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теги у треков ужасны

да и качество там периодически конкретно хромает. dry.gif

Part I:
Part II:
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RA.293 Nicholas
Genre: Deep House, Disco, Funk
160 kbps | 64:20 min

It's fair to say that 2011 was a watershed year for young Nicholas Iammatteo. The producer known as Nicholas had releases on labels like 4Lux, Quintessentials and Ourvision Recordings. And he tackled the unenviable task of re-editing the celebrated catalogue of Nu Groove with aplomb. Despite his obvious devotion to the house sound of yore, you can hear that Nicholas has a distinct touch to his productions as well as those that see the light of day on No More Hits, his prolific vinyl imprint.
Lucky for us, on RA.293 Nicholas plays his own material, including some unreleased productions, so this live house performance will sound like the Nicholas you know and love, or otherwise provide an excellent introduction.

01. Nicholas - Where Is The Compassion
02. NY House'n Authority - Forty House (Nicholas Basement Dub)
03. Nicholas - Love Message
04. NY House'n Authority - Apt 1A (Nicholas Witness Remix)
05. NY Stomp - The NY House Track (Nicholas Basement Dub)
06. Kaspar - Got Good Love (Nicholas Remix)
07. Basil feat. Burrell - Black Man (Nicholas Black & Proud Mix)
08. Nicholas - untitled Beats
09. Nicholas - Sanctuary Of Love
10. Nicholas - We Can Change
11. Nicholas - A Little Stronger
12. Nicholas - Blessin'
13. One Way - Come Give Me Your Love
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а Resident Advisor – Top 50 Tracks Of 2011 (Unmixed) в хорошем качестве может кто-нибудь залить?
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RA.294 DJ Nobu
Genre: Ambient, Experimental, Minimal, Techno
160 kbps | 64:34 min

DJ Nobu is quite simply one of Japan's best DJs. In his home country he is known most widely as the man behind the fabled Future Terror parties, an event that has been running out of various venues in his hometown of Chiba for just over ten years. The likes of Marcel Dettmann, Mike "Agent X" Clark and Steffi have all been past guests; and in the case of the former, Dettmann brought Nobu over to Berlin in 2011 for one of his few performances outside of Japan. Detroit has been his other main international stomping ground, while back on home soil Nobu has been known to put in as many as 90 gigs across the country a year. Despite his limited international recognition and discography, Nobu is now thought of among DJs like Takkyu Ishino, Fumiya Tanaka and Ken Ishii as those most prominently flying the flag for Japanese electronic music.
So if you book techno events and haven't yet invited DJ Nobu to man the decks, here's what you've been missing: dark, angular, driving 4/4 put together by the hand of an expert curator.

01. Borngraber & Jens Struver - In G (Part II)
02. Mike Parker - GPH 17 A2
03. Ventress - AVN#002 A1
04. Sigha - The Politics Of Dying
05. O/V/R - Post-Traumatic Son (Marcel Dettmann Construction 2)
06. Developer - More Sedection
07. Mike Dehnert - Oblique
08. Phase - Plateau Station
09. Cosmin TRG - Izolat
10. Conforce - Timelapse
11. Mattias Fridell - Indicating Absence
12. Sandwell District - Feed Forward Test Session
13. Donato Dozzy - K C2
14. Chris McCormack - Broken
15. Back Pack Poets - Objective T
16. Peter Van Hoesen - Axis Mundi
17. Surgeon - Radiance
18. Nickolas Mohanna - Mott Street
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затейный причесон
Why did the lion get lost? Because the jungle is massive
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RA.295 Jay Shepheard
Genre: Deep House, Disco, Downtempo, Tech House
160 kbps | 62:50 min

You don't win prizes for being dependable, but if such an award existed then Jay Shepheard would be a worthy nominee. The UK house producer has never scored a "hit" as such, instead amassing a considered discography since his debut release for Compost back in 2007. For much of his early recording career, the Munich label was his home base, putting out 12-inches like Pipes N Sneakers, which, contrary to our earlier statement, was something of a breakout track for him. Shepheard's path to this point has also been notable for his clarity of message: a palpable disco thread has run through his house productions for labels like Buzzin' Fly, Dirt Crew and Electric Minds. Or in other words, he's not one to ride trends. These days his low-key Retrofit imprint has been the primary outlet for his music. In its first six releases it's also given a leg-up to highly promising names like Matthew Burton and Tad Willey.
Shepheard has always favoured playing live at his club gigs but is also a dab hand behind the decks, which is what we get on RA.295. This is high grade house and disco that almost always has a smile on its face.

01. Non Fiction - Obey You Aul
02. Daniel Wang - Unhouse
03. Jay Shepheard & Matt Burton - Liberal Z (JS Live Version)
04. Phreek + 1 - Passion (DJ T Remix)
05. Eamon Harkin - John Boy
06. Kaos Falco Ritmo (JS Unofficial Edit)
07. Dave DK - Byway
08. Mateo & Matos - Discocide
09. Mondo - Work Me Baby (Roostracks Mix)
10. Trubi Trio - Universal Love (Teifschwarz Remix)
11. Sugardaddy - Love Honey (Funk Mix)
12. The Beloved - Sun Rising (JS Unofficial Edit)
13. Nicholas - All Night Long (Gerds Oldschool Mix)
14. Jay Shepheard - Pipes N Sneakers (JS Live Version)
15. Soundstream - Makin Love
16. Kaos - Bang The Box
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RA.296 Nina Kraviz
Genre: Deep House, Tech House
160 kbps | 61:14 min

It would be easy to apply the word "controversial" to Nina Kraviz but we think that "honest" is far more accurate. We first spoke to the Russian DJ/producer at the tail end of 2009 as part of our Breaking Through feature, in which her views on DJing ("I hate tight mixes") sparked heated forum debate. Her thoughts on the subject ("everyone's so perfect it's disgusting") came up again in the middle of last year, again eliciting much discussion. What we're essentially saying here is that Kraviz has an MO and she's more than happy to defend it. The upshot of this is vinyl mixing, digging deep for her music and laconic productions. In terms of the latter, Jus-Ed's Underground Quality imprint was an early home for her simple, smoky house tracks. Rekids have also been a key imprint and will release her eponymous debut album at the end of February.
We could try and explain the message behind Kraviz's mix for us but it would be completely inadequate given her response to the question below. We will say this, though: Dance Mania.

01. Karen Finley Spoken Words
02. Jackmaster Hater - Your Mind (Passion) (Ron Hardy Edit)
03. Keith Farley - Funkinwithdadrums
04. Scott Ferguson - Dump Days
05. Baby Pop - You Know What I'm Saying
06. Nina Kraviz - Show Me Your Time
07. Makam - What Ya Doin'
08. Floorplan - Move It
09. DJ Houz' Mon - IIV Getto Houz "95"
10. DJ Slugo - Would You Like To Be A Hoe
11. DJ Deeon - House-O-Matic
12. Gant-Mant & Eric Martin - Give The People What They Want
13. Bungalow Trax
14. DJ Qu - Juicy Fruit
15. Music Institute
16. STL - Something Is Raw
17. Johnick - Good Time
18. Regis - Purification
19. DJ Sneak - Acid III
20. Tetraflux - Room 21
21. Armando Gallop / Steve Pointdexter - Blackholes
22. Ignacio
23. Jason Fine - Conical
24. Omar S - Unitarian
25. Analog Cops & Dor - Nothing Much Going On Here
26. Moody Blues - A Dream
27. Pink Floyd - On The Run
28. Ego Trip - Spoken Words
29. N'Sync - Fortune
30. Dr. Rockit - Bath Time
31. Missing Channel - Spoken Words
32. Ego Trip - Dreamworld (World Of Dreams Mix)
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Цитата: (ninakraviz @ Mon, 30 Jan 12 00:43)
DEAr Resident Advisor team! This is a wrong mix!!! How that could happen? My current tracklist is for the second version that I have sent!

Цитата: (ninakraviz @ Mon, 30 Jan 12 03:51)
well, the only good thing about having this "wrong" raw version here is that you can listen to one of my favorite Drexiya and the very last song is from my album. In the second version there is nothing like this

Цитата: (RA @ Mon, 30 Jan 12 06:33)
Hi all: The podcast should be updated now. Apologies to Nina, and to all of you that downloaded the incorrect mix.

В посте какой микс Нины - соответствующий треклисту или нет?

В общем, микс, который щас висит на РА и треклист к которому указан выше:

RA.296 Nina Kraviz
Genre: Deep House, Tech House
160 kbps | 61:14 min


see above

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когда уже RA покажут хоть в малейше-слушабельном кач-ве\, а не 160....
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RA.297 Synkro
Genre: 2-step, Ambient, D'n'B, Deep House, Downtempo, Dubstep, IDM
160 kbps | 59:29 min

Boards of Canada, dBridge, Autechre, Metalheadz: this snapshot of Synkro's influences makes total sense, yet somehow doesn't come too close to putting actual descriptors on his music. The Manchester producer - real name Joe McBride - has pushed a sort of complex yet emotive 2-step/dubstep/drum & bass fusion since debuting back in 2007, and has been pretty damn prolific in the process. We've had his woozy steppers for Smoking Sessions; some of the prettiest 'drum & bass' you're likely to hear for Exit; and even a spot of deep house for Millions of Moments. And there's been countless different others in between.
On RA.297 he employs a good old-fashioned plot twist to reel you in (we obviously won't ruin the surprise) and then proceeds to explore the entirety of his far-reaching sound world.

01. Sabre, Stray & Halogenix - Oblique (Synkro Remix)
02. Background Sound - Close
03. Frederick Robinson - Shore
04. ASC - Sarang
05. Stickman - The Klixx (Indigo Remix)
06. Troy Gunner & Cuffy - Decisive Creation
07. DjRum - The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn
08. Indigo - Wake
09. GoldFFinch - Once You Wrap
10. Lostlojic - Don't You Feel (Synkro Remix)
11. GoldFFinch - Untitled
12. Indigo - Snowfall (Tom Dicicco Remix)
13. Until Silence - Stolen Hours
14. Emeli Sande - Daddy (Ifan Dafydd Remix)
15. ∆kkord - Back & Forth
16. Menik - Close To You (Indigo Remix)
17. Troy Gunner - Headlights
18. Synkro - Can't See
19. Darling Farah - Model
20. Guy Andrews - Shades
21. Stickman - The Verge
22. ∆kkord - Renewal
23. Bay & Elsewhere - I Think Of
24. Above & Beyond - Love Is Not Enough (Synkro Remix)
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Synkro нормальный такой пацан ;-)
Очень даже неплохо! ))
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RA.297 Synkro

категорически приятна сия компиляция ушам моим happy.gif
... поддерживаю!... очень приятный сет! walkman.gif
Спасибо, интересный звук wink.gif

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