Asher - Landscape Studies

Tomasz Bednarczyk - Painting Sky Together

Ben Frost - Steel Wound

Steinbruchel - Opaque

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Artist : Taylor Deupree & Kenneth Kirschner
Title : May
Genre : Electronic
Year : 2008
Date : 01/13/2009
Bitrate : VBR kbps
Tracks : 01
Label : Room40
Source : CDDA
Encoder : Lame 3.97
Length : 36:19 min
Size : 47,3 MB


01.May 9, 2008 36:19
36:19 min

May is the latest collaboration between New York composers
Taylor Deupree and Kenneth Kirschner. Recorded on May 9, 2008
at the OFFF Festival in Lisbon, Portugal, the album represents
the first available live recording of Deupree and Kirschner's
concert performances. Continuing in the direction of their
acclaimed post_piano series, Deupree and Kirschner's live work
explores the intersection between piano and digital music

For this performance, Deupree and Kirschner took an even more
experimental approach than they have in past concerts: sitting
side by side at a single grand piano, they both played piano
and both played laptop, with Kirschner playing the keys of the
piano and Deupree directly manipulating the strings inside,
even as they both shared the duties of electronic processing
and sample manipulation.

The result is a rich and complex mixture of digital and
acoustic timbres that breaks new ground in their ongoing
exploration of the role of the piano in contemporary electronic


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Asher - Landscape Studies
Tomasz Bednarczyk - Painting Sky Together
Ben Frost - Steel Wound
Steinbruchel - Opaque

Everything is alright
most of releases you can get here:
Richard Chartier Current (2006)

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Label: Room40
Catalog#: EDRM409
Original Format: CD, Mini
Country: Australia
Released: 02 Oct 2006
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Minimal
Notes: The piece is thematically linked to the idea of travel by airplane - the disassociation of time and location
– air currents above and the oceanic currents below.
Format: MP3
Quality: 185 kbps (VBR)
Encoder: LAME3.96
Size: 26,25 MB

1 Current (19:48)

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Tenniscoats - Temporacha (2009)

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Artist: Tenniscoats
Title: Temporacha
Country: Japan
Release Date: 2009.02
Genre: Experimental / Field Music / Electronica / Acoustic
LABEL: Room40
QUALiTY: VBR kbps / 44,1kHz / joint-stereo

01. Ichinichi
02. Ninichime
03. End Of The Day - Slight Hunger
04. Timeless
05. Do
06. Sitting By
07. Hajimari_Owari - Dream Is Refreshing



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Artist : VA
Title : Fabrique
Genre : Ambient
Year : 2009
Date : 03/23/2009
Bitrate : VBR kbps
Tracks : 18
Label : Room40
Source : CDDA
Encoder : Lame 3.97
Length : 78:41 min
Size : 100,5 MB


01.David Grubbs - Blessed Are The 03:19
02.Chris Abrahams - Leiden 05:30
03.Fourcolor - Familiar 05:04
04.Pimmon - Chirippk 04:12
05.Keith Fullerton Whitman - Live At 04:55
06.Janek Schaefer - Fields Of The Missed 07:00
07.Andrew Pekler - Dust Enforcer 03:38
08.Ulrich Krieger - Black Forest Dreaming 04:45
09.Scanner - Thrown Together Like Leaves 03:31
(Live At Fabrique 2002)
10.DJ Olive Meets I/03 - Then We 05:34
11.John Chantler - A Short Thesis 04:56
12.Greg Davis - True Gateway 04:19
13.Camilla Hannan - Forest (Edit) 06:24
14.Robert Henke - Hommage_17 01:12
15.K.K. Null - (Synchroflash) 01:43
16.Leighton Craig - San Souci 03:37
17.Seaworthy - Points North And East 04:28
18.Tujiko Noriko - Magic 04:34
(Live At Fabrique)
78:41 min

In 2001, on a rainy november sunday afternoon, a performance took place on the Brisbane Powerhouse
Turbine Platform. It was a crowded affair, some 600 people turning out for DJ Olive meets I/O3, a
performance since released as Powerhouse Sessions (EDRM400). Whilst the actual shape of the series
was yet to take form, this event was the genesis for a series of events curated by Lawrence English.

Titled Fabrique, the series ran for eight years and produced 40 events - each celebrating the full breadth of
electronic and avant musics. Fabrique presented artists from from Japan, Spain, Slovenia, USA, UK,
Belgium, Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Denmark, New Zealand and Australia amongst others.

The event prided itself on creating networks between Australian and international artists all of whom
shared an interest in testing for the very edges of contemporary sound in performance. During its eight
years, Fabrique co-presented events with festivals and performance series including Liquid Architecture,
Phonoscape, Open Frame, What Is Music?, Impermanent Audio, Puls8 and Sound Polaroids.


Anyone with a good quality copy of I8U - 10-33 cm [DRM406]

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a r t i s t : DJ Olive
t i t l e : Triage
d a t e : 2008
l a b e l : Room40 (RM429)
g e n r e : Ambient
r l s. d a t e : 11/2008
t r a c k s : 01
b i t r a t e : VBRkbps
s i z e : 77,9 MB

Over the past two decades, DJ Olive has been a central figure
in New York's diverse sonic underground. As a member of WEtm,
DJ Olive created three stunning records that came to epitomize
the Brooklyn Illbient explosion. In the 00s, Olive turned his
ears to a range of other projects -- joining forces with
members of Sonic Youth in a range of experimental outings,
improvising with some of the leading figures in Jazz including
Uri Caine and Dave Douglas and starting the Roof Music label

In 2001 he also commenced work on a series of "sleeping pills"
designed to create a deeply enveloping environment in which
the listener becomes engulfed in an audio tint. The first of
these editions published by Room40 was Buoy (2004), followed
by the aptly titled Sleep (2006).

The third volume is Triage -- a slightly darker and more
densely textured work than its counterparts. The piece was
initially exhibited in installation form at the year's Whitey
Biennial and this published edition represents the soundtrack
of the installation. Listen quietly.

"This is a sleeping pill. Please listen to it quietly." -- DJ Olive

01-Triage [59:40]


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