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RA.346 Jerome Sydenham
Genre: Deep House, Tech House
160 kbps | 58:13 min

Nigerian-born Jerome Sydenham has been involved with music in one form or another since the mid-'80s. He found his feet in the industry after moving to New York City, holding down a residency at an up-market celebrity hang-out called Nell's. After a stint doing A&R at Atlantic Records — a long-held ambition of his at the time — he grew disillusioned with major label culture and left to set-up his own imprint, Ibadan. 17 years and well over 100 releases later, it's safe to say he made the right move. Some of the city's best house artists — Kerri Chandler, Dennis Ferrer, Joe Claussell — became regulars in the Ibadan discography, while Sydenham's own prodigious work-rate, not to mention hits like "Sandcastles" and "Timbuktu" (alongside Ferrer), ensured his own place in the annals of NYC house.
The more recent chapter of the Sydenham story could be titled "techno." After relocating to Berlin around 2007, Sydenham found himself increasingly drawn to the sound, formalizing his fascination with transmissions for labels like CLR and Drumcode, and collaborating with Function of Sandwell District. It's a case of past, present and future on RA.346, a mix that brings to bear all sides of Sydenham, with the veteran editing the majority of what's on offer.

01. Kee Lo - Sad Soul (Baffa Jones' Vocal Destruction Dub - Jerome Sydenham Special Edit)
02. Klic & Lokiboi - Slow Down (Frank Booker Remix)
03. Kerri Chandler - Atmosheric Beats
04. Julien Sandre - Time 2 Dance (Jerome Sydenham Remix)
05. Ferrer & Sydenham Inc. - Timbuktu (Pan-African Electro Beats)
06. Jonas Kopp - Green Fingers
07. Computer vs. Nummern - Feos (Special Edit)
08. Jerome Sydenham & Katsuya Sano feat. Argy - Encore
09. Wax - Wax 30303B (Original - Jerome Sydenham Edit)
10. Surgeon - Atol (Original - Jerome Sydenham Edit)
11. Jerome Sydenham & Katsuya Sano - Mud Sweat
12. Psyk - Track 3 (Original Jerome Sydenham Edit)
13. Steve Poindexter - Computer Madness (Function Remix)
14. Octave One - New Life (Instrumental)
15. Ane Brun - Sleeping By The River Fryis (Jerome Sydenham Remix)
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RA.347 Subb-an
Genre: Deep House, Tech House
160 kbps | 88:00 min

DC10's brand of back-to-basics clubbing has been an ongoing source of inspiration for DJs and promoters this past decade, and so it was for Subb-an and Below. The party, founded alongside friends Adam Shelton and Lee McDonald in 2005, wore its relaxed, Sunday afternoon credentials on its sleeve, bringing the likes of Loco Dice, Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler and Sven Väth to the Rainbow pub in Birmingham. It proved to be a launch pad for Subb-an. The reputation he gained as Below's resident was further enhanced when he started making groove-heavy, club-tailored house for labels like Leftroom and Immigrant. In 2010, Below grew an unofficial label arm with the formation of One Records, a joint venture between Subb-an and Adam Shelton. Since then Subb-an has spread his wings a little more — Saved, Spectral, Culprit, 20:20 Vision and Crosstown Rebels have all played host — while his DJ bookings have increased exponentially, landing him among our top 100 DJs of 2012 at a very respectable #78.
His RA podcast, as he explains below, has been a year in the making, a 90-minute encompassment of all that is Subb-an.

[00] ID
[02] Tazz - Underground 07 (Bonus Track) [Tsuba - CD 013]
[06] MR G - Mango Came Round? [Rekids - 011DA]
[09] Nina Kraviz feat. King Aus On The Mic - Aus (Matthew E 'Radio Slave' Remix) [Rekids - 064]
[14] Square Mode - The Wheel (Red Rack'Em Remix) [Rebirth]
[20] FaltyDL - Hardcourage [Ninja Tune - ZENDNLS 321]
[24] ID
[31] System Of Survival - Genny Casanova [BPitch Control - BPC 251]
[37] Mount Kimbie - William (Tama Sumo & Prosumer Remix) [Hotflush - HFRMX 007]
[43] Nyra - Configure 8 [Secretsundaze - SECRET 006]
[48] Terrance Mcdonald - Mind Over Matter (New Mix) [MOS - DEEP 003]
[52] Eddie Richards - Someday [Soco - 002]
[58] Jeanm - Undo Zero Degrees (John Dimas Double You Remix) [Deep Department - BDD 002]
[61] Brett Johnson & Dave Barker - Stucco Homes (D 12 Inch Edit) [Classic]
[66] QUS - My Doomed Piano Examination (Summed & Dot Extreme Re-Edit) [250 Digital - 250RECD 015]
[70] Itamar Sagi - Selio [Be As One - BAO 020]
[73] Wax 30003 - B Side [Wax - WAX 30003]
[76] Subb-an Feat. Seth Troxler - Time
[84] Ricardo Villalobos - 808 The Bass Queen [Lo-Fi Stereo ‎- LOFI STEREO 028]
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RA.348 Zenker Brothers
Genre: Techno
160 kbps | 60:00 min

Dario and Marco Zenker's roots in Munich club culture run deep. Marco's aunt, Dorle Zenker, was one of the figures behind Ultraschall, the revered Munich club which was considered to be the first of its kind in the city, and now runs Rote Sonne. At 16 years old, Dario heard his first techno record through Anthony "Shake" Shakir, who was staying at his stepdad's place after a gig. He made his debut at the club a couple years later, and went on to secure a residency at Harry Klein circa 2006, a few years after Ultraschall closed its doors. As for Marco, he learned about techno hearing his brother play at Harry Klein.
There have been variations on the theme over the years, but techno has formed the spine of the Zenkers' productions, either solo or in tandem. Dario's discography began in 2006, and since then he's appeared regularly on labels like Esperanza, Time To Express and Frozen Border, for whom he produced four 12-inches as #.4.26. Marco, meanwhile, has been busiest on Ilian Tape, a label the brothers launched in 2007 with their friend Mueller. The imprint isn't exclusively a platform for the Zenkers' output, but in truth, it's been their own singles like "Berg 10" and Marco's "Black Box" that have really shone.
RA.348 is a live jam from the duo made up entirely of new and unreleased material, some of which is untitled at this point (hence the lack of a tracklist), some of which is due out soon on Tresor. In either case, it's killer.

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can anyone re-up the RA Top 50 tracks of 2012 please, none of the links upthread work for me. it'd be greatly appreciated !
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RA.349 Samuel Kerridge
Genre: Techno, Noise, Experimental, Dark Ambient
160 kbps | 70:50 min

When Samuel Kerridge's first EP came out on Horizontal Ground last September, Angus Finlayson called him "perhaps the most singular talent the label has yet exposed." It's not hard to see why — with its bleak imagery and dilapidated rhythms, Aurus Interna is an extraordinarily bold debut release. It's also a fitting introduction to Kerridge as an artist. Born in the UK but now based in Berlin, Kerridge grew up with a taste for house and techno that over time came to favor the dark and challenging side of things. When he's not DJing, producing or playing live, he organizes Contort, a series of Sunday afternoon experimental events at Mindpirates, a free arts space hidden down a back alley in Kreuzberg. With past guests like Christian Vogel, Milton Bradley and Sandra Electronics, it's one of the most musically adventurous things happening in the city.
Kerridge is currently building a nice momentum — he's got a record in the works for Downwards America, and just made his debut at Berghain during CTM. His RA podcast shows how he got here: with nearly 30 tracks from experimental and leftfield techno artists, all strung together with samples from his own productions, it's vivid, immersive and far from conventional.

01. Pan Sonic - Kertsilogia
02. Pan Sonic - Lhetys Transmission
03. Sawf - Sand#1
04. Roly Porter - Arrakis
05. Vromb - L'Homme Grenouille
06. Raime - Passed Over Trail
07. Demdike Stare - Regolith
08. Haxan Cloak - The Fall
09. Samuel Kerridge - Remove Yourself
10. Violetshaped - Anesthesia
11. Donato Dozzy - K
12. Northern Structures - Session 2
13. Cub - C U 1 (UST Remix)
14. Wicked Messenger - The Three-Eyed Fox
15. Powell - Search
16. James T. Cotton - Lojak Pt.4
17. Violetshaped - The Oven (Kangding Ray Remix)
18. Samuel Kerridge - Waiting For Love EP (Samples)
19. Ancient Methods - AM-2 A2
20. Shifted - Bloodless
21. Emptyset - Structure
22. Mike Parker - Moisture (Treatment 3)
23. Suum Cuique - Strohtopf
24. Perc - My Head Is Slowly Exploding (Ancient Methods Remix)
25. Shackleton - Tin Foil Sky
26. Regis - Blinding Horses
27. Vatican Shadow - Jordanian Descent (Guantanamo Military Commissions)
28. Sunn 0))) + Boris - N.L.T
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Does anyone have the "RA.116 Gerd Janson" podcast by any chance?... Back from 2008....
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RA.350 PillowTalk
Genre: Deep House, Nu Disco, Tech House
160 kbps | 56:18 min

"Sammy on vocals. Mikey on laptop. Ryan on keys. The lineup alone should tell you that San Francisco's PillowTalk do things a little differently." This is how we introduced PillowTalk back in December upon their #11 entry in our top live acts poll. The position reflected a year in which the trio went from an up-and-coming US act in to a globally in-demand force, playing upwards of 70 shows across five continents. Their trademark spin on traditional club music has been the driving force behind this ascent. R&B, disco, soul and boogie mesh with house music in vein of the Wolf + Lamb and Life and Death labels, both of whom have released their music.
"Something old and something new" is the vibe on PillowTalk's Valentines mix for us; this is music for lovers, shot through with a modern dance floor pulse.

01. PillowTalk - Intro
02. Blood Orange feat. Erika Forster Spring - Huge Quit Pt. 2
03. Sarp Yilmaz - Marvinizer
04. Chris Malinchak - So Good To Me
05. Tanner Ross feat. Jules Born - Frequent Flyer
06. Mayer Hawthorne vs. PillowTalk feat. The Festivals - The Makings Of A Lover 'Edit'
07. Metronomy - Loving Arm (Prins Thomas Diskomiks Remix)
08. David Ruffin - It's Not That I Don't Love You (Soho 808 Edit)
09. PillowTalk - The Real Thing
10. Slove - If Only I Had
11. Onra & Quetzal - You Don't Have To Go
12. The Originals - Baby, I'm For Real
13. Brenton Wood - I'm The One Who Knows
14. Sam & Bill - For Your Love
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RA.351 Truss / MPIA3
Genre: Techno, UK Garage, Acid, House
160 kbps | 72:15 min

"Finding production processes that have just a kick drum, a hi-hat, a 303 and nothing else, and to be able to turn that into a six minute track that actually works, I've always found [that] fascinating," Tom Russell told Juno Plus earlier this year. He was speaking in reference to MPIA3, an alias he adopted last year to explore the outer limits of his sound through simple production means. As Truss, Russell has been producing varying forms of techno — either solo or in collaboration with Donor — since 2007. Perc Trax has been the primary outlet for his music during this time, with Russell's functional but always intriguing take on techno becoming a cornerstone of Ali Wells’ standout label. Hints of Russell's rave and hardcore roots can be traced in much of his work down the years, but it was in 2012, with the introduction of MPIA3, that they properly flourished. The gnarled stepper "Ganymede" as Truss served as a precursor, before three MPIA3 12-inches dropped in quick succession. The onus, it seemed, was very much on extremity: charged acid lines scarred Ely and Wttp for Ventress and Shifted’s Avian label, while Your Orders, a six-track EP for R&S, fused broken beats, distorted kicks and tons of attitude.
Russell stands among a currently thriving UK techno scene — AnD, Perc, Shifted, Regis, Surgeon, Karenn et al — and their shared sense of adventure courses through this mix, a roughneck trip through techno, electro, hardcore, acid and even a splash of progressive house.

01. Meibion - Calon
02. Neil Landstrumm - Night Train
03. Zebra Katz feat. Njena Reddd Foxxx - Ima Read
04. The Exaltics - Ten Days
05. STL - Your Turn
06. Chevel - Tense
07. Tripeo - Untitled #4
08. Jason Leach - Decomposed
09. Der Dritte Raum - Hale Bopp
10. The Conservatives - Loneliness
11. Donor - Us For Them
12. Alien Rain - Alienated 2A
13. Psyche - Unveiling The Secret
14. Tasha Killer Pussies - Babewash
15. Pilldriver - Pitch Hiker
16. EDMX - Cerberus / Dyewitness - Only If I Had One More
17. Matt Whitehead - A IsFor Acid (Perc Redux)
18. Boris Noiz - Omniforma
19. Radioactive Man - Uranium
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RA.352 Ital Tek
Genre: Footwork, Experimental, Hip-Hop, IDM, UK Garage
160 kbps | 59:50 min

Alan Myson's music often has the illusion of dual tempos. Depending on what you want from it, the sound of Ital Tek is either a swaggered 80 BPM head-nod or a frenetic 160 BPM hop. Nebula Dance, the 2012 album released through Planet Mu, has been his most concrete statement in this regard. Myson processed the rhythmic template of footwork and overlaid the types of fizzing melodies that have long been his speciality. Before the push-pull vibes his recent releases, Myson predominantly produced dubstep. Planet Mu put out the sub-focussed cYCLiCAL full-length in 2008, and he has remained a label regular ever since. Seeds of change were apparent when he returned to the full-length format in 2010 with Midnight Colour, a more contemplative and melodically-driven effort that sat somewhere between Flying Lotus-style experimental hip-hop and UK bass. These sonic shifts can also be traced via Atom River, the label Myson launched in 2009 that has thus far released four 12-inches.
Ital Tek performances could accurately be described as a live show, although he is fond of dropping other producers' tracks, as he does here with aplomb on RA.352. The set comprises 70 percent his own material, with no less than five new and unreleased tracks included alongside the likes of Om Unit and Dawn Day Night.

01. Ital Tek - Zero
02. Om Unit - Gamma
03. Ital Tek - Hyper Real
04. ASC - Karma (Chrissy Murderbot Remix)
05. Ital Tek - Untitled
06. Debruit - Ouest Wind's Seagulls (Mweslee Remix)
07. Ital Tek - Untitled
08. Ital Tek - The Flood
09. DQ - Yeh Boo
10. Ital Tek - Froze Up
11. Ital Tek - Untitled
12. Ital Tek - Gonga
13. Dawn Day Night - Voodoo Vibes
14. Ital Tek - Glokk
15. Ital Tek - Intercruise
16. Ital Tek - Discontinuum
17. Ital Tek - Human Version
18. DJ Earl - Hit Da Bootz
19. Reso - Coronium (Doshy Remix)
20. Ital Tek - Hyper Real (Deft Remix)
21. Ital Tek - Re Entry
22. Deft - Just Drive
23. Nuage - Prints Of You (Ital Tek Remix)
24. Ital Tek - Nebula Dance
25. Ital Tek - The Flood (Throwing Snow Remix)
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RA.349 - Samuel Kerridge

Quality - 320 kbps

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RA.339 - October

Quality - 320 kbps

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Model 500 - Starlight (Moritz Mix) FLAC
Kevin McPhee - Version One FLAC
Citizen - Glastique FLAC
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RA.353 Dense & Pika
Genre: Tech House
160 kbps | 61:45 min

The sharper viewers who caught Hotflush's Boiler Room takeover a couple of weeks back might have recognized the two figures who stepped up to perform as Dense & Pika. Chris Spero, the bespectacled gentleman on the left of the frame, is otherwise known as UK house and techno producer Glimpse; beside him was Alex Jones, Hyperolour co-founder and producer in his own right. The 45-minute live set was an uncompromising succession of warehouse techno bangers. Spero programmed beats on a 909, while Jones punched in samples and melodies. Their performance seemed like an indication of their aims and methods as Dense & Pika: since their anonymous white label series surfaced in mid-2011, the name has been shorthand for jammed-out, club-ready techno. You could see anything on the series' four 12-inches working a floor, but of particular note has been "Bad Back," Cartoon Heart" and "31." The latter was re-released by Hotflush alongside two new productions at the end of last year, with the promise of more material to come in 2013.
The pair will be joining us on RA's Dimensions Festival stage in early September (more details to follow). In the meantime, tide yourself over with this full-throttled, 31-track beast.

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