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RA.308 Paul Woolford
Genre: Deep House, Tech House, UK Garage
160 kbps | 78:45 min

Paul Woolford is a DJ/producer who illustrates the difference between following trends and pursuing evolution. Woolford first came to light in the early '00s as an integral part of Leeds' Back To Basics. His sound—as demonstrated on releases for 20:20 Vision as Bobby Peru—was a hip-swinging UK variant of jackin' Chicago house. Then in 2006 "Erotic Discourse" happened. The zeitgeist-capturing track was arguably that year's biggest, affording Woolford new levels of global attention as he continued to hold down his summer residency for We Love Space in Ibiza.
However, like many of these types of smashes successes, "Erotic Discourse" seemed to be a blessing and a curse for Woolford. None of his subsequent productions seemed to quite measure up until in 2011 an adroit run of singles and remixes cast him in a completely new light. Carl Craig's interest in Woolford was a large contributing factor—the Detroit veteran invited Woolford to tour with his Planet E imprint during their 20th anniversary tour and signed his Achilles / Razor Burn EP—but it was his flirtation with the UK bass scene that seemed to get the creative juices flowing most freely. Between his collaboration with Psycatron on Hotflush, Stolen, remix of T. Williams "Heartbeat" and support from Rinse FM DJs like Ben UFO, Woolford appeared to have turned over an enthralling new leaf. (Check his new material as Special Request for further evidence.)
The influence of the UK's new school is patent on RA.308 although it always remains as an undercurrent to Woolford's killer house and techno selections, which includes music from Actress, Claro Intelecto, Dario Zenker, Conforce and Kowton.

01. Kangding Ray - Mirrors
02. Actress - Caves Of Paradise
03. Specter - Half Life
04. Kowton - LIV004B
05. Magic Mountain High - B1
06. Polarius - Pump The Box
07. Claro Intelecto - Night Of The Maniac
08. Conforce - 24
09. Laurel Halo - Metal Confection (Oneohtrix Point Never Remix)
10. Basic Soul Unit - Dank
11. Claro Intelecto - Blindside
12. Seph - Moon Flare
13. I:Cube - Transpiration
14. Hercules & Love Affair - My House (Derrick L Carter Remix)
15. Unknown Artist - Rave B1
16. Mr Fingers - Bring Down The Walls
17. Norman Nodge - ManMade
18. Dario Zenker - Aero
19. Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka - Deaf Siren
20. Dario Zenker - Sherhood
21. Marco Zenker - Neverending
22. Falty DL - Phreqaflex
23. Marco Zenker - Black Box
24. Special Request - Lolita
25. Jonas Kopp - Let's See
26. Hunee - The Lost Animal
27. The Host - Hidden Ontology
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RA.309 Svarte Greiner
Genre: Abstract, Dark Ambient, Experimental, Modern Classical
160 kbps | 78:45 min

Svarte Greiner is an alias of Norwegian ambient/experimental artist Erik K Skodvin. Around the turn of the century Skodvin founded Miasmah Music. Starting out as a free mp3 label and the home to his music as Xhale, Miasmah began pressing up CD albums in 2006, subsequently hosting the work of ambient producers such as Rafael Anton Irisarri and Jacaszek. Back in 2004 Skodvin had solidified his recording relationship with school friend Otto Totland to form perhaps his best-known project, Deaf Center. Neon City EP, the duo's delicate debut transmission, was the first of many for John Twells and Stefan Lewandowski's excellent Type imprint - to date three Deaf Center full-lengths adorn the label's discography. Type has also been a regular home for Skodvin's pitch-black pieces as Svarte Greiner. Utilizing a combination of field recordings, instruments and electronics, Skodvin's horror-influenced experiments have yielded a total of seven LPs, the most recent of which, Penpals Forever (And Ever), was housed by recent RA label of the month Digitalis Recordings.
"Accessibility" is of course a subjective term, but as Skodvin explains below he was keen to give listeners something to hold on to while composing RA.309. While we'd certainly agree with him to some extent, his mix is easily among the most challenging - but ultimately rewarding - we featured.

01. !Calhau! - Rafflesia
02. Gareth Davis & Frances - Marie Uitti
03. Grey - Eight Hour Religion
04. Req - Runout Scratches
05. Svarte Greiner - Untitled
06. Volcano The Bear - Erasmus The Queens Dentist (Excerpt)
07. Burzum - Rundgang Um Die Transzendentale Saule Der Singularitat
08. Fluxion - Largo
09. Vincent Gallo - A Wet Cleaner
10. Future Sound Of London - Through Your Gills I Breath
11. Dictaphone - Sonic Pieces
12. Andrea Belfi - B
13. Valerio Tricoli & Thomas Ankersmit - Takht-E Tâvus
14. Mats Gustafson - The Birth Of The Listener
15. Supersilent - 11.5
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RA.310 Shifted
Genre: Techno
160 kbps | 60:00 min

In order to avert attention from a famed career within another genre, the guy behind Shifted chooses to remain anonymous. It appears to have worked. Rather than comparisons to his prior achievements, the talk regarding his output over the past 12 months has been centred on Shifted's often bleak - and always textually rich - run of releases. In truth, he was always likely to be taken in earnest with a debut (Drained) on Luke Slater's Mote-Evolver. Evidently buoyed by his new-found creative freedom, Shifted went on to work with promising upstart techno imprints Our Circula Sound and Syndrome Z (and started his own, Avian, with fellow shadow-seeker Ventress) while continuing a relationship with Mote-Evolver which culminated in April of this year with Crossed Paths, his striking debut album.
As you'll likely be able to tell from the tracklist below, Shifted's interest in techno predates any serious involvement with the music industry, with time-honoured tracks by ESP and Damon Wild rubbing up against exciting newcomers like ROD, Markus Suckut and Rødhåd.

01. Prurient - Mask Of Roses
02. Ancient Methods - AM - 1 A1
03. Production Unit - Broken20.1
04. SHXCXCHCXSH - kxxkxxxkkxx
05. NX1- NX1_02_004
06. Terrence Fixmer - When The Sun
07. Rodhad - Thoughtcrime
08. ROD - HGB
09. Damon Wild - Linear
10. Markus Suckut - False
11. Reeko - Segmento 1
12. Truss - Beacon
13. Forward Strategy Group - Labour Division
14. Roberto - Stepping Stones (ROD Remix)
15. Alexander D'neil - Klona (Truncate Remix)
16. Shifted - Suffocate
17. ESP - Idiom
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RA.311 Vakula
Genre: Deep House
160 kbps | 57:15 min

Mikhaylo Vityk's track titles - "Deep Deep Down," "T H E O Son" and "Gospel Keyboards" - alone would tell you plenty about his approach to house music. As Vedomir, V and, most often, Vakula, Vityk has mined further and more thoroughly into classic US house tropes than anyone in recent memory. Vityk differs from the usual European aping of Detroit and Chicago in two key ways, however. Firstly, he's incredibly prolific. A staggering volume of 12-inches for labels like Firecracker, Dekmantel and Shevchenko over the last few years betray an unwavering commitment and deep-seated comprehension of the style. The other point is a question of embellishment. Sure, much of his work could pass as a forgotten Moodymann standard, but whether it's his often hip-hop length tracks, the ambush of an organ sample or simply just something a bit weird, Vakula's tracks almost always come imbued with a sense of the unexpected.
If Vakula's RA podcast sounds incredibly cohesive that's because it's comprised exclusively of his own material, most of which is either unreleased or forthcoming.

01. Vakula - Bug Powder
02. Vakula - I Wanna Dance With You All My Life
03. Moodymann - When She Follows (Vakula Remix)
04. Vakula - Interpretation
05. Vakula - Unknown (Unreleased)
06. Vakula - Dub As Always
07. Vakula - Loop (Unreleased)
08. Frunk29 - Slowdilla (Vakula Remix)
09. Barnt - Hark (Vakula Remix)
10. Vakula - Interpretation 2
11. Vakula - In A Nutshell (Unreleased)
12. Kuniyuki & Vakula - Session North #1 (Vakula Version)
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RA.312 Deetron
Genre: Tech House
160 kbps | 77:45 min

Deetron: A name you can depend on. The Swiss DJ and producer has been in the house and techno scene since the mid-'90s, and he seemingly hasn't put a foot wrong at any point. Whether it be his exceptional three-deck mixing or his elegant productions for label home base Music Man, Sam Geiser is the definition of consistent. Of late, however, Deetron has been outdoing himself a bit. Last year's Starblazer single for Rejected was one of the most charted tracks of 2011 on Resident Advisor, while his two-disc mix for Balance showed that he's just as comfortable mixing digital as he is analogue.
Deetron describes RA.312 as "relentless," and we're inclined to agree with him. It's more than 70 minutes of bangers, new and old, fit together by one of the world's foremost jocks.

01. J. Greenspan - Crown Princess
02. Elgato - Zone
03. Marvin Gaye - If This World Were Mine
04. Roy Ayers - Tarzan (Ame Remix)
05. Monty Luke - Yesterday & Tomorrow
06. SLG - I Love You But I've Chosen Disco (Axel Boman Remix)
07. Lorca - Can't See Higher
08. Midland - What We Know (MCDE Remix)
09. Africa Hitech - How Does It Make You Feel?
10. Goldfrapp - Fly Me Away (C2 Remix 2)
11. Bo Saris - She's on Fire (Maya Jane Coles Remix)
12. Colo - Never Again (George Fitzgerald Remix)
13. Ame - Kuma - Sonar Kollektiv
14. Life & Death - Morgana (C2 Remix)
15. Boddika & Joy Orbison - Froth
16. Bicep - Stripper
17. Unknown
18. Dark Sky - F Technology
19. Boddika - Acid Jackson
20. Kraftwerk - Numbers
21. Nikola Gala - Only (Ryan Elliott Remix)
22. Todd Terje - Inspector Norse
23. Beanfield - Tides (Chateau Flight Beats)
24. Andres - New For U
25. Stereotyp - Keepin Me (Fauna Flash Remix)
26. Patrice Scott - Orbital Bliss
27. Fred P - Free Your Mind (Simbad Remix)
28. Jeff Mills - Peart
29. Jose Gonzalez - Cycling Trivialities (Edit)
30. Mountains - Newsprint
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RA.313 Ena
Genre: Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Techno
160 kbps | 69:00 min

It's no coincidence that some of the most consistently innovative "bass music" artists draw primary influence from mid- to late '90s drum & bass. Names like Source Direct, Photek and Renegade Hardware are namechecked time and again in their UK heartland, but it seems as though their impact was being felt much further afield. Ena is a Tokyo-based producer whose sound reflects a fascination with this golden age but also dislocation. As he alludes to below, his is a sound unhindered by the immediacy of immersion in an established physical scene; you could certainly feel him pushing up against the edges of the canon across his two recent 12-inches for French imprint 7even Recordings.
But (if we can be so bold) it's on his mix for us here that he seems to strike out a space all of his own. A large portion of the tracks here are taken from an upcoming full-length for said label, existing at an intersection between the most skeletal forms of dubstep and drum & bass.

01. Ena - Untitled
02. Ena - Love60
03. Ena - Nowhere
04. Ena - Realization
05. Ena - Analysis Code
06. Gremlinz & Unknown Artist - Untitled 808
07. Ena - Purported
08. Ena - Unplug
09. Ena - Community Space
10. Ena - Sign
11. Ena - Whereabouts
12. Ena - Splinter
13. Sivarider - The Chaser
14. Troy Gunner & Cuffy - Decisive Creation
15. Pev - Salt Water
16. Makoto - Another Generations
17. Consequence - Of Uncertainty
18. Flatliners & Mental Forces - Make Em Run
19. Ena - False
20. Overlook - Shadowplay
21. Dan HabarNam - One
22. Hydro & Arma - Life Is Cheap
23. Halogenix - Mercenary
24. Naibu & Ena - Untitled
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RA.314 Kevin McPhee
Genre: Deep House, Techno, UK Garage
160 kbps | 60:30 min

Kevin McPhee's house and techno feels like a human had a hand in it. The beats are always a bit chunky, the edges rarely rounded off. Over the past few years, the Canadian DJ/producer has released records on some of the underground's most respected imprints - [nakedlunch], Idle Hands and the Hypercolour-affiliated Hype_LTD among them. Ranging anywhere from slow house to ambient garage to straight-ahead banging techno, McPhee has tried out plenty of sounds, with the only recurring feature thus far being a marked love of sampled vocals and that aforementioned handcrafted approach to beatmaking.
You'll hear plenty of it in RA.314, a set composed largely of McPhee's own work - both solo and in collaboration. McPhee is a bit of a throwback when it comes to these things, so there is no tracklist. And there are plenty of tunes that may never properly see the light of day. Part of the fun, we say. We hope you'll agree.

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RA.315 Kerri Chandler
Genre: Deep House
160 kbps | 95:00 min

"It feels like I started all over from scratch," Kerri Chandler told us in a recent interview. He was of course referring to his relationship with Circo Loco, the Italian party brand based out of DC-10 in Ibiza. After a period of persuasion Chandler agreed to play for the crew at their 2010 opening/closing party and has since become an integral part of the family, making multiple appearances throughout the 2011 season and generally stepping up his worldwide DJ presence. It was evident in our talking with Chandler that the partnership had rejuvenated him in many ways, although that's not to say he was somehow struggling before. Chandler is known as one of New Jersey/New York's most celebrated and important house music practitioners, with a recording career stretching back to 1991 and a classics-lined discography to prove it. As part of our on-going VS series, Chandler will link up with Chez Damier - himself a revered house music institution - for a back-to-back session this coming Saturday night at BeCool in Barcelona for our annual off-Sonar soiree.
Rolling, timeless house music is the order of the day on RA.315, a warm-up to this Saturday's festivities and a showcase of where Chandler is at in 2012.

[00:00] Anja Schneider & And.Id - Imagination [Get Physical]
[04:40] ID
[09:30] Agaric - Who Made Up The Rules (Josh Wink Interpretation) [Ovum]
[12:40] Aphrodisiax - My Getaway [Jus'House]
[17:30] ID
[22:00] Burnski & Manik - You Know What It's Like
[27:15] Nick Harris - In The Flowers [Stoned Immaculate]
[32:00] Kyodai - Illusions
[36:00] Hollis P Monroe - I'm Lonely (Laura Jones Remix)
[40:45] YSE - Bounce Back [Lost My Dog]
[45:30] Lee Foss - Your Turn Girl (Shonky & Dyed Soundorom Remix)
[49:30] Shane Linehan - Do You Know Who You Are
[54:30] DJ W!ld - Last Summer (Kerri Chandler Remix)
[58:00] Ron Hall & Thommy Davis - Fugue in Baltimore
[1:02:10] ID
[1:06:00] Kerri Chandler - Time is destiny (version?)
[1:11:30] Makam - You Might Lose It (Kerri Chandler Kaoz 6:23 Again Mix)
[1:16:30] Ribn - Cottbus [Ovum]
[1:20:20] ID
[1:24:30] Washerman - Basement Chord [Drumpoet Community]
[1:28:30] Toni Lionni - Hypnotize
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RA.316 Eats Everything
Genre: Fat House!!!
160 kbps | 86:00 min

Eats Everything is part of a loose collective of artists that hold bass and fun in the highest regard when it comes to house music. Since coming to prominence a little over a year ago, Bristol-based Dan Pearce has worked closely with all of the group's key members - from Claude VonStroke and his San Francisco-based Dirtybird family, through to European exponents like Catz N Dogz and their Pets Recordings imprint. It was through the latter that Pearce first made his mark. "Entrance Song" fused dive-bomb subs with garage organs and a reverb-drenched break; Pete Tong in particular was a fan, almost immediately inviting Pearce to record an Essential Mix off the back of the record. Everyone has seemingly wanted a slice of Eats Eveything since. Dirtybird, Futureboogie, Hypercolour, Get Physical and Classic have all welcomed Pearce for track or remixes, while his touring schedule (which includes an appearance at this year's Garden Festival) has gone into overdrive of late.
Pearce flaunted his range on a jungle mix for Louis Louis late last year, a purview accrued from years of experience DJing on the Bristol scene; RA.316 is quite as severe a stylistic switch up but does show Pearce in a more mellow mood, building purposefully over 85 minutes with music from Jimmy Edgar, Justin Martin and Roska, along with a large helping of unreleased Eats Everything edits.

01. Jill Scott - Love Rain (Detroit Swindle' Seasonal Redux)
02. CD vs CD - I Really Do Believe
03. Roberto Rodriguez feat. Max C - Ride With Me (Eats Everything Rebeef)
04. Detroit Swindle - Jick Rames
05. Lukas - Best In Show
06. Disclosure - What's In Your Head
07. Block Committee - It's Got To Be (Phil Weeks Remix)
08. Aaron Soul & Terry Brookes - City Life (Carl Craig's Caya Dub)
09. Invasion - Spells Of Deception (Boy 8-Bit Remix)
10. Kenlou - The Bounce
11. Andri - Housers Revenge
12. The Quirk Burglars - DYPO
13. Jimmy Edgar - Hot, Raw, Sex
14. HoH - Suswour (Bubba Remix)
15. DOP - Party Rockin (Eats Everything Create-a-break Rebeef)
16. Justin Martin & Pillowtalk - The Gurner
17. Armando - Don't Take It (Thomos Edit)
18. Roska & Jamie George - Love 2 Nite
19. Eats Everything - Jagged Edge
20. &Me - Matters (Eats Everything Rebeef)
21. Wildkats - Perpertrating
22. DifferentMe - Back To Tomorrow (Catz 'n Dogz Remix)
23. Hardrive - Deep Inside (Shadow Child Remix)
24. Eats Everything & Lukas Present The Eel - Futureboogie
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