von Oswald, Larry Heard and much more at our RA vs. Club Transmediale bash this Friday. But if you're on the other side of the world, Andy and Claro’s joint RA Podcast is an excellent taste of what you’ll be missing out on. Made up of exclusive cuts from both artists including unreleased material that is bound to work Modern Love fans into a lather, RA.088 is fifty minutes of deep techno guaranteed to turn your living room into a miniature warehouse. Make us rave, Modern Love!

01. Mind Games
02. Find My Way
03. Bad Landing
04. Dependant
05. Dead D10
06. Momento
07. Silver Metalic Dollers
08. Rise
09. Ignorance
10. Gone to the Dogs
11. Hostile
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Спасибо за 088!
Мемчи́ки - эта абщение с илитай. Эта не толька шутки пра тваю мамашу, но и шутки пра мамашу админа. Мемчи́ки - эта гигабайты тральских шутак. Мемчи́ки - эта абщение. Мемчи́ки - эта тралинк лалак. Мемчи́-и-и-и-и-и-ки!!!
огромное спасибо!Очень понравилось,до мурашеГ на коже)
RA.089 Kalabrese

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As a kid, Kalabrese, aka Sacha Winkler, raided his parents record collection, cottoning onto the sounds of Hendrix, Coltrane and Zappa before eventually picking up the sticks and drumming along to his heroes. Later as the drummer in hip hop collective Sendak, Winkler released two longplayers and toured Switzerland in the early nineties before striking out on his own as DJ and producer Kalabrese, releasing a handful of electronic 12"s with kooky vocals on label such as Stattmusik and Perlon including the romantic Chinese take-away song '73 Chicken Fried Rice'.
Last year's full-lengther Rumpelzirkus, praised as much for its pop songwriting sensibilities as for its loose, swinging take on the minimal house template, brought Winkler back to his drumming and live roots. Over the last year, he's toured the album with his Rumpelorchestra, a four-piece band that sees Winkler singing and playing live percussion. The band has earned invites to Mutek, C/O Pop, Club To Club and Club Transmediale festivals.
As a DJ, Kalabrese has been spinning records for over a decade at Zurich hotspots such as Q and Cityfox taking in minimal house, techno, euphoric pop and disco. "What keeps me going are the magic moments on the dancefloor and all the small stories surrounding the party. I like to freak out, to lose ground together with friends, to flow with the music. Foolish, eccentric and always with a waggish, but nevertheless soulful style," says Winkler.
Winkler's podcast for RA is an eclectic and funky seventy minutes taking in Thomas Dolby, Mathew Jonson as well as 2007 house standards from Efdemin and Prosumer.

01. Kalabrese - Skamel
02. Kalabrese - Alberto
03. Joe Claussel - Unchain
04. Isabel Parra - Folkmusic From Chile
05. Mambotour - El Planta
06. Kevin Saunderson - 808 Pattern
07. Mike Dunn - Let It be House
08. Promo
09. Mathew Jonson - Unknown
10. Quarion – Karasu (Crowdpleaser Remix)
11. Efdemin - Just a Track
12. Camille - Ta Douleur (Henrik Schwarz Remix)
13. Thomas Dolby - One Of Our Submarines (Villalobos Remix)
14. Prosumer - The Craze
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это компиляция или микс)?

отличная тема! релизы зачётные! спасибо barey
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RA.090 Sasse

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With releases on more than twenty labels under his (no less than) eight pseudonyms in the past 15 years, you get the feeling that just about everyone in the electronic music biz loves Sasse. And what's not to love? His Moodmusic label is the epitome of good-time house music, featuring releases from Spirit Catcher, Dirt Crew and Henrik Schwarz (Sasse's partner in crime in Asshole & Gentleman). This goodwill has even gotten him into the good graces of one Tracey Thorn: Sasse co-wrote 'It's All True' on her new album along with Darshan Jesrani and Ewan Pearson.
As his production career continues its ascent, Sasse also remains committed to the DJ booth. As a resident DJ at Berlin's Panorama Bar and Weekend, Sasse tests out new releases and delivers the classics at two of the hottest laboratories for electronic music in Europe. You'll hear him put his practice into action on his RA podcast, which includes a good dose of upcoming Moodmusic and mood music. It moves from trance-inflected house music to the emotional Euro-techno of the RA-approved Tiger Stripes remix of Lee Jones' 'Aria' and Daso's 'Thujon' before slowing down with Penner & Mulder's elegiac closer 'Are You Lost?' No need to buckle up: with Sasse at the wheel, you know it's going to be a smooth ride.

01. Poxymusic - Warpaint (Claude VonStroke Remix)
02. Worthy - Work The Walls (Yankee Zulu Remix)
03. Dirt Crew - Boogie Down (Falko Brocksieper Remix)
04. Autuori - Everlasting Cigaret
05. Tigerskin - The Holy Grail
06. Lee Jones - Aria (Tiger Stripes Remix)
07. Daso - Thujon
08. Liquid People - Son Of Dragon
09. Spirit Catcher - Voo Doo Knight (Wagon Cookin Remix)
10. Sasse - Clemens
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Sasse - Made Within The Upper Stairs Of Heaven [2006]
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скачаем)) RA херь не подгоняет)) автору заранее спасибо) фоновый музон во время сна в метро по утрам

4- из 5....сама музыка интересная, но с синтезатором намудрил помоему...перекрывает немного...

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