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RA.416 Sandrien
Genre: Minimal, Techno
320 kbps | 88:00 min

Trouw in Amsterdam is one of Europe's best clubs, and Sandrien is one its best DJs. She's been playing music in the Dutch capital since 1999, and has established herself as one of the country's go-to techno DJs. For a long time she played alongside her friend Carlos Valdes—the pair ran a successful party together called MAD2 at Club 11, Trouw's predecessor and a bygone favourite in the city's rave community. In 2010, Trouw asked her to host a new monthly event. Sandrien named the party Imprint and set out to bring the best names in techno to Trouw. She has spent the last four years developing a confident style that draws from all shades of techno, something that's evident at her occasional all-night sets at Imprint. Sandrien has become a regular at the major European techno outposts, with Berghain, Corsica Studios and Concrete among her recent bookings. That she's only released a small handful of tracks—Haters for Darko Esser's Wolfskuil label being the most notable—shows the respect she commands as a selector.
With Trouw's closure looming on the horizon, Sandrien's excellent 90-minute mix for us feels especially significant. Recorded at the club one Friday afternoon, this session represents of one of Trouw's defining parties.

01. The Orb - A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre Of The Ultraworld (Loving You)
02. Robert Hencke - [_flicker]
03. Mas Teeveh - Premonition
04. Guillam - Quiescent Red
05. Jack Murphy - B1 Untitled
06. Efdemin - Solaris
07. Edit Select - Asperity Reprise
08. Mike Dehnert - Channeled
09. Alexey Volkov - Apperances
10. Tripeo - Kuebiko
11. Mattias Fridell - Procurators
12. Tobias. - Ya Po
13. Birth Of Frequency - The Soul
14. Gedevaan - Python Skin
15. Jonas Kopp - Drasma
16. Jerome - Rebound
17. Andres Florin - Faces (Vegim Remix)
18. Joton - Core
19. Phaser - The Game
20. Benny Rodrigues - The Choice Is Mine (Rødhåd Remix)
21. Hector Oaks - The Life I Choose
22. Tripeo - Anipintiros #8
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RA.417 Downliners Sekt
Genre: Dub Techno, Ambient, IDM, UK Garage
320 kbps | 55:00 min

Downliners Sekt are a Barcelona production duo who use misty atmospheres and clipped beats to convey their message. On Silent Ascent, Fabrizio Rizzin and Pere Solé's recently released third album, the group united a number of styles—dub techno, ambient, IDM, garage—under the same foggy aesthetic that has marked most of their work. In 2005 they stepped out with Statement Of Purpose, a full-length for dsekt[dot]com that was in the spirit of Warp acts such as Autechre; its follow-up, 2008's The Saltire Wave, was essentially a blend of post-rock and shoegaze, but their soupy approach to composition remained. And across a trio of EPs for the Spanish label Disboot, Rizzin and Solé wrote some of their most rhythmically deranged and experimental music, but, again, an overcast feel marked it out as the work of Downliners Sekt.
With this in mind, it's interesting that Rizzin and Solé below mention "DJ syndrome," the feeling that "you've created and produced all the tracks, when all you did really is to mix them together." Downliners Sekt have a way of making sounds their own, which is true of RA.417, a mix that stiches the group's tracks and textures through an improbable range of styles.

01. Vessel - Vizar + Downliners Sekt Praxis (Unreleased) Fre4knc - The Source + Downliners Sekt - Silent Ascent
02. Downliners Sekt - Etern + Indigo - Storm (Edit)
03. Tessela - Rough 2 + Downliners Sekt - Mayday (Unreleased)
04. Hodge - Amor Fati
05. A Made Up Sound - Fortress
06. Special Request - Forbidden
07. Ninos Du Brasil - Pandeiro Sinchinsà
08. Jeri Jeri - Leumbeul + Downliners Sekt - Untitled (Unreleased)
09. Goldie - Kemestrie (Justin Martin Remake )
10. Fre4knc - Tellurian
11. ENA - Realization
12. Forest Swords - Ljoss
13. Fis - Love Drama Stress + Bitchin' Bajas - Prismatic Reflections + Rihanna - Where Have You Been
14. Blondes - Aeon + Blondes - Bora Bora + Downliners Sekt - This American Life (Edit)
15. Nehuen & Nick Hook - How Y'all Feeling (Cardopusher E. Rave 93 Mix) + MIST vs. High Contrast - 3AM
16. El Mahdy Jr. - Phantomatik + Downlilners Sekt - The Killing (Unreleased)
17. DJ Luck & MC Neat - Ain't No Stoppin Us (Downliners Sekt Edit)
18. The Books - Thirty Incoming + Downliners Sekt - Hors Phase (Alternate Version) (Unreleased)
19. (Interlude) 24h Canal+ - Jungle And Drum & Bass In London
20. Downliners Sekt - Once Mercurial (Alternate Version)
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RA.418 Rødhåd
Genre: Techno
320 kbps | 94:15 min

A lot has changed for Rødhåd since we spoke with him last year. Back then, he was very much an emerging talent. Almost all of his DJ appearances were happening in or around his hometown of Berlin, with just a handful of international dates each year. He'd been a word-of-mouth favourite in the German capital's techno circles for some time, known for his long and expansive after-hours sets. These days, he's one of world's most in-demand techno DJs, often hitting more than five countries a month.
Behind the decks, Rødhåd's style is slick, loopy and hypnotic. It's a sound he developed playing extended sets in Berlin clubs, and when coupled with his deft mixing, it makes for some truly immersive moments. Despite his newfound acclaim, Rødhåd hasn't departed from the subtle, often melancholic tones of his early career. On his RA podcast, he demonstrates his trademark style of brooding hypnotism, delicately stitching peak-time cuts with poignant atmospherics.

01. SNTS - End I
02. Efdemin - Drop Frame
03. ID
04. Architectural - Witches' Dance
05. ID
06. Woo York - Acid Rain
07. Sanys - Dominance
08. Atom™ - Ich Bin Meine Maschine (Function Remix)
09. Ø [Phase] - Perplexed (Rødhåd's Extended Mix)
10. Rødhåd - Patient Zero (Function Remix)
11. ID
12. DVS1 - Traverse
13. Oscar Mulero - Cave
14. Levon Vincent - Invisible Bitchslap
15. Kitkatone - Remainder
16. Kobosil - Path
17. Benny Rodrigues - The Choice Is Mine (Rødhåd Remix)
18. S100 - Genesis
19. Prince Of Denmark - Your Body
20. Ilario Alicante - Wax Weapon (Rødhåd Remix)
21. Ben Sims - The Afterparty (Ben Klock Remix)
22. Santorini - Wax Not Wax (Conforce Remix)
23. ID
24. Antigone - Words Of Silences
25. ID
26. Tadeo - Latence State
27. Stefan Vincent - Elephant's Foot (Staffan Linzatti Remix)
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RA.419 Traxman
Genre: Juke / Footwork
320 kbps | 45:06 min

"You're now tuned into the motherfucking Traxman." Chicago producer Cornelius Ferguson—or Corky Strong—has been forging uptempo sounds like ghettotech, footwork and juke since the mid-'90s. He's a godfather of sorts to the modern footwork scene, but it's likely that most were introduced to him through his excellent 2012 Planet Mu debut Da Mind Of Traxman. The album felt like work of a wizened producer, but it still had the gritty edge of Ferguson's younger peers like Rashad, Spinn and Manny.
This year, Ferguson followed it up with a second volume. Tighter and more confident, Da Mind Of Traxman 2 is a landmark for the minimal side of footwork in the same way that Rashad's Double Cup showcased its more soulful dimension. Some tracks are composed of just one or two samples sliced and diced to face-melting extremes, an approach that carries over to his RA podcast. Heavy on his own tracks—including his unforgettable edit of Kraftwerk's "Computer Love"—it's mixed with a distinctive, quick-fingered flair.

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RA.420 Lone
Genre: Hip-Hop, House
320 kbps | 57:00 min

Instead of a biography on Lone's Discogs page there's a quote from the Warp artist Bibio. "I could spot a Lone track by hearing one or two bars," he says. This was written around the time of Lemurian, Matt Cutler's first album as Lone, but it's just as true today. Put simply, Cutler's music has always been upbeat. He started out making hip-hop on labels like Dealmaker and Werk Discs, and then later moved to a rave-influenced house sound—the rhythms have evolved, but his impossibly vibrant melodic palette has loosely stayed the same. On his standout tracks like "Once In A While," "Pineapple Crush," "Lying In The Reeds" and last year's "Airglow Fires," he took early UK dance music's most sun-drenched tropes and shot them through a modern lens. The ever on-point R&S Records took note, and in 2012 they released Galaxy Garden, Cutler's fourth album. This week its follow-up, Reality Testing, dropped through R&S, and it sees Cutler unite the old with the new: the record is a blend of house and hip-hop that's bound by Cutler's singular sense of nostalgia.
If you pick up the album (which we of course recommend) be sure to check RA.420 before hitting play. The mix spotlights the influences that fuelled Reality Testing, which means a humid hip-hop first half, and then smooth upswing into a house-led second part.

01. Kenji Kawaii - Unnatural City 2
02. Tha Alkaholiks - Killin' It
03. Mobb Deep - Temperature's Rising
04. Ghetto Concept - Much Love (Instrumental)
05. Pete Rock feat. Method Man - Half Man, Half Amazin'
06. Gangstarr feat. Inspektah Deck - Above The Clouds
07. Klear Soul Forces - Get No Better
08. Hieroglyphics - You Never Knew
09. Lone - 2 Is 8
10. Boards Of Canada - Opening The Mouth
11. Theo Parrish - Lost Angel
12. Urban Beat Dance - Urban Dust
13. Anthony Naples - Tusk
14. Seven Davis Jr - Celebrations (Funkineven Edit)
15. Brawther - Spaceman Funk (Deep Club Mix)
16. Brownstone Express - Metro
17. Omar S - Set It Out
18. Jtc - South Brooks
19. Greg Beato - Pma
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RA.421 Lena Willikens
Genre: Druggy Techno
320 kbps | 58:52 min

On her monthly slot on Cómeme radio, Lena Willikens introduces herself with a deadpan German accent and briefly explains the show's theme. She's recorded 19 of them so far, and the range of styles she's covered is vast. One time, she took a "musical excursion" that started in the Western Sahara and ended up in Lebanon, stopping in Ethiopia, Iran and Thailand along the way. Another week, she explored '70s music from African countries like Nigeria, Ghana and Burkina Faso, which followed a show that focussed on kosmische. At Salon Des Amateurs, the tiny spot in Düsseldorf where Willikens is a resident, she's spent the past five years feeding these influences into her club sets. She's gained a reputation as a DJ with a distinctive edge, and word has gradually begun to spread—Willikens now plays abroad at respected venues like Plastic People, ://about blank and Batofar.
But what is it about Willikens style that's so clearly distinguished her? It's tough to place, but on RA.421it seems to be a flair for freakiness. Every track—whether it's the 100 BPM beat-downs at the start, or the druggy techno near the end—has some little quirk or eccentricity that makes it pop. As the mix makes clear, she has both the skills and the record collection to become an underground favourite.

01. Tolouse Low Trax - Eisenbahnzunge
02. Auto Repeat - Mad Cow (Carl Craig Remix)
03. Shackleton - Freezing Opening Thawing
04. Khidja - Mustafa
05. 33.10.3402 - Cool Down
06. Streetwalker - Ooze
07. Montezumas Rache - Wu Du Wu
08. Phantom Horse - Fernando
09. Raudive - Visitor
10. Further Reductions - Death To The Beat
11. Red Axes - Candela
12. Streetwalker - Untitled
13. Philipp Gorbachev - What Do You Need
14. Salo Mentale - Golden Twilight
15. rRoxymore - Ministry Of Silly Talks
16. C.P.I. - Poceso (Barnt Remix)
17. Ekoplekz - Nerva Beacon
18. Hodge - Amor Fati
19. Mariah - Shinzo No Tobira
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barey, что такое драгги техно?..wink.gif
и нет ли очередного топ50?.. у меня последний за мартsad.gif

забыл добавить, что топы качаю через месяц, то бишь нужен за май...wink.gif а если несколько дней подождать, то лучше за июньwink.gif
barey, что такое драгги техно?..

это так RA назвали

и нет ли очередного топ50?

а стоит ли? 60% треков повторяется, вот я и приутих
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RA.422 Abdulla Rashim
Genre: Deep Techno
320 kbps | 69:20 min

Back in 2011, a young Swedish producer adopted the name Abdulla Rashim and started releasing music through an eponymous label he'd set up. "I like not having to be myself," he later told Dissolve. "I don't want my own name to be out there, or my own personality." Rashim instead created an identity through sound. His records explored techno's deepest, darkest spaces and came out on pitch-black labels like Prologue and Semantica. He also maintained a flow of 12-inches on his own label, a series that took its titles from Ethiopian cities he'd visited. Rashim's style became more distinct with each release—he increasingly explored irregular rhythms and his sound design sharpened; it was as if he more clearly understood what he wanted to say. Last month Rashim released Unanimity, his debut album, and the ideas he'd been playing with over the years became fully realised. The record came out on Northern Electronics, a label Rashim started last year to release other people's music, which was a further indication that the world he'd created around his alias was now fully formed.
In his RA review of Unanimity, Brian Kolada said that if "deep, hypnotic, adventurous techno is your thing, you shouldn't miss this one"—and the same is true of Rashim's RA podcast. It's a mix that requires your undivided attention, but once you're locked, it's easy to get lost in.

01. Ulwhednar - Midvinter 6
02. Älgarnas Trädgård - Två Timmar Över Två Blå Berg…
03. Råd Kjetil Senza Testa - Fel Tidslinje
04. Acronym - Untitled
05. Paddington Distortion Combo - Some Days
06. Dorisburg - Splade 2
07. Axel Hallqvist - Untitled
08. Älgarnas Trädgård - Två Timmar Över Två Blå Berg…
09. Abdulla Rashim - Mpho
10. Acronym - Untitled
11. Duo Senza Testa - Maskiner
12. Weltwirtschaft - Liv Arnesen
13. Evigt Mörker - Epikles
14. Abdulla Rashim - Untitled
15. Varg - Untitled
16. Älgarnas Trädgård - Två Timmar Över Två Blå Berg…
17. Axel Hallqvist - Untitled
18. Abdulla Rashim - Untitled
19. Ulwhednar - De 92 vita stenarna
20. Korridor - Dyson Sphere
21. Duo Senza Testa - Gud i Maskinen
22. Korridor - Taotast
23. Nobody Home - Waking Dream
24. Ulwhednar - I Evigheten I
25. Abdulla Rashim & Axel Hallqvist - Himmerfjärden
26. Weltwirtschaft - Perfect Organism
27. Abdulla Rashim - Untitled
28. Acronym - Hunt
29. Varg - Mandrake, The Headless Rider Of The North
30. Varg - Västra Skogen
31. Weltwirtschaft - Liv Arnesen
32. Korridor - Acolyitt
33. Nobody Home - Waking Dream
34. Varg - Norrlandsbrigad 69R
35. Duo Senza Testa - Maskiner
36. Lundin Oil - Assisting Genocide
37. Dorisbrug - Splade 1
38. Varg - The Sorcerous Transmutation
39. Abdulla Rashim - Untitled
40. Korridor – Somnolence
41. Korridor – Futurist
42. Råd Kjetil Senza Testa - Ny Ålder
43. SARS - ??????
44. Varg - Eriksville
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RA.423 Dusky
Genre: Deep House, Progressive House
320 kbps | 65:25 min

Since the beginning, Alfie Granger-Howell and Nick Harriman have made a habit of bridging worlds. Their earliest work on Anjunadeep split the difference between lush progressive house and UK bass music, with hits like "Lost Highway" and "Flo Jam" leading the charge. Since then, they've weaved various sonic threads through their sound, from techno to electro to the breakbeat influence you can just detect on Love Taking Over, the first EP on their new label, 17 Steps.
In that time, Dusky have become one of the biggest club acts on the planet, with one of the busiest touring schedules out there. The duo's RA podcast shows off their wide-ranging appeal, folding techno artists likes Slam, Truncate and Alex Smoke in with the heady broken beats of Benton and the usual deep house suspects. It's obvious that Dusky have been growing as DJs—this set goes from an amble to a sprint without batting an eye.

01. Anthony Phillips - Flamingo
02. T-Power vs. DJ Trace - Mutant Revisited
03. Igor Stravinsky - Symphonies of Wind Instruments (performed by Radio-Symphonie-Orchestra Berlin)
04. Dusky - Love Taking Over
05. Dave The Hustler, Evil C - Get Up (Julien Bracht's Industrial mix)
06. Vin Sol - Spoiled Exile
07. Fuckpony - Lost In Deep (Dusky edit)
08. Shawn Christopher, Mike 'Hitman' Wilson - Another Sleepless Night (Bassman Mix)
09. Paul Du Lac - Backstreet Boy
10. Velvit - Be So Cruel
11. Berend & Jeroen - Quintage Acid
12. Ampers& - Miramar
13. Dave Angel - Endless Motions
14. Radio Slave - Don't Stop No Sleep
15. Slam - Rekal
16. Dusky - Inta
17. Alex Smoke - Green Man
18. Basement Jaxx- 325
19. Beroshima - Bushido
20. Youandewan - Tino
21. Benton - The Calling
22. Truncate - Breakdown
23. Dusky - Numerical
24. Ron Costa - Erteneve
25. Ed Davenport - Bloodchild
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RA.424 DJ Dodger Stadium
Genre: House, Techno, UK Garage
320 kbps | 67:17 min

Jerome LOL and Samo Sound Boy have built an empire from their Los Angeles base. The releases from their label Body High represent a broad survey of the current American dance music landscape. You've got Samo's vocal-heavy techno, Todd Edwards' slinky garage, the jerky Jersey club of DJ Sliink—and that's barely scratching the surface. Body High's founders are veterans of the scene, and have become prominent DJs and producers as well. They've supported pop stars and crossover acts like Classixx, thrown warehouse parties, and have taken over Boiler Room LA with their Body High Radio series. In a city known for its constantly shifting tastes, trends and crowds, Body High have come closer to summing it all up than anyone else.
The music Jerome and Samo make as DJ Dodger Stadium more than lives up to that billing. Their love-letter to LA, Friend Of Mine, is a sleek take on house that we described as "huge, universal and easy to love," which isn't a bad starting point for talking about their podcast. An intoxicating blend of harder techno and dreamy house, the duo throw in a helping of their own productions, some killer tailor-made edits (including Chief Keef, Prince and Mathew Jonson) and bona fide classics from Jeff Mills and Robert Hood.

01. DJ Dodger Stadium - Sit Down Satan
02. DJ Dodger Stadium - Love Songs
03. Chief Keef - Baby What's Wrong With You (DJ DS Dub)
04. Frankie Bones - Strings of Death
05. Prince - Nothing Compares 2 U (DJ DS Head High Edit)
06. Spencer Parker - Yogoto
07. Mathew Jonson - Leaning to Fly Dub (DJ DS Dream Edit)
08. DJ Dodger Stadium - Memory Lane
09. Stenny & Andrea - Sea (The Time Gate)
10. Rod Lee - Get Real High
11. Floorplan - Funky Souls
13. Blood Orange - High Street (DJ DS Edit)
14. Jeff Mills - If (We)
15. Joey Beltram - Flash Cube
16. DJ Dodger Stadium - Never Win
17. Raw Man - Lovers
18. Recondite - PSY
19. DJ Dodger Stadium - By Your Side
20. Peter Ivers - In Heaven
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RA.425 South London Ordnance
Genre: House, Techno,
320 kbps | 98:40 min

South London Ordnance has a sound. You can trace it from his earliest releases through to Contact, his latest EP, which came out in May. His style sits between house and techno but often has the sort of rudeness that could drive a drum & bass record. The bass is heavily modulated, giving the low frequencies a slippery quality that hits hard on big systems. It's a sound that sits snuggly on Hotflush, who for the last couple of years have themselves been putting spins on big-room music—dig up last year's Revolver to see what we're talking about. Last year SLO started a label, Aery Metals. The first release featured collaborations with Brolin and the Finnish group Femme En Fourrure, remixes from Factory Floor, Chris Carter and JD Twitch and a range of tempos across the music, but it was interesting—and impressive—how the EP maintained the distinct SLO aesthetic.
You'll therefore be unsurprised that SLO's RA podcast feels like an extension of his records. Across almost 100 minutes he keeps the kicks tough and the bass moving, carefully building a session that transcends the club/home listening divide.

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RA.426 Oliver Hafenbauer
Genre: Disco, Electro, House, Techno
320 kbps | 91:05 min

Conventional wisdom dictates that people produce music and then get DJs gigs relative to the level of success their records attain. Oliver Hafenbauer isn't a famous producer, but his behind-the-scenes work at Robert Johnson, the highly respected Offenbach venue, has given him a platform to show just how great a DJ he is. If anything, his role as a music director at the club is arguably more complementary to DJing than making music, closely considering, as he does each day, who and what moves a discerning dance floor. Hafenbauer also takes care of Live At Robert Johnson, the club's in-house label. LARJ hosted a much-loved mix CD series—Dixon, Ivan Smagghe, Roman Flügel and Prins Thomas all contributed editions—but these days the label is focussed on releasing high quality club music from its extended family—Massimiliano Pagliara, Arto Mwambe et al—and beyond. When also you consider that Hafenbauer has a hand in Club Michel, the restaurant connected to Robert Johnson, it's impressive that he maintains a gig schedule that sees him playing Europe's better nightclubs most weekends.
As he showed those who stayed until the end of our recent Robert Johnson party, Hafenbauer can bang it out with the best of them. But you can usually find him keeping things steady with an expert selection of house, disco, techno and electro, as he does on this week's RA podcast.

01. Jaures - L.M.
02. Bochum Welt - Saint (Heiner Müller Z Version)
03. Aurora Halal - Overpass
04. Samo DJ - Tai Po Kau
05. Gesloten Cirkel - Yamagic
06. Moiré - BBOY 202
07. Prince Of Denmark - Cut02
08. Doubt - Captain Hours
09. Paperclip People - Parking Garage Politics
10. Robotman - Never (DBX Mix)
11. Orson Wells - Endless
12. Omar S - Strider's World
13. Benedikt Frey - Seven Corridors
14. Jaures - Tsoyberbarg Pt. 2
15. Ondo Fudd - Coup D'Etat
16. Kassem Mosse - We Speak To Those
17. Martyn - Vancouver
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