Sandra Nankoma

Female Vocal / Jazz / Pop / Soul / from Uganda
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Born 1988, NANKOMA SANDRA(formally known as SANDY SOUL) is a Ugandan singer, song writer and multidisciplinary artist with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Fine Art from Uganda Christian University in Mukono, Uganda. She co-founded Afroman Spice in 2015, an all-female theatre company that produces and acts plays on social change. Sandy Soul practices all her crafts concurrently and believes in marrying them because each one informs the others.

She works with different media such as sound, video, dance, illustrations and paint to create harmonious presentations that express what she defines as “Conversations in my Mind”.

Her practice is inspired by the positive energy she experiences from her immediate surroundings, from her community and the situations that society is afraid to address. As such, her work easily comes across as “opinionated”.

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Sandra Nankoma - Ye'nze (2018)

01. Mwisuka
02. It's Alright
03. Come Over
04. Kabiri Kaalili
05. Baliba Baambuza
06. Two Worlds
07. Nzukuuka Ku Makya
08. Kaddugala
09. Babylon
10. Mercedes
11. Musaiza Wei'ka
12. Paris Monster

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