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Date ::: 2013-09-04
Artist : Royal Republic
Title :: Save the Nation
Genre :: Rock
Label :: Roadrunner Records
Encode : Lame 3.98.4 -V0 266 kbps avg 15 File(s) 74 MB
Source : CDDA



1. Save The Nation 3:01
2. You Ain't Nobody ('Til Somebody Hates You) 3:00
3. Be My Baby 2:38
4. Everybody Wants To Be An Astronaut 3:04
5. Make Love Not War (If You Have To Make War – Be Sure To Make Time 2:27
To Make Love In Between)
6. Strangers Friends Lovers Strangers 2:20
7. Addictive 3:25
8. Molotov 2:04
9. Punch Drunk Love 1:51
10.Sailing Man 3:47
11.Let Your Hair Down 2:31
12.Revolution 2:10
13.Vicious (Bonus) 1:34
14.I Don't Wanna Go Out (Bonus) 2:11
15.This Means War (Bonus) 0:54

Total Playtime: 36:57

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В это воскресенье, 15 декабря, Royal Republic выступила в клубе "Вольта".
Парни - ураган, рванули с мест в карьер, сразу же завели зал и продолжали с неослабевающим напором до конца. В конце выступления раскидали сувениры (палочки, медиаторы, сетлисты) перездоровались со зрителями. Молодцы - одним словом.

Что касается места выступления, оно не очень, и выглядит, как только что переоборудованный склад, наличие какого-нибудь декора не повредило бы.
Видео с выступления 15 декабря в клубе "Вольта".

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Label : Pledgemusic
Style : Acoustic
Grabber: EAC
Encoder: LAME 3.98.2
Source : CDDA
Quality: VBRkbps/44.1kHz
Reldate: 01.30.2014
Street : 01.13.2014
Songs : 09

Release Notes:

Royal Republic is proud to present our first acoustic EP, Royal
Republic and the Nosebreakers. A collection of new and old acoustic
versions of songs from our previous two albums ‘We Are The Royal’
and ‘Save The Nation’.

An ACOUSTIC EP… Why indeed?

Firstly, because YOU asked for it. Secondly, because WE really want

If you know us, you know we kinda like to get a little freaky with
our acoustic versions. We’ll play Bluegrass, Barber-shop, Gangsta-
rap or whatever else we can get away with. A lot of you already know
what we’re talking about!

But if you’re new to us and have no idea what we’re talking about,
consider this your fair warning: This will NOT be a standard Royal
Republic album. Think of it as Royal playing awesome Hillbilly
cover-versions of our own songs… It won’t all be Hillbilly-versions,
but that’s the quickest way to at least give you an idea.
In Royal, we all come from very different musical backgrounds and we
all grew up listening to different things. Our acoustic versions
have become an outlet for this. Over time it’s grown into a very
different side of our band. A side where we play whatever style fits
the song and where anything goes.
The plan is to have some old friends play along and add more flavor
to the music – collectively called THE NOSEBREAKERS!
For more details, keep yourself updated on our Royal Republic
PledgeMusic profile, where we will be posting exclusive updates and
stuff as we go…

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01. Save The Nation 03:28
02. Let Your Hair Down 03:39
03. I Must Be Out Of My Mind 02:32
04. Cry Baby Cry 03:23
05. Addictive 01:28
06. Full Steam Spacemachine 04:06
07. Tommy-Gun 03:08
08. Molotov 04:07
09. This Means War 04:42

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Scene releases only
Scene releases only
Альбом Weekend Man выйдет 26 февраля 2016 года.
Новый клип на песню When I See You Dance With Another:

When I See You Dance With Another (2015)

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1. When I See You Dance With Another

320 kbps, mp3

Baby (2016)

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1. Baby

320 kbps, mp3


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Royal Republic - Weekend Man (2016)
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Время: 0:44:15
Качество: mp3, 320 kbps
Размер: 102.92 Мб

01. Here I Come (There You Go) (3:28)
02. Walk! (2:55)
03. When I See You Dance With Another (2:50)
04. People Say That I'm Over The Top (2:57)
05. Kung Fu Lovin' (2:56)
06. Weekend-Man (3:22)
07. My Way (3:04)
08. Follow The Sun (3:40)
09. Uh Huh (2:18)
10. Any Given Sunday (3:32)
11. Baby (2:53)
12. High Times (2:13)
13. American Dream (3:32)
14. Getting Along (2:17)
15. Playball (2:28)

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Наблюдал их вчера на Atlas Weekend - очень бодро, круто и качественно! Наверное, лучшее выступление из всех на этом гребанном недофестивале. Общение с публикой в лучшем виде, яркие дэнс-рок-н-ролл песни, даже исполнили некое подобие jumpdafuckup (ну, Spit it out слиповское) на песне Everybody Wants To Be An Astronaut - было клево, пускай и не так массово. В общем, хорошая такая ложка меда в полнейшей бочке гамна, которым является этот "фестиваль".
Берегите природу!

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ARTIST.....: Royal Republic
TITLE......: Weekend Man
GENRE......: Rock
RIP DATE...: 2016-02-26
RUNTIME....: 44:15
TRACKS.....: 15
SIZE.......: 102m
QUALITY....: 320kbps 44.1kHz
CODEC......: MP3 (MPEG-2 Audio Layer III)

01. Here I Come (There You Go) 03:27
02. Walk 02:54
03. When I See You Dance With Another 02:49
04. People Say That Im Over The Top 02:57
05. Kung Fu Lovin 02:55
06. Weekend-Man 03:22
07. My Way 03:04
08. Follow The Sun 03:39
09. Uh Huh 02:17
10. Any Given Sunday 03:31
11. Baby 02:52
12. High Times 02:13
13. American Dream 03:31
14. Getting Along 02:17
15. Playball 02:27
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