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Release the Sunbird
Nightingale Floors (Deluxe Version) (2013)
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AAC (.m4a) ~ 275 kbps || 111 mb

01. No Magnatone (3:03)
02. College (3:58)
03. Figured It Out (3:16)
04. Siren's Song (5:00)
05. The Closer I Get (3:19)
06. S(a)tan (4:18)
07. Used To It (2:50)
08. Without Pain (2:13)
09. When Sunday Morning Comes (2:54)
10. Everyone Wants To Be You (8:12)
11. Nearly Lost You (4:27) [iTunes Deluxe Bonus]
12. Body Breaks (3:44) [iTunes Deluxe Bonus]
13. Operated (3:22) [iTunes Deluxe Bonus]
14. When You Walk Away (3:48) [iTunes Deluxe Bonus]

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Artist: Rogue Wave
Album: Nightingale
Label: Vagrant Records
Playtime: 38:59 min
Genre: Indie
URL: http://roguewavemusic.com/
Rip date: 2013-06-04
Street date: 2013-06-04
Size: 71.55 MB
Type: Normal
Quality: 244 kbps / 4410Hz / Joint Stereo

Release Notes
Nightingale Floors is the fifth studio album from Rogue Wave. This release
follows the band's 2010 album Permalight and the debut track from the album,
titled College, is already streaming via Soundcloud.

The brainchild of Zach Schwartz (aka Zach Rogue) Rogue Wave formed in 2002 in
Oakland, CA. While the line-up has changed from album to album the two
constants have always been Zach and drummer Pat Spurgeon. Nightingale Floors
finds the group secure in its sound and brimming with confidence. The result
can only be described as a triumphant return to form.

Meditations on life and death dominate Nightingale Floors, in large part
because Rogue's father passed away during the writing of the record. But far
from being a downer, Rogue has used the experience to find peace and,
ultimately, happiness in facing up to the short time we have on Earth and
appreciate everything around him. Much has been written about Rogue Wave's
misfortune over the years, and it's true that for such a nice bunch of guys,
they certainly have had their fair share of bad luck.

Rogue Wave tapped Release The Sunbird s mixer John Congleton (whose impressive
resume includes Modest Mouse, The Walkmen, David Byrne & St. Vincent, and
Explosions In The Sky) to produce the record just north of Oakland at Cotati's
Prairie Sun Recording Studios. With the assistance of touring bassist Masanori
Mark Christianson, Peter Wolf Crier s Peter Pisano (guitar), Sea Of Bees Jules
Baenziger (vocals), and Mwahaha s Ross Peacock (synth manipulation), Rogue,
Spurgeon, and Christianson channeled their energies into 10 smart, dynamic
songs that range from opener No Magnatone and its dreamy washes of sound to
the big, catchy rock of College to the gentle The Closer I Get to the moody
yet epic closer Everyone Wants To Be You. The music is as thoughtfully
conceived as you'd expect from Rogue Wave, and there s an emotional energy
behind the tracks that lingers on long after the album's last note.

Track List

01. No Magnatone ( 3:03)
02. College ( 3:58)
03. Figured It Out ( 3:15)
04. Siren's Song ( 5:00)
05. The Closer I Get ( 3:18)
06. S(a)tan ( 4:18)
07. Used To It ( 2:49)
08. Without Pain ( 2:13)
09. When Sunday Morning Comes ( 2:53)
10. Everyone Wants To Be You ( 8:12)

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Rogue Wave – 2016.Delusions of Grand Fur

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01. Take It Slow (03:51)
02. In the Morning (04:52)
03. California Bride (04:14)
04. Look at Me (03:33)
05. Falling (02:59)
06. Curious Me (03:49)
07. What Is Left to Solve (04:45)
08. Frozen Lake (03:38)
09. Endless Supply (03:18)
10. Ocean (03:19)
11. The Last Picture Show (02:46)
12. Memento Mori (05:14)

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The Grasshopper lies heavy
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The Grasshopper lies heavy

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ARTIST.....: Rogue Wave
TITLE......: Delusions of Grand Fur
GENRE......: Rock
RIP DATE...: 2016-04-28
RUNTIME....: 46:18
TRACKS.....: 12
SIZE.......: 110m
QUALITY....: 320kbps 44.1kHz
CODEC......: MP3 (MPEG-2 Audio Layer III)
URL........: play.google.com

01. Take It Slow 03:51
02. In the Morning 04:52
03. California Bride 04:14
04. Look at Me 03:33
05. Falling 02:59
06. Curious Me 03:49
07. What Is Left to Solve 04:45
08. Frozen Lake 03:38
09. Endless Supply 03:18
10. Ocean 03:19
11. The Last Picture Show 02:46
12. Memento Mori 05:14
Rogue Wave - Cover Me (2017)

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1. Rescue [05:04]
2. In Between Days [03:34]
3. Let My Love Open the Door [03:33]
4. That's All [05:06]
5. Bette Davis Eyes [03:19]
6. Sharp Dressed Man [04:52]
7. She Sells Sanctuary [05:14]
8. Under the Milky Way [06:02]
9. Talking in Your Sleep [05:21]

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