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Artist....: Sadman
Album.....: Cold In The State Of Me
Type......: Album
Source....: CDDA
Tracks....: 12
Genre.....: Electronic
Label.....: Memento Materia
Catalogue#: MEMO 102
Encoder...: LAME 3.97
Quality...: VBR kbps / 44.1KHz / Joint-Stereo
.rar info:


01 Cold In The State Of Me 03:49
02 Summer And Pain 04:35
03 I Hold On 03:51
04 Help 03:52
05 Safe And Slow 05:30
06 Coma 04:07
07 Come Free 04:05
08 The Man Who Became God 03:21
09 The Mist 04:31
10 The Contract 04:10
11 I Spare You 04:09
12 No Need Pretend 08:27

Total:76,9 MB / 54:27 min

The debut album from Sadman presents you with a total of 13 tracks,
each of them with their unique and special character – the music
is varied, emotional, beautiful and well produced. Inspiration comes
from bands like Depeche Mode, Radiohead and Recoil – transformed
into something very characteristic and individual.


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гОтов - к труду и обороне
короче очень круто!хороший саунд не однообразный,нормально все с лирикой,да и вообще нормальная такая пластинка,учитывая то ,что щяс столько людей играют такую музыку и большинство из нее полный отстой!здесь же чувствуется изюм)))!СПАСИБО! thumb.gif
ifolder please!!
ifolder please!!

Sadman - Cold In The State Of Me [2008]


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Кажись Депешами попапихает конкретненько так huh.gif

а песенка - Come Free - так вообще прям Гаяногоровская штучка такая получилась...
но, надо сказать, местами, действительно, прикольно rolleyes.gif
унылая подделка под дипешмод...
унылая подделка под дипешмод...

++++1 ph34r.gif

но в целом саунд неплохой...
вроде все качественно,но на самом деле уныло и не понравилось
we will also kill ourselves and vomit diarrea on stage just for your veiwing pleasure because we love you
Sadman - Cold (2008) EP

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GENRE..... Synthpop
LABEL...... Memento Materia
MODE....... 320kbps / Joint-Stereo

Sadman's first release "Cold EP" is a taste of what is to come at the debut album "Cold in the State of Me" released April 18. "Cold EP" is only released digitally and presents you with a wide spectrum of music. Title track "Cold in the State of Me" is presented in three individual remixes - the original version, a dance/bitpop remix by Ultraljud and finally a Alan Wilder-esque remix by D. Fernström. On top of this you are served with two exclusive tracks - "The Shadow Behind the Man" and "What is Left".

1. Cold in the State of Me (3:48)
2. Cold in the State of Me (Alan Wilder Mix of Cold) (6:23)
3. Cold in the State of Me (Remixed by Ultraljud) (6:09)
4. The Shadow Behind the Man (4:12)
5. What is Left (4:01)

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You're hollow, and shallow
Your empty life is done

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ARTiST.... Sadman
TiTLE..... 9th And Last Life
GENRE..... Electronic
LABEL..... n/a
KHZ....... 44,1
MODE...... VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo
ENCODER... Lame 3.97
REL.DATE.. Feb-22-2010


01 I Hide 04:37
02 Angel 03:58
03 9th 04:45
04 Im Of 04:41
05 End Up In A Calm 03:40
06 Gone 04:10
07 Drama 02:58
08 Wolves 05:12
09 How 04:26
10 Final Surrender 04:18


Second album. On this album you are presented with darker,
rougher tracks in "I Hide", "9th" and "How" as well as softer,
more laid back tracks in "Angel", "Im of" and the ballad "End up
in a Calm". Add to this electronically infused pop tunes in
"Gone" and "Drama" and you are a presented with a wide spectrum
of music.


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Sadman - The Big Cut (2016)
FLAC, Image
364,15 MB
1. Distorted Fairies 3:32
2. Big Cut 4:03
3. Animals 4:33
4. Saved 3:27
5. Arrows 4:13
6. Fragile 3:05
7. You Got Me 4:16
8. Snowman 3:31
9. Dark Night 3:52
10. King of A 3:25
11. Great Lord 5:01
12. Homerun 4:02
13. Murderer 4:04
14. Kamikaze 4:02

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