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я вообще то не большой поклонник техно, но этот сборник совсем неплох
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RA.365 FunkinEven
Genre: Acid, House, Techno
160 kbps | 59:05 min

FunkinEven has been spending a lot of time in the studio with Kyle Hall recently, and it's not hard to see why: the two producers' shared love for weird and rough-hewn house makes them seem like transatlantic doppelgängers. But FunkinEven, born Steven Julien, had distinguished himself long before he teamed up with Hall as FunkinEvil. He first emerged as a member of the Eglo stable, turning heads with off-kilter tracks like "She's Acid" and "Phone Line," his collaboration with Fatima, then kept the momentum going with own label, Aapron Records, whose latest 12-inch just dropped earlier this month. Tying all his work together is a singular trademark sound, which you get a healthy dose of in this mix: hazy and sometimes leftfield, but always playful and unfussy.

01. Funkineven - Roman Species
02. Funkineven - The Joker
03. Funkineven - Dracula
04. Funkinevil - Igno
05. Greg Beato - Respect The 78
06. KMFH - Spoof
07. Funkineven - Aviator
08. Delroy Edwards - The Fast Lane
09. Seven Davis Jr - One
10. Kyle Hall - The Architect
11. Kyle Hall - H Bomb
12. Funkineven - Ym2
13. Delroy Edwards - Drop Dead
14. MGUN - Nun
15. KMFH - Finnapop
16. Funkineven - Mars
17. Funkinevil - Outro
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RA.366 John Roberts
Genre: Deep House
160 kbps | 50:15 min

Since releasing his first record five years ago, US artist John Roberts has remained inimitable. You'll notice big differences between Glass Eights, his debut album, and Fences, its recent follow-up, but the guts of Roberts' sound have remained unchanged—a singular, patchwork style of house composition that tugs on the heartstrings but still feels cerebral. In fact, the term "house" is a little reductive in Roberts' case. For every soaring dance floor track like "Porcelain," there's a velvety experimental cut such as "Paper Frames." Fences sits in the sweet spot between these approaches. The album is led by Roberts' love of delicate melodies, but his beats have never felt more rickety and left-of-centre.
Roberts' DJ sets usually draw heavily from classic house, but RA.366 hews more to the shadowy style of his own productions.

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VA - RA Top 50 For May 2013

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Artist: VA
Title: RA Top 50 For May 2013
Genre: Tech House, Deep House, Nu Disco
Quality: 320 kbps


01. Psyk - Arcade (Original Mix)
02. Breach - Jack (Original Mix)
03. Tale Of Us - Another Earth (Original Mix)
04. Detroit Swindle - That Freak Stuff (Original Mix)
05. Waze & Odyssey - Please Don?t Dance (Detroit Swindle?s Basement Dub)
06. Kolsch - Goldfisch (Original Mix)
07. Alex Arnout feat. Tyree Cooper - One Nation (Tristan De Cunha remix)
08. Mark Broom - Two (Original Mix)
09. Adam Port - Black Noise (&me remix)
10. Philip Bader - Crazy (Original Mix)
11. Glimpse - True South (Original Mix)
12. Leftwing & Kody - Lost (Original Mix)
13. Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams - Get Lucky (Original Mix)
14. Headless Ghost - Basik Fire (Original Mix)
15. Dusky - Nobody Else (Original Mix)
16. Iron Curtis - Horses (Move D remix)
17. Fred P - Project 05 (Original Mix)
18. Roman Flugel - More & More & More (Original Mix)
19. Radio Slave - Tantakatan (Mr G?s Nightwatch dub)
21. Lauhaus & Onno - Blue Cult (Original Mix)
22. Delta Funktionen - Onkalo (Karenn remix)
23. Legowelt - Elementz of Houz Music (Actress Mix 1)
24. Alex Arnout feat. Tyree Cooper - One Nation (Original Mix)
25. Makam - Lion King (Original Mix)
26. Luna City Express - Magic Bazar (Original Mix)
27. Edu Imbernon & Los Suruba - Fayer (Original Mix)
28. Gary Beck - Video Siren (Original Mix)
29. Daze Maxim - Farbfilm (Original Mix)
30. Rosco Sledge - Frisson (Original Mix)
31. Bonobo - Cirrus (Original Mix)
32. Dansson & Marlon Hoffstadt - Shake That (Original Mix)
33. Bicep - Stash (Original Mix)
34. Ten Walls - Gotham (Original Mix)
35. Detroit Swindle - Sometimes (Original Mix)
36. Andhim - Hausch (Original Mix)
37. Mathew Jonson - Automaton (Original Mix)
38. Herva - Snow And Clouds (Original Mix)
39. Patrick Topping - Walk On (Original Mix)
40. Urulu - Never Again (Original Mix)
41. Motor City Drum Ensemble - Send a Prayer Pt. 2 (Original Mix)
42. Shlomi Aber - The Doppler (Original Mix)
43. Mathias Kaden - Pitched (Original Mix)
44. Jimpster - Rollergirl (Original Mix)
45. KMFH - The Boat Party (Original Mix)
46. Florian Kupfer - Feelin (Original Mix)
47. Alejandro Paz - El House (Original Mix)
48. Justin Jay - Static (Original Mix)
49. J. Tijn - I.P.S (Original Mix)
50. Orphx - Vanishing Point (Original Mix)


а можно на другой обменник? хотя бы аплоад, ну а лучше зиппу
Таки да, можно было бы, на более привлекательные обменники залить.

Может так не делают, не пинайте сильно. Но первую ссылку, что я нашёл и сейчас качаю, даю вам. Может понадобится. Всем мир! cool.gif

Только вот список отличается... Вот тот, на который ссылка выше

House, Techno | VA
320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 01-05-2013 | 05:29:06 | 756 Mb

1. Tale Of Us – Another Earth (Original Mix)
2. Dusky – Nobody Else (Original Mix)
3. Shlomi Aber – The Doppler (Original Mix)
4. Breach – Jack (Original Mix)
5. Headless Ghost – Basik Fire (Original Mix)
6. Isolee – Allowance (Original Mix)
7. Makam – Lion King (Original Mix)
8. Ali Love feat Kali – Emperor (Maceo Plex Last Disco remix)
9. Alison Marks – Descendance (Original Mix)
10. Adam Port – Black Noise (&me remix)
11. Sidney Charles – Jack On The Rocks (Original Mix)
12. Alex Magno & Antonio Del Prete – Forever Young (Original Mix)
14. Burnski – Lost In The Zoo (The Martinez Brothers Bronx Zoo remix)
15. Daze Maxim – Farbfilm (Original Mix)
16. Minilogue – Clouds and Water (Rrose remix)
17. Daze Maxim – Farbfilm (Original Mix)
18. Ben Sims – Something (Truncate remix)
19. Voices from the Lake – Reptilicus (Original Mix)
20. Danny Daze – The Calm (Original Mix)
21. Mihai Popoviciu – Call me (Original Mix)
22. Subb-an & Tom Trago feat. Seth Troxler – Time (Original Mix)
23. Motor City Drum Ensemble – Send A Prayer Pt. 2 (Original Mix)
24. Four Tet – For These Times (Original Mix)
25. Sawf – Skotos (Henning Baer remix)
26. Stanislav Tolkachev – Heartbeat (Original Mix)
27. Bicep – Stash (Original Mix)
28. Maceo Plex – Galactic Cinema (DJ-Kicks)
29. Radio Slave – Tantakatan (Mr. G’s Nightwatch Dub)
30. Container – Treatment (Original Mix)
31. Oscar Mulero – Intentionally False (Shifted remix)
32. Claptone – No Eyes feat Jaw (Original Mix)
33. Bicep – Rise (Original Mix)
34. Midland – Trace (Original Mix)
35. Citizen – So Submissive (Original Mix)
36. Roberto Capuano – Vertigo (Original Mix)
37. Hot Since 82 & Habischman – Leave Me (Original Mix)
38. Dansson & Marlon Hoffstadt – Shake That (Original Mix)
39. David Keno ft. HRRSN – A Compliment (Gorge remix)
40. Nora en Pure – Come With Me (Original Mix)
41. Recondite – Cleric (Original Mix)
42. Amirali – Melancholia (Original Mix)
43. Adam Port – Black noise (KiNK Live Mix)
44. Abstract Division – Fierce Tension (Shifted remix)
45. Footprintz – Uncertain Change (Maceo Plex Reconception remix)
46. German Brigante & Samuel Dan – Sweet Home (Original Mix)
48. Jonas Kopp – Desire (Original Mix)
49. Sidney Charles – Jack On the Rocks (Santés 90s House Jam remix)
50. Mihai Popoviciu – Here (Original Mix)

Может кто растолкует?

Друзья, что бы исправить положение, я нашёл рабочие ссылки на

VA - Resident Advisor Top 50 For May 2013
320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | May 2013 | 05:29:53 | 755.12 Mb
House, Techno | Resident Advisor






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RA.367 James Holden
Genre: Techno, Experimental, IDM
160 kbps | 78:30 min

It's been a rough few years for fans of James Holden. Since releasing his debut album, The Idiots Are Winning, in 2006, the UK producer's output has totalled a DJ Kicks mix and the music he produced for Kate Wax's 2011 album Dust Collision. Holden has also busied himself with running his label, Border Community, and DJing. But the news of Holden's forthcoming second album, The Inheritors, was welcomed as his return. This dearth of music had not dented Holden's reputation as one of electronic music's most gifted producers. He boldly explored melody and glitch across his mid-'00s output, writing classics like "A Break in The Clouds" and his remix of Nathan Fake's "The Sky Was Pink," while in turn Border Community fostered a family of artists that shared a similar sensibility but each brought something different to the table.
Holden has long taken cues from Germany's pioneering electronic music acts of the '60s and '70s, and the sound The Inheritors is very much in the spirit of seminal krautrock acts like Tangerine Dream and Can. RA.367 was mixed as a "companion piece" to the record, bringing together artists who in one way or another affected its composition.

01. Animal Collective - Pride And Fight
02. Sidesleeper - Monument
03. Peter Gordon & Factory Floor - Beachcombing
04. Holden - A Circle Inside A Circle Inside
05. Craig Leon - ?
06. Ame - Erkki
07. Issa Bagayogo - Kouloun
08. Torn Hawk - A Piece Of The Story
09. Andy Stott - Luxury Problems
10. 2562 - Nocturnal Drummers
11. Jonas Reinhardt - Semazen Salem
12. Nathan Fake - Fortunebrew
13. Atoms For Peace - Before Your Very Eyes...
14. Chris Carter - Interloop
15. Martial Canterel - Phantom
16. Holden - Rannoch Dawn (tool)
17. Pharaoh Sanders - The Gathering
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Понравилось. Глоток свежего воздуха
Я модерирую когда захочу.
Растет мужик. Крайне любопытно посмотреть как он видоизменится лет через десять.
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RA.368 Luke Hess
Genre: Detroit Techno
160 kbps | 79:45 min

Music styles come and go, but Detroit keeps chugging along. Luke Hess is the perfect example of this. A Motor City lifer, he grew up immersed in its underground music scene. Since the mid-'00s, he's put that wealth of musical knowledge to work on a steady stream of EPs for labels both international (Kontra-Musik) and homegrown (FXHE, where he's one of the few regulars who's not Omar-S). All the while he's honed a uniquely dubby sound rather than follow trends. It reached its apex last year with Keep On, his FXHE-released, RA-Recommended second full-length. And he leant his studio knowhow to his longtime friend Omar-S by mixing down "I Just Want," a standout track from Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself.
The sound he favors in the studio is well reflected in his DJ sets, which pair the atmospherics of icy dub techno with buoyant rhythms that are anything but. He puts that style on display with RA.368, which winds its way through all sorts of deep techno textures. As Hess tells us below, the mix is about more than the records played: he's making a statement about the art of mixing itself.

01. Theorem - Shift
02. Marco Shuttle - … That's The Point
03. Cosmic Metal Mother - Time Is Now (Fingers Dub Mix)
04. Mike Huckaby - Sandcastle
05. Ron Jason - Cosmic Paradise (Larry Heard Underground Remix)
06. Choice - Acid Eiffel
07. Jesper Dahlback & Sebastien Ahrenberg - My World (Night Drive Mix)
08. Underground Resistance - Afrogermanic
09. Visitor feat. Mark Broom - Stop The Music
10. Robert Hood - Wandering Endlessly
11. Mike Parker - Inversion 6 (Donato Dozzy Remix)
12. Slap Lovers - Oberlead (Marco Zenker Remix)
13. DJ W!LD - Dream Of Me
14. Petar Dundov - Lily Wasp
15. Ness - Diagnostic Imaging
16. Conforce - Stop Hold
17. Iori - Magnetic
18. Rino Cerrone - Rilis 6
19. Octave One - Terraforming
20. Alexander Ross - Drift
21. Oasis - Oasis One
22. Luke Hess - Reflections
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RA.369 Sven Väth
Genre: Ambient, Balearic, Downbeat, Indie Rock
160 kbps | 85:19 min

Sven Väth isn't usually one for the subtlety. He seems most in his element onstage in front of thousands people, shirtless, dancing and dishing out the kind of raucous house and techno he helped make famous with Cocoon. Some 20 years into his DJ career, he still loses himself to the buzz of playing a club or a festival, and this endless enthusiasm is a big part of who he is.
But there's more to Väth than what you see onstage, and not least in terms of music. In his calmer moments, when the thud of Amnesia, Time Warp or one of his countless other gigs has receded, he unwinds to music of a different tempo: indie rock, ambient, balearic, downbeat, etc. It's this side of his taste that he explores on RA.369, hence the title: "Privado." Scroll down past the interview to find his personal notes in the tracklist.

01. Ursprung - In Aufruhr
"What I would call the most interesting ambient project at present is Urpsrung, AKA Hendrik Weber (Pantha Du Prince) & Stephan Abry."
02. Flying Lotus - Electric Candyman (feat. Thom Yorke)
"With Flying Lotus I opened my 'Boiler Room' set in December 2012 in Berlin and I played the latest album by this excellent sound/groove-inventor Until The Quiet Comes over and over again."
03. Clams Casino - Waterfalls
"Mike Volpe from New Jersey on the other hand is a new discovery, he already produces hip-hop beats for many stars and sounds quite promising."
04. John Talabot - Missing You
05. Andy Stott - Luxury Problems
06. Morphosis - Gates Of Night
07. John Tejada - Winter Skies
"John Tejada likewise belongs to those house & techno producers who know how to infuse depth and harmony into their music."
08. Roman Flügel - Song With Blue
"Roman Flügel is a personal friend and longtime companion (many years ago we produced the ambient song "Privado" together) and his album Fatty Folders on Dial was a highlight for me. Roman at the controls and on the piano — as good as it gets!"
09. múm - Hvernig Á Að Særa Vini Sína
10. Paarvoharju - Kevätrumpu
11. DJ Koze - NooOoo
"I mustn’t forget DJ Koze, our man of the hour! My friend and colleague from Hamburg whose red 7-inch vinyl NooOoo made me laugh but also got me into a mood for cuddling."
12. Sigur Rós - Ég Anda
13. Oval - Panorama
14. Nils Frahm - Familiar
15. Brian Eno - Speedpods
"The music of Brian Eno has accompanied me since the eighties, in particular Brian Eno and Harold Budd have kindled my love for ambient music with their numerous outstanding albums."
16. Peaking Lights - Hey Sparrow
17. Dead Can Dance - Amnesia
"Their latest album, Anastasis, has reawakened my pleasure in the mystic sounds of this Australian band."
18. CocoRosie - Trinity's Crying (Original Mix)
"These two are true all-rounders: music, theatre and art. What they do with their voices is at the same time strange and heavenly."[/SIZE]
19. Daniel Stefanik - Engtanz
20. Minilogue - Evaporera Ut Fran Sitt Ggmastalle
"The Swedes Minilogue will release their second album Blomma on Cocoon recordings very soon. This album is going to get right into your head, there is such complexity and depth in their sound."
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RA.370 Archie Pelago
Genre: Bass, Experimental, Future Garage, IDM, Jazz
160 kbps | 90:00 min

It'd be easy to pass Archie Pelago off as a gimmicky proof-of-concept. After all, you don't find many full-time reed players fronting electronic groups, and few live rigs require a flow chart to properly wrap your head around. (You can see it in action in Real Scenes: New York.) But once the needle drops, the particulars of their process fade away as their pillowy tones, winding melodies and sumptuous atmospherics take hold. Across music for small digital labels like Slime Recordings and more recent vinyl releases on Mister Saturday Night, Well Rounded and their own Archie Pelago Music, the Brooklyn trio has developed a sound that merges jazz, improvisation and experimental excursions with the thump of contemporary dance music. Greg Heffernan, Dan Hirshorn and Zach Koeber bonded over the latter after nights spent taking in house, techno and bass at local parties like TURRBOTAX®, but you sense it's the years of formal study in music performance that binds the project together.
They've put their constellation of influences—and unique approach to stitching them together—on display on RA.370. Featuring friends like Distal and Clay Wilson, less obvious favorites like Sandwell District, and plenty of their own material, it's 90 minutes of twisted tunes presented as only these three could.

01. Distal - Docking With The Station
02. Brandt Brauer Frick - Bop
03. Archie Pelago - Memos
04. Archie Pelago - Madame Suede Nightshade
05. Dino Sabatini - Vision Quest
06. Nina Kraviz - Ghetto Kraviz
07. Archie Pelago - Clammy Customer
08. 2nd Sun - Freeq The P
09. Maya Jane Coles - Little One
10. Sage Caswell - Buyerside
11. Archie Pelago - In The Room
12. Sandwell District - Grey Cut Out
13. Clay Wilson - Untitled 2
14. Archie Pelago – D's Diamonds
15. Archie Pelago - Nancy's Library
16. Archie Pelago - Sly Gazabo
17. Photek - Knitevision
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у свена супер неожиданный трэклист!
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RA.371 Black Coffee
Genre: Deep House
160 kbps | 90:00 min

How many DJs do you know who get mobbed on the street? Well, South Africa has many of them, and none more so than Nathi Maphumulo, AKA Black Coffee, the country's most widely recognised star. As we discovered in our Real Scenes: Johannesburg film earlier this year, South Africans are the biggest consumers of house music in the world, with a nationwide scene that stretches from tiny shebeens in townships to enormous festival stages. It's easy to see why Maphumulo has risen to the top. He produces music that transcends the dance floor — see "Superman," "Rock My World" or any other of his many hits — and his humble and hardworking demeanour has made him something of a role model in the country's rapidly developing scene.
He is, of course, also an excellent DJ. Like many of his compatriots, Maphumulo favours soulful, percussive house that embraces melody and vocals. His busy style — full of FX, fader tricks and loops — has influenced a generation of South African DJs, and he brings that flair to the table on RA.371.

01. Cosmic Gate feat. J Something - Over the Rainbow (Da Capo's Surreal Touch)
02. Black Coffee feat. Soulstar - Rock My World (EnaWadan Remix)
03. Nastee Nev feat. Mathabo Mohoali - Melodies Of Love
04. Glen Lewis - Ndiyo Ndiyo
05. Culoe de Song feat. Ternielle Nelson - Why Haven't I
06. Louie Vega feat. Johhny Dangerous - London Roots (Uhuru Remix)
07. Glen Lewis - Good One (Culoe de Song Remix)
08. Black Motion - Unknown
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RA.372 Akkord

Genre: Techno, Dubstep, Minimal, IDM
160 kbps | 56:39 min

It's been revealed that the Akkord project is headed up by Synkro & Indigo, which, if you're familiar with their music, makes total sense. Both solo and in tandem, Joe McBride and Liam Blackburn have spent the past five years turning out intelligently crafted bass music in a variety of vibrant shades. The Akkord name has similarly grown to be associated with complex rhythms and imposing bass weight. The journey began last year with a couple of limited-run vinyl releases (read Andrew Ryce's review of AKKORD001 here) and continued with Navigate, a standout four-track EP for Houndstooth, the high-flying label venture from London venue fabric. That release's title track is a good place to get a handle on Akkord: the mood is cold but engaging, and its clever drum programming puts it at an intersection between techno, bass music and IDM.

As explained below, an Akkord album is the works for Houndstooth, but ahead of that release we get RA.372, a near hour-long exploration of the duo's thrilling vision of club music.

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