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RA.328 DJ Nature
Genre: Disco, House, Soul
160 kbps | 105:05 min

There are two distinct chapters in the story of Milo Johnson, the first of which begins in Bristol back in 1983 with the formation of The Wild Bunch. The now mythical hip-hop and reggae collective, which ran until 1986, was the gene pool that spawned Massive Attack and Soul II Soul, and also included one DJ Milo. Having formed an interest in the emergent house music of the mid-'80s, Johnson moved on to New York in '89 and began working on a roughed-up interpretation of the genre. The first Nature Boy 12-inches hit shelves in '91, the release titles—The Ruff Disco EP, Necessary Ruffness—serving notice of his MO. Then in '93 production was halted. The birth of his children largely explains the abrupt end to his output—which came just as he was beginning to gain a real foothold in the scene—but Johnson remained in the industry until '96, exporting some of that time period's key releases to Japan.
Despite odd DJ gigs down the years, Johnson's reintroduction (or introduction in many cases) to recorded music in 2010 was a bolt from the blue. Phil South's Golf Channel became home to his lo-fi, sample-heavy dance jams. ("Everyone" is a great example from his "comeback" period.) This harmonious relationship has continued to the present day, with Johnson just issuing Return of the Savage, a tasty double 12-inch's worth of DJ Nature material.
Johnson goes at it for a full 105 minutes on his mix for us, with house and disco forming the bedrock for what is distinctly the style of DJ Nature.

01. Typesun - Last Home (DJ Nature Remix)
02. Paskal & Urban Absolutes - Still In Love
03. Darkness Falls - Timeline (Tom Demac Remix)
04. Leon Ware - Inside Your Love
05. STL - In My Dreams
06. xXxXx - State 808 (Marlows Raw Version)
07. Farley 'Jackmaster' Funk - The Bass Lives On
08. Paul Frick - I Mean (feat. Emika) (Akufen Remix)
09. Alton Miller - Stars In Your Eyes (Andre Lodemann Dub)
10. Chasing Kurt - Money (Tom Ellis Remix)
11. Why Sheep? - Garbled Protection
12. Douglas Greed - Go Down On You (feat. Rosa Rough)
13. Flash & The Pan - Walking In The Rain (DJ Nature Re-Buff)
14. Arttu - Stretch Yo Mind (Stretched Mix)
15. Azuni - Raw Chord
16. Deacon Blue - We Will Be Lovers (Sally's Dub)
17. Tony Humphries/Track & Feel Events - Yes He Is
18. Smash TV - After All These Years
19. Kate Simko - Living Lips / Alexis P Suter - Dirty Low Down
20. DJ Spice T - A Day Has Come (DJ Mim-ice Remix)
21. Nina Kraviz - Choices
22. Tom Demac - This Is What I Want
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RA.329 Gaslamp Killer
Genre: Abstract, Bass, Blues, Experimental, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Psychedelic Rock
160 kbps | 44:34 min

You don't get a word like "motherfucker" attached to your name for no good reason. William Bensussen, AKA The Gaslamp Killer, has been in peoples' faces right from the start. Coming up in the rock town of San Diego, Bensussen would continually clear dance floors in the city's Gaslamp district- hence the name- by playing Mobb Deep and Dilla.
Things didn't stay this way forever. In LA he became a resident DJ at Daddy Kev's Low End Theory, the mythologised weekly party and producer hangout that has seen the likes of Daedelus, Nosaj Thing and Flying Lotus rise from its ranks. It was on the latter's Brainfeeder that GLK met a global audience as a producer. 2009's My Troubled Mind and the following year's Death Gate threw up his love of grizzly beats and obscure samples. Seeing GLK behind a pair of turntables is, however, when the MF tag makes most sense. His shows are the epitome of unhinged energy. Rock, jazz, bass music and funk are just as likely to be aired as hip-hop, as he wigs out with his now trademark dance moves.
GLK's "Resident Killer mix" is 45-minute slice of what we're talking about - plus you get the added bonus of a coda comprised solely of music from Breakthrough, his madcap debut album which was released today through Brainfeeder.

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RA.330 Robert Hood
Genre: Detroit Techno, House, Techno
160 kbps | 61:17 min

Minimal techno pioneer, Underground Resistance alum, Detroit original - it'd be easy for Robert Hood to rest on his laurels, to become little more than a time capsule. But while to this day you know a Hood record when you hear it, he hasn't stopped moving forward, whether by continually refining the pared-down sound that made him famous, revisiting another shade of his musical personality (his Floorplan alias has been particularly active these last few years), or throwing curveballs at those who think "president of Minimal Nation" pretty much covers his place in electronic music history.
The latter's certainly the case on Motor: Nighttime World 3, the surprisingly lush recent installment of his series delving into the metaphysics of the Motor City. "Techno of big, broken-hearted beauty," is what RA's Tony Naylor had to say. But let's go further: It's as nuanced a reading of his hometown - politically, socially, spiritually, and, of course, musically - as you're likely to get through sound alone. Meaty stuff from a guy who's made his name stripping techno down to the bone.
Which isn't to say that a guy making such thought-provoking music can't throw down a good party set, because that's precisely what we get on RA.330: the rhythms are driving and the loops unrelenting - this is Hood, after all. Your feet should know just what to do.

01. DJ Muggs vs. GZA
02. Robert Hood - Unreleased
03. Tim Wolff - Backstage Fridge
04. Italo Boyz - Zinga (Unreleased Robert Hood Edit)
05. Robert Hood - Omega : Alive
06. Floorplan - Chord Principle
07. Marco Lenzi - Taboo
08. 69 - Ladies & Gentleman
09. James Ruskin - Work (Steve Rachmad Remix)
10. Carl Taylor - Debbie's Groove (Robert Hood Remix)
11. Mark Broom - Fever
12. Robert Hood - Untitled
13. Floorplan - Confess
14. Robert Hood - Better Life
15. Robert Hood - Unreleased
16. DJ Bone - The Hold
17. Floorplan - Altered Ego
18. Ben Sims & Vincent Davis - Freaks (Sims Disin' All Freaks Mix)
19. Ritzi Lee - Backdraft
20. Trolley Route - Neutron
21. Ben Sims - Metal Works
22. Robert Hood - Power To Prophet
23. Robert Hood - Black Technician - Music Man
Floorplan - Baby, Baby - M-Plant
K Alexi Shelby - Vertigo - Transmat
Phase - Xylo - Token
Robert Hood - Hate Transmissions - Music Man
Robert Hood - Range - M-Plant
Rhythm Is Rhythm - Salsa Life
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RA.331 Joy Orbison
Genre: Deep House, House, UK Garage, Techno
160 kbps | 66:40 min

We don't often talk about "one hit wonders" in dance music - that sort of spectacular taking over of the planet and then falling clean off it is generally a cliché of pop - but few producers have as much to live up to after their first release as Joy Orbison: no tune since, and not many in the recent past before it, has been the bona fide phenomenon that his debut "Hyph Mngo" was in 2009. But rather than trip up trying to match or even leap over the hype, Peter O'Grady took the opportunity to just be himself. It's been a pretty good look for him.
Excitement still bubbles up whenever Joy O drops a new side, either solo or with kindred spirit Boddika but he certainly doesn't sound like he's chasing past glory on recent hits like "Ellipsis" and "Swims." If anything, he's taken an admirably laidback approach, nurturing a sound that nods increasingly to his early influences with a sprinkling of the nervy now-ness that defined his first hit.
Just as he has in his production career, Joy Orbison takes his time on RA.331, a slow churn of warm techno and subtly steppin' R&B-inflected house with heat that sneaks up on you. Self-referencing intro aside, it's about as easy-going a set as you'll get from one of underground dance music's biggest names.

01. Intro - DJ Slimzee
02. Jeremih - Fuck You All The Time
03. Damage - Love Lady (Groove Chronicles Groove Mix)
04. Onmutu Mechanicks - Phosphor (Norman Nodge Remix)
05. Donnell Jones - U Know What's Up (Joy O Remix)
06. M.A.D. Productions feat. Carroll Thompson - Too Late
07. Roman IV - Cairo
08. Boddika - Beats Me
09. Joy O/Boddika - Fate
10. Joy O - Untitled (You Make Me Weak)
11. Mr. G - One Year Later
12. DJ Qu - Get Sum
13. Gene Hunt - Roses Lime
14. Eric Ericksson - Synchronized Minds
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RA.332 A Sagittariun
Genre: Deep House, Electro, Experimental, IDM, UK Funky, Techno
160 kbps | 94:00 min

There's no need for preoccupation over A Sagittariun's identity: "the confident and accomplished beats speak for themselves." Since October 2011, the Bristol-based producer (this much we do know) has operated exclusively out of his/her own Elastic Dreams imprint. A trio of 12-inches in this time have been unified by sonic allusions to the cosmos. '90s IDM and techno have been touchstones but A Sagittariun has just as fluidly done dub and downtempo. The entrancing "Wind Tunnel" from the third 12-inch is a great place to start for the uninitiated.
On RA.332, A Sagittariun approaches the mix in a manner that's certainly a first for us: four discrete "levels" move through krautrock, techno, electro and experimental while maintaining the slippery and stratospheric A Sagittariun aesthetic.

(First Level)
01. K.A.T.O. - Zephyrus (The Porthole)
02. Biosphere - Microgravity
03. Can - Oh Yeah
04. David Morley - Symmetry
05. Richard H Kirk - Reality Net
06. Thomas Fehlmann - Berliner Luftikuss (Move D Remix)
07. John Carpenter - The President Is Gone
08. Monolake - Bicom
09. Brian Eno - Under Stars

(Second Level)
01. Drexciya - Under Sea Disturbances
02. Robert Hood - Station Rider E
03. Marcelus - Shape
04. A Sagittariun - Wind Tunnel
05. Hans Berg - Machines (Ed Davenport Fixation)
06. Planetary Assault Systems - Forms

(Third Level)
01. BFC - Sleep
02. 3MB feat. Juan Atkins - Jazz Is the Teacher
03. F.U.S.E. - Dimensions

(Fourth Level)
01. Killing Joke - Requiem (A Floating Leaf Always Reaches The Sea Dub Mix)
02. Colourbox feat. Lorita Grahame - Baby I Love You So
03. Dub Syndicate - 2001 Love Part 1
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RA.333 Pangaea
Genre: Tech House
160 kbps | 108:35 min

Pangaea is the sole alias of UK producer and DJ Kevin McAuley. Since 2007 McAuley has represented one third of Hessle Audio, the imprint he began along with friends Ben "UFO" Thomson and David "Pearson Sound" Kennedy while the trio were studying at the University of Leeds. As we're sure you're aware, Hessle Audio has since come to be known as one of UK club music's most consistently brilliant independent labels, while McAuley's rise as a producer has dovetailed that of the label. Again much like the label itself, McAuley has only offered his music slowly and steadily, maintaining an impeccably high standard that's ranged from contemporary garage (You & I / Router) to bassline tearouts (Hex / Fatalist). His latest transmission is Release, his most expansive body of work to date. Its eight tracks find McAuley dipping into his established pool of influences—garage swing, experimental flourishes, drum & bass functionality—while pushing deeper into the techno territory that's proving so fertile for UK artists right now.
As for his DJ mixes, McAuley adopts the same approach as he does with his recorded music: there aren't many of them out there, but when one does drop it's always worth savouring.

01. Crash Course In Science - Flying Turns (J Rocc Edit)
02. Inigo Kennedy - Disquiet
03. Peverelist & Kowton - Raw Code
04. Skudge - Convolution (Aardvarck Remix)
05. Shlomi Aber - Greys
06. Shed - VIOMF!
07. Wishmountain - Andrex
08. Joe - R.E.J Bit
09. Pfirter - Epistaxis
10. STL - Jungle Sometimes
11. Boddika - Beats Me
12. Blawan - Clays Strider
13. DJ Empty - Meaningless 5
14. Mr G - Mango Came Round
15. Pangaea - Trouble
16. Rhythm Section - Emotion
17. Karizma - Again
18. Truncate - Dial
19. Bandshell - Perc
20. Bobby Champs - Bureau (Tool)
21. Peter Van Hosen - Inspection In Solitude
22. Ben Sims - Slow Motion (Skudge Remix)
23. Pearson Sound - Quivver
24. Mathew Jonson - Panna Cotta
25. Planetary Assault Systems - Wriss
26. Marquis Hawkes - Sealion Woman
27. Tommy Four Seven - Track 5 (Robert Hood Remix)
28. Andy Stott - Dark Details
29. Objekt - Shuttered
30. Klaus - Phi
31. Björk - One Day (Springs Eternal Mix)
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RA.334 Danny Daze
Genre: Deep House, Tech House
160 kbps | 108:35 min

Danny Daze's breakthrough track, "Your Everything," placed him at the vanguard of the slower, '80s-influenced house sound that has come to prominence these past two years. It was two of the style's chief proponents, Jamie Jones and Lee Foss, who first recognized the track's potential, signing it to their Hot Creations label at the start of 2011. With its K-addled robo vocal, "Your Everything" went on to become the unofficial anthem of last year's WMC; B-side "Fall Away From Love," a more straight-ahead brand of anthem, proved equally as potent for those who flipped the record. The success at Miami was particularly sweet for Daze. The producer, real name Daniel Gomez, was raised in city and had been a part of its rave community as a DJ since the age of 13.
During any music-led conversation with Gomez, his love for classic electro is bound to be discussed - he's most recently applied the influence on his rolling remix of Justin Martin and Pillowtalk's "The Gurner" for Dirtybird. And on RA.334 the spirit of the sound runs rampant via music from Anthony Rother, Dexter, Legowelt and unreleased music from Gomez himself.

01. Anthony Rother - Biomechanik
02. Bjorn Torske - Slitte Sko (Crimea X Remix)
03. Aksel Friberg - Viking Line
04. Second Hand Satellites - Orbit 1.4
05. Feedback - The Flow
06. Wolfram - Thing Called Love (Legowelt Remix)
07. [white label] - I'll House You (Danny Daze Edit)
08. Joe Lentini - V Bomb Wrap (Danny Daze Edit)
09. Radionasty - Radio 1
10. Dexter - (Live Cut)
11. Joss Moog - Forever Pimpin'
12. Daniel Maloso - Discoteca Carvencola
13. Red Axes - Say No More
14. Mario & Vidis - Care (Danny Daze Smokin Dub Mix)
15. Third Culture - Bass Is A Many Splendored Thing
16. Renaissance Man - Natty Jussi (Jori Hulkkonen Remix)
17. James White - "Untitled"
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RA.335 Michael Mayer
Genre: Techno, Tech House
160 kbps | 87:45 min

Michael Mayer has just returned from an eight year solo production hiatus to release his second album, Mantasy. Was it worth the wait? "Mantasy is a significant elaboration on the modern Kompakt aesthetic," said RA's Tony Naylor, praising the German producer for an elegant ten track distillation of his long-serving imprint. Opener "Sully" evoked the looped melancholia of the label's Pop Ambient series; "Mantasy" felt like a lost number from the techno-focussed Speicher series; while "Good Times" would have stolen the show on any of the label's 12 previous Total compilations. That his label and new album were so intertwined is no great surprise: along with Jürgen Paape and Wolfgang Voigt, Mayer has spent the past 14 years cultivating one of the most indelible and reliable brands in electronic music.
There is also Kompakt-related precedence in Mayer's podcast for us: RA.335 continues in the lineage of his revered trio of Immer mixes, where the narrative was king and "emotive" was the watchword.

01. Tin Man - Falling Acid
02. Smallpeople - Little River
03. Progetto Tribale - Behaviour
04. Matthew Herbert - It's Only (DJ Koze Remix)
05. Dntel - Jitters (Robags Emmens Worsch Mix)
06. Blue Fields - The Hive (Nothing To Hide) (Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts Remix)
07. DJ Tennis, Pillowtalk - The Outcast
08. JOBE - Got Me
09. Portable feat. Lcio - A Process (Flutramental Version)
10. Michael Mayer - Roses
11. Django Django - Hail Bop (Daniel Avery Remix)
12. Kuniyuki - Earth Beats (Magazine Remix)
13. John Tejada - Orbiter (Simian Mobile Disco Mix Version 2)
14. Coma - My Orbit
13. Connan Mockasin - Forever Dolphin Love
14. Terrapin - Cirrus Minor
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RA.336 Dusk + Blackdown
Genre: Dubstep, UK Garage
160 kbps | 64:10 min

Wherever the next major development in UK club music springs from, you can bet Dusk + Blackdown will be among the first to know about it. The pair's monthly show on London's Rinse FM is a dedicated platform for fresh production talent, with an expressed aim of seeking out coherence among the UK's fast-paced and fractured scene. Blackdown (AKA Martin Clark) works towards similar aims as a journalist. He's known as one of the foremost documenters of the "hardcore continuum," charting the evolution of grime and dubstep from their earliest forms, and helping to break acts like Wiley, Burial and Dizee Rascal. Dusk + Blackdown's Keysound Recordings serves as a further outpost for these innovative endeavours. The label has been bubbling under since 2005, releasing a thrilling stream of music from artists like LHF, LV, Sully and Damu. The last major offering from the imprint came from Dusk + Blackdown themselves: Dasaflex, the duo's third album, weaves together their sprawling range of interests on an LP that sounds nothing like anything else out there.
On RA.336 Dusk + Blackdown look firmly to the future. New names like Wen, Beneath and Visionist bump up against the best of Keysound and the pair's favourite established players.

01. Dusk + Blackdown feat. Farrah - Lonely Moon (Android Heartbreak) (Demo Version)
02. Beneath - Prangin'
03. Beneath - Blonde
04. Double Helix - LDN VIP
05. Logos - King Mob VIP
06. 86 Baby - Word Of Mouth
07. Wen - Road
08. Wen - Nightcrawler
09. Wen - Persian
10. Dusk + Blackdown - We Ain't Beggin'
11. Balistiq Beats feat. Jamakabi - Concrete Jungle (Yardman Riddim) (Beneath Remix)
12. Blackdown - Apoptosis
13. Visionist - Dangerous
14. Walton - Cool It VIP
15. Gremino - Rupi VIP
16. Logos - Error 808
17. Blackdown - Ridge
18. Walton - All Night
19. Cooly G - Trying
20. Seany B - Klambu refix
21. Mella Dee - Confetti
22. Dusk + Blackdown - Dasaflex
23. Mista Men feat. Detboi - I Move Closer
24. Funkystepz - Royal Rumble
25. Champion - 1994
26. Blackdown - Wicked Vibez
27. Logos - Kowloon
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RA.337 Ø [Phase]
Genre: Techno
160 kbps | 67:50 min

Ashley Burchett is a London producer whose work has featured in the bags of full-throttled techno DJs since 2000. Those who checked our recent Label of the Month feature on Belgian label Token will know that Burchett came on board with the imprint in 2007 and has made it his exclusive home ever since. Burchett has largely pushed a fast-paced, rolling sound, one that often evokes the more shadowy corners of Jeff Mills' Purpose Maker series. Token marked its fifth birthday at the start of 2012 with Burchett's relentless Binary Opposition, a release that would be remixed later in the year by an eye-catching selection of modern techno's finest - Ben Klock, Peter Van Hoesen, Planetary Assault Systems, Sigha. Burchett arguably outdid himself with Behind the Sun late last month, running from delicate intensity through to full-bore attack mode.
You get all of the aforementioned Ø [Phase] tracks on RA.337 along with unreleased material and new guard names like Shifted, DVS1 and Truncate.

01. Stanislav Tolkachev - Building Peaks
02. Shifted - Gates
03. Steven Brown - Polar
04. Martin H & Samuel L Sessions - The Leap
05. Marcel Dettmann - Bleep 5
06. Ø [Phase] - Behind The Sun
07. Forward Strategy Group - Applied Generics
08. Ads - Transversal
09. Ø [Phase] - The Chasedown
10. Dax J & G Wild - Revok (Ø [Phase] remix)
11. Truncate - Pad Mode
12. B & R - Afterlife
13. Psyk - RDNM
14. John Thomas – Psycho Groove
15. Developer & Truncate - Diffraction (Jonas Kopp Remix)
16. Ø [Phase] - Binary Opposition (Process 1)
17. P.A.S. - Sucktion
18. Robert Hood - A Time To Rebuild
19. Steve Bicknell - Lost Recordings 5 (B1)
20. DVS1 - Evolve
21. Developer - Dirty Drive (Shifted Remix)
22. Chris Page - Decoy (Blawan Remix)
23. Ø [Phase] – (unreleased)
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RA.338 Apollonia
Genre: Disco, House, Techno
160 kbps | 85:55 min

Apollonia is a label and DJ collective comprising Dyed Soundorom, Dan Ghenacia and Shonky. Rising from the ashes of Ghenacia's Freak n' Chic at the beginning of 2012, the trio endeavoured to build a platform for their shared musical vision — something Soundorom articulated as "a mix of white soul and black music" earlier this year. What that usually means for the dance floor is house music with a focus on groove, with an equal amount of emphasis placed on the past and the present. DC-10 in Ibiza has been a stronghold for their sound this past summer. The trio has played back-to-back-to-back regularly, with a semi-strict policy of spinning one record apiece. Their relationship with the club is actually long held: Ghenacia has been a resident since 2001, while Soundorom joined during 2010 in the same capacity. Shonky has been playing regularly for two years now.
Recorded at the end of the Ibiza season, the trio approached their mix for us in exactly the same manner as their club sets, resulting in a perfect 85-minute encapsulation of the dynamic trio. Apollonia will keep the joint sets rolling into 2013, starting out at BPM Festival in Mexico where they'll all make their debuts at the event.

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RA.339 October
Genre: Deep House, Tech House
160 kbps | 93:00 min

Lazily lumped in with the UK's dubstep/bass music scenes, Bristol's Jules Smith has in fact been crafting top-shelf house music for over five years. His operations in the genre predate his hometown's more recent fascination with the sound, evidenced by music on his own (now seemingly defunct) Caravan imprint and releases for Ripperton's Perspectiv. Smith has appeared to keep an open ear at all times, absorbing influences in a contemporary sense while jumping in the studio regularly with an array of collaborators — Appleblim, Will Saul, Borai. It's with his most recent partner, Berlin's John Osborn, that Smith seems to have settled into something like a steady groove. The pair recently began the TANSTAAFL (There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch) imprint, and through their DJ sets and 12-inches have been finding kinship with New York/New Jersey deep house practitioners like Fred P, Joey Anderson, Anthony Parasole and Levon Vincent. TANSTAAFL 003 — featured here with the excellent "Transcending Biology" — puts its own distinctive spin on the group's impossibly smoky aesthetic.
It's taken us a little longer than usual to release Smith's mix, but that's actually allowed us to properly soak up what we reckon might just be one of the better house and techno mixes of 2012.

01. Che - The Incident (Wet Dream Mix)
02. DJ Qu - Movements
03. October - Gate 2 Yesterday
04. October / Osborn - Trancending Biology
05. Omar S - Busaru Beats
06. John Osborn - Epoch 4 (Version)
07. Unknown Artist - Brotherhood
08. Aubrey - Vortex Two
09. October - Planet Of Minds
10. Joey Anderson - 3200BC
11. Ra.H & Dynamo Dreesen - Spacepops (Donato Dozzy Rework)
12. Spektor - Pipe Bomb
13. XDB - Recago
14. DJ Spider - N.A.S.A. Deception
15. TSC - Escape
16. October - Goddess Is Woman (Unreleased Dubplate)
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RA.340 Art Department
Genre: Tech House
160 kbps | 85:30 min

It's been pretty much impossible to overlook the impact of Art Department these past couple of years. Toronto veterans Jonny White and Kenny Glasgow first came together under the name in 2010 and immediately demanded attention: "Without You," the pair's sludgy ode to heartache for Crosstown Rebels, became a ubiquitous anthem, ending up as RA's track of the year. Any suspicion of a one-hit wonder scenario was quickly put to rest with The Drawing Board. The debut Art Department album, released in early 2011 on Crosstown, marked them out as leading proponents of the slow, bass-focussed house sound that was dominating the global club scene. With a springboard in place, Art Department began to tour. Extensively. As touched on below, they've played something like 130 gigs this year, and pulled off a similar number in 2011. The success of their recorded music has a lot to do with this figure, but if you've caught them at any point over the last couple of years you'll know that White and Glasgow rock parties like experts.
We're happy, then, to be able to present the more darkened underbelly of the Art Department sound. The regular hallmarks — low-slung bass, creeping vocals — are in place on RA.340, but it's an overall deeper message that's conveyed.

[00] Brian Eno - Lizard Point [Virgin]
[02] Art Department - It's Common Situation
[09] Tin Man - Falling Acid [Keys Of Life - LIFE 12IN-17]
[14] ?
[26] Interceptor - Together (Original Dub) [In The House/Defected]
[32] Will Saul & Tam Cooper - Hi Lo (Art Department Remix) [Simple - 114950]
[38] ?
[44] DJ Hell - The Angst (Zander VT Edit) [Embassy Of]
[50] ?
[59] Prosumer - The Craze (Dub Mix) [Playhouse - PLAY 105]
[69] Jonny White - Rainsong (Rainbeats) [No 19 - 018A]
[75] ?
[82] Brian Eno - Lizard Point [Virgin]
[83] ?
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Благодарю за частичную расшифровку плей-листа микса от арт департа. smile.gif
А сам микс очень крутой, как я уже и писал в топике испонителя.
Art Department любят Брайана Ино.-) Крутой подкаст. Интересна версия (ремикс?) Massive Attack - Angel

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