Rise Of The Revolution


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Title [Lethal Of Equal
Artist [Rise Of The Revolution
Label [Rising Roots
Genre [Hip-Hop
Quality/Size [44.1 @VBR 68,9 MB
Ripped [02-13-2009
Grabbed from [CDDA
Enc [Lame 3.97
Website [myspace.com/riseoftherevolution

01 01:16 Intro
02 02:29 We Are
03 03:25 State Of The Union
04 02:16 My Own Two Eyes
05 03:50 Dragon Has Come Feat DJ Silly Kid
06 03:33 No More Equality Feat Nigel Baywood
07 03:55 Never Stand Down Remix Feat The Grouch
08 02:45 Interlude
09 03:30 Programmed Feat Harmonize
10 03:17 R.E.A.D
11 02:15 The Truth
12 03:52 Delivery
13 04:45 Senseless World
14 04:11 What I Am
15 02:41 Burnin (Bonus Track)
16 04:07 Mad World Feat Nigel Baywood (Bonus Track)
17 00:09 Almighty Outro

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State Of The Union
My Own Two Eyes
Dragon Has Come Feat DJ Silly Kid

nice group !!!!
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Спасибо! Отличный релиз!
Отличная музыка между прочим....уважаемый zam35 в очередной раз подогнал клевую музычку!!!Поклон тебе мил человек и я думаю не только от меня.... thumb.gif thumb.gif thumb.gif
Однообразно и нудно
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Rise Of The Revolution - Never Stand Down (2007)
VBR ?V2?

01 01:08 So Called Democracy
02 02:54 3 Step Process
03 02:44 Not About The Music Ft Esik
04 02:56 Who Knows
05 04:15 Never Stand Down Ft The Grouch
06 03:41 The Only One Ft Esik and Harmonize
07 03:19 Money
08 02:55 Sultan Sea Ft Nigel Baywood
09 02:19 Grand Plan
10 01:34 Quantum Mechanics
11 04:05 In This Institution
12 02:36 Within This Mind Ft Will Russ Jr
13 02:41 Burnin Ft Esik
14 03:19 The All Mighty Bonus Track

14 40:26 min


Rise of the Revolution is music that speaks the truth, with strong political lyrics, backed by catchy, creative, and original sounding beats. Music that touches on every emotion and encourages standing up for what you believe in. Although influenced by many different artists in many different genres, the three have seemed to find their own unique hip hop sound. The focus of Rise of the Revolution is to pursue creative music as a form of art with a positive message. The music is the sounds for life and being true. Speak out, rise up, and stand.


Lethal Of Equal очень понравился , спасибо thumb.gif
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Отличные ребята thumb.gif


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