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Rome Streetz - Street Farmacy (2018)

01. Nasal Drip (2:20)
02. Scale Tales (2:59)
03. Dope on A Spoon (1:42)
04. Kobra Klutch (ft. Mooch & Rigz) (4:39)
05. Crime Scene (2:54)
06. Evol x Etah (3:19)
07. Lead Between Your Eyes (ft. Smoovth) (2:43)
08. Tax Free (2:24)
09. Wickedest Ting (ft. Daniel Son) (2:40)
10. Feasting (ft. Magno Garcia & Flashius Clayton) (3:46)
11. Street Farmacy (Life & Times) (2:54)
12. 2 Left Feet (2:19)
13. Scale Tales (remix)
14. Lead Between Your Eyes (remix)
Toronto beatsmith Futurewave has outdone himself again by cooking up new product with Brooklyn emcee Rome Streetz. Separately, these guys were knocking out some of the best bodies of work in 2018. Now, the Wav.God and the Bad Influenyce powerhouse have joined forces to present their first full length project, Headcrack. Known to keep it as grimey as possible in their respective lanes, this collaboration between the duo is the ultimate serve up of raw Hip Hop indulgence.


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Rome Streetz & Futurewave - Headcrack (2019)

01. Sniff It Outta C-Note
02. Headcrack
03. Knee Deep
04. N.Y. Do or Die Slogan
05. Fortune Favors the Bold
06. Temptation
07. We Ain't the Same
08. Acid Tab (ft. Daniel Son)
09. The Hustle
10. Foul Lifestyle
11. She's Like Keesha From Belly

@oieuverj Street Farmacy (2018) мощнейший рэп, обожаю такое, напомнило и старый вутенг, местами кан-окс, очень круто, спасибо!


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