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RA.097 Sascha Dive

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If you want to talk about truth in advertising, look no further than Sascha Dive’s label Deep Vibes. Dive began the imprint in 2006 and has been releasing the deepest house he can find (or produce) ever since. Clearly, young Sascha has his finger on the pulse: along with Oslo and Cecille, Deep Vibes has quickly become one of the main engines of reviving deep house in Germany’s club scene.
Production-wise, Dive is nothing if not straightforward: track titles veer towards the descriptive: ‘Deep in Rhythm’, ‘DEep’, ‘Deepest America’ and the music is similarly functional. On his RA podcast, you’ll get much the same: Dive works his way through a 72-minute set that doesn’t so much have peaks and valleys as it simply floats along with cut after cut of dark and, yes, deep vibes - whether he is spinning Dan Bell's old-school minimalism, Manny Diaz's svelte and sexy 'Sleezy, Please Me' or Moodymann's funky epics. Be prepared to get hypnotized.

01. Daniel Bell - Subterranean
02. Miss Fitz - Meternal
03. J. Dahlback - Untitled
04. Christian Burkhardt - Untitled
05. Sean Dimitrie & Tim Fuller - The Release
06. Manny Diaz - Sleezy, Please Me
07. Walt J - Untitled
08. Mara Trax - Let Goose
09. Nathan Hawks - Derrick's Chase (Groove Dub)
10. Leif - Contentment
11. Playin' 4 The City - From Chicago To Paris
12. Blaze - Paradise (Freaks Remix)
13. Moodymann - Shine
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что-то я не пойму, старые подкасты теперь никак не скачать?
This RA Podcast has been archived and is currently not available.

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Scailz, с официального сайта нет.
В первом посте есть ссылка на аккоунт - там весь архив, ну или отсюда можно
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barey ,а как оттуда качать? не пойму что-то..

уже нашёл ответ на свой вопрос по поводу
" How can I download?

You cannot. This site is not for downloading sets, but you can google them. There are no hidden links, nothing. Also not for registered users. No need to search for them.
The reason is quite simple. Live sets are not 100% legal, no matter what others may tell you, they simply are not. We only deliver information and facts. That's the only safe way for this database to still be around in the future. You can still use google and other sites though. If you think this site is useless, because you don't need information, it's obviously not our problem. "
RA.098 Todd Terje

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Although he may be best known for his inclusion on Michael Mayer’s Immer 2 compilation, Todd Terje ain’t much of a house and techno guy. Disco is his game. The Norwegian DJ/producer is a compatriot of the Lindstrom/Prins Thomas axis of dance music, a cabal of Scandinavians continuing the Idjut Boys skewed version of disco and Balearic beach sounds. Terje’s specialty is the edit. His official and unofficial reworkings of tunes by artists as diverse as Curtis Mayfield, Paul Simon and KC & The Sunshine Band have gained him a following among adventurous listeners and DJs alike.
On his RA podcast, you’ll get to hear some of Terje’s work in the editing arena on tracks new and old. It’s a set that eschews the idea of simply making the easy mix, taking in space disco, reggae, R&B and even some Bruce Springsteen. Boss.

01. M.I.A. - Paper Planes (DFA Mix)
02. Sly & Robbie - Triplets
03. Chaz Jankel & Laura Weymouth - Whisper
04. !!! - Must Be The Moon (Emperor Machine Mix)
05. Armand Van Helden - Je T'aime (Simian Mobile Disco Mix)
06. Broke - We Ain't Got It
07. Mathias Kaden - Rhythma
08. Class Action - Weekend
09. Cole Medina - Red Hot
10. Tron Scott's Freaks In Space - Prog Rocks And Moon Jocks
11. Mirror Boys - See The Music
12. The Temptations - Law Of The Land (Iskra Edit)
13. Konk - Percussion Jam
14. Mr. Raoul K - Le Cercle Peul
15. Sueno Latino - Luxuria (Cutmaster-G Techno Age Mix)
16. Bruce Springsteen - I'm On Fire (Cousin Cole Mix)
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Весёленький такой микс получился yahoo.gif
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он как обычно на высоте! thumb.gif
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даа кайфовый подкаст!
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Интересно эти сеты можно как-нибудь в CDA (CD Audio) достать?... кто-нибудь задумывался над этим? Просто понравившуюся музыку хотелось бы слышать в "качестве".
RA.099 The Count & Sinden

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Joshua Harvey and Graeme Sinden are the London producers behind The Count and Sinden. Perhaps better known under their solo guises, Herve and Sinden, the duo have brought their warped dance music sensibility together to craft one of the 2008’s most insistent singles, ‘Beeper.’ The earworm can be directly traced back to The Count and Sinden’s love of everything from Baltimore club, hip-hop, electro, Miami bass and grime.
Baile funk, dancehall, bassline house and plenty of other genres also factor into the stop-start podcast that they’ve crafted exclusively for RA. But The Count and Sinden don’t care all that much about genre tags. Their goal is simply to rock the party—and in this rambunctious mix that takes in Bjork, Armand van Helden and South Rakkas Crew, that’s exactly what they do.

01. The Count & Sinden - Dock Leaf
02. The Count & Sinden - Stinging Nettle
03. Toddla T - Inna Di Dancehall (The Count & Sinden Remix)
04. Detboi - Come Rest Up
05. Se:sa - I Like It Like This (The Count & Sinden Remix)
06. T2 - Butterflies (The Count Remix)
07. Bjork - Innocence (Sinden Remix)
08. Jay Stewart – Don't Do It (Rico Tubbs VIP Remix)
09. Machines Don't Care - Drop It To The Floor
10. Azzido Da Bass - Dooms Night (Switch Remix)
11. DJ Tamiel - Funky Dance
12. Voodoo Chilli - Streetplayers
13. The Count & Sinden - Beeper
14. The Count & Sinden - Beeper (A Trak Remix)
15. Kudu - Lets Finish (Sinden Remix)
16. Larry Tee feat. Princess Superstar - Licky (Herve Remix)
16. Machines Don't Care - Soundboy Massive
17. The Count - Dibby DJ
18. South Rakkas Crew - Mad Again (Fake Blood Remix)
19. Fake Blood - Fake Blood Theme
20. Alan Braxe - Addicted
21. Armand Van Helden - J'Taime (Switch Remix)
22. Solid Groove - This Is Sick (Herve Reshuffle)
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заметил, что продукты Resident Advisor Podcast выходят одни за другим, и вдобавок ко всему висят на главной...скажите, в кратце, что у них за штучки выпускаются и стоит ли качать?
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pavil, это что-то вроде аудиопередач, по сути теже радиошоу, только не в прямом эфире (можешь слить в любое время, никаких лицензионных прав). Ну а стоит качать или нет смотри сам: в первом посте весь список участвовавших. wink.gif По мне так неплохо.
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Павил балуется текхаусом?????Вот это новость!!!!А мне заливал такие сказки!!!
не оценил
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оогоооооо каунт оф монте кристал!))) еееееееееее

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