Select Cuts from Blood & Fire Chapter Two
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01 Scientist - Step It Up Dan Donovan For Don Letts Dub Cartel Remix
02 Yabby You - Rally Dub Apollo 440 Remix
03 Max Romeo - Valley Of Jehosaphat Segs Jennings Steve Dub Holt Remix
04 I-Roy - Look A Boom Winston Blisset & John Tonks Remix
05 Glen Brown & King Tubby - Lambsbread J Outernash Nick Manasseh Remix
06 Glen Brown & King Tubby - Lambsbread Dub Leftfield's Half Past Dub
07 King Tubby & Soul Syndicate Feat. Prince Alla - Great Stone Zion Train Remix
08 Morwell Unlimited Meets King Tubby - Morpheus Special The One Arm DJ Bloc Party Mix Kid Loco
09 Linval Thompson - Twelve Tribes Of Israel Bonza Rocks Your Soul Plexiq
10 Scientist - Step It Up Black Star Liner Remix
11 Prince Alla - Lot's Wife Oration Steppas Vs. Kitachi
12 Glen Brown & King Tubby - Father For Living Mr. Scruff Remix
13 I-Roy - Double Warning Jah Wobble Remix
14 King Tubby & Horace Andy - Guidance Dub Seven Dub
15 Linval Thompson - Jah Jah Is A Guiding Star Duphonix Remix

Can someone please reup The Lion Roars, by roots records?

would appreciate very much
Цитата: @vaanaav
Can someone please reup The Lion Roars, by roots records?

would appreciate very much

Reup: The Lion Roars
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Artist: VA
Year Of Release: 2006
Label: Roots Records
Genre: Reggae
Quality: FLAC 535 kbps
Total Time: 1:01:55
Total Size: 236 Mb

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Track list:
01 Barry Brown & The Roots Radics Band - Movements Of Jah
02 Anthony Johnson - Gunshot
03 Early B - History Of Jamaica
04 Steve Knight - Love You Endlessly
05 Al Campbell - Words Of My Mouth
06 Junior Keating - Conquering Lion
07 Jah Thomas - Dance On The Corner
08 Bongo Herman - African Jump
09 Vincent Taylor - There's Much More To Life
10 Singie Singie - Leave The Badness Alone
11 Ranking Toyan - Palaving Spree
12 Carlton Livingston - Ram Jam Session
13 Sugar Minott - Steal Away Girl
14 Delroy Wilson - Baby I Love You
15 Johnny Osbourne - Take Me To A Rub A Dub Session
16 Dickie Ranking - Too Much Badness
17 Bobby Ellis & Deadly Headly - Blow Your Balloon
18 U Brown - Jah Is My Father

Flac CD Reup

one more:
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Black Symbol - The Complete Handsworth Explosion
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01. Sceptre - Ancestors Calling
02. Truths & Rights - New Language
03. Black Symbol - Travelling
04. Gerald Love - Jah Children
05. Benjamin Zephaniah - Music Business
06. Truths & Rights - Saddest Moment
07. Black Symbol - Spiritual Reggae
08. Gerald Love - Scandal Man
09. Sceptre - Living On Strong
10. Benjamin Zephaniah - Free Man
11. Benjamin Zephaniah - Stop The War
12. Man From The Hills - Redemption Day
13. Mystic Foundation - Life In The Ghetto
14. Black Symbol - Feeling Is Irie
15. Black Knight - Lets Make Up
16. Black Symbol - Trouble Trouble
17. Benjamin Zephaniah - Unite Handsworth
18. Man From The Hills - How Long
19. Mystic Foundation - Handsworth
20. Black Knight - Feeling


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This is the second installment of deep roots Rastafarian reggae at Studio One and features classic music from some of the most important figures in reggae music – Alton Ellis, The Heptones, Jackie Mittoo, The Gladiators – alongside a host of rarities and little-known recordings, such as a truly rare Mystic Revelation of Rastafari seven-inch single, Willie William’s first ever recording ‘Calling’ and Horace Andy’s righteous (and equally rare) masterpiece ‘Illiteracy.’

Black Man’s Pride 2 extends the legacy of Studio One’s ground-breaking path in roots reggae which began at the end of the 1960s and continued throughout the 1970s. The album tells the story of how the rise of Studio One Records and the Rastafari movement were interconnected, through the adoption of the Rastafari faith by key reggae artists – everyone from the Skatalites and Wailers in the 1960s, major singers such as Alton Ellis and Horace Andy at the end of the decade, through to major roots artists such as The Gladiators in the 1970s – and how Clement Dodd consistently recorded this heavyweight roots music throughout Studio One’s history.

The extensive sleeve-notes to this album also discuss the links between Rastafari and Studio One in time and place, noting how both the religion and Clement Dodd’s musical empire had their roots in the intense period of pre-independence Jamaica in Kingston, expanded in the 1960s following the visit of Haile Selassie in 1966, and how roots music then came to dominate reggae music in the early 1970s. Also discussed is how the outsider stance of both reggae music and the Rastafari movement relate back many hundreds of years to the original rebel stance of the Maroons, escaped slaves who set up self-sufficient enclaves in the hills of the Jamaican countryside.

01. Horace Andy - Illiteracy
02. The Heptones - Be a Man
03. The Manchesters - Natty Gone
04. The Gladiators - Down Town Rebel
05. Willie Williams - Calling
06. Roland Alphonso & Brentford All Stars - Sir D Special
07. Keith Wilson - God I God I Say
08. Alton Ellis - Almost Anything
09. Bobby Kalphat & The New Establishment - Adis a Wa Wa
10. Peter Broggs - Sing a New Song
11. Mystic Revelations Of Rastafari - Let Freedom Reign
12. Larry & Alvin - Free I Lord
13. Ernest Wilson & The Sound Dimension - Freedom Fighter
14. Jackie Mittoo - Happy People
15. Prince Lincoln - Daughters of Zion
16. High Charles - Zion
17. Winston Jarrett - Love Jah Jah

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Hommage to 2 Tone movement

free download ... enjoy ! share !
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Studio One Freedom Sounds is the new collection from Soul Jazz/Studio One focussing on the intense period in the second half of the 1960s when Studio One’s vast and unbeatable output of ska, soul, rock steady and reggae made it literally one of the hottest musical empires in the world.

During this highly successful period, Clement ‘Sir Coxsone’ Dodd released hundreds and hundreds of superlative singles seemingly on an almost daily basis, in the process making huge stars out of Jamaican singers such as Alton Ellis, Delroy Wilson, The Wailers, Slim Smith, Jackie Opel and many more.

Powered by the finest in-house musicians working in Jamaica, whether it was The Skatalites, Jackie Mittoo’s Soul Brothers, The Sounds Dimension or The Soul Vendors, Studio One functioned as hit factory on the scale of Motown in the USA, shaping and defining reggae music for decades to come.

Singlehandedly Studio One’s founder Clement Dodd was able to create the most successful vertically-integrated record company that Jamaica had ever known with pressing plant, printers, studio, shops, and sound systems all running at once, with over 50 employees and hundreds of artists working with Studio One during this time.

Studio One Freedom Sounds tells the story of Studio One in the 1960s with a stunning set of ska, soul, rock steady and reggae killer tunes as well as informative sleevenotes and track-by-track info by Noel Hawks. The album is released as heavyweight double vinyl (+ free download code), deluxe CD and digital album.

01. Don Drummond & The Skatalites - Rain Or Shine
02. The Gaylads - Morning Sun
03. Delroy Wilson - Just Because Of You
04. Alton Ellis - Sunday Coming
05. Jackie Opel - I Am What I Am
06. Peter Tosh - I Am The Toughest
07. Delroy Wilson - Get Ready
08. Mr. Foundation - Timo-Oh
09. Roland Alphonso & The Soul Brothers - Provocation
10. Leroy & Rocky - Love Me Girl
11. Slim & Delroy - Look Who Is Back Again
12. The Skatalites - Spread Satin
13. Barrington Spence - Contemplating Mind
14. Ernest Ranglin - Psychedelic Rock
15. Bob Marley & The Wailers - Destiny
16. Roland Alphonso - Reggae In The Grass
17. Zoot Simms - We Can Talk It Over
18. Jackie Mittoo - Hi Jack

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Honest Jon's - Watch How The People Dancing, anyone?

Это сообщение отредактировал sweetie irie - 22.09.18 в 7:04
If Rastafarianism is about having dreadlocks, smoking marijuana and believing that Haile Selassie is God, then I am not Rastafarian. But if it is about political, social and personal consciousness, then, yes, I am. Lucky Philip Dube
Various Artists - Remix Mi Dis (Idlers Corner Records 2018)

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At The Controls - Producers Compilation (La Panchita 2018)

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01. Arise Sound System – Cellular Explosion
02. I Man Cruz feat. Crucial Ruler – Right Track
03. Chalart58 – Focus
04. King Siva – Flamme
05. George Palmer feat. Dub Troubl – Favourite Ganja
06. Variedub feat. Tunelon Iration – Do the Right
07. Raggattack feat. AD-Roots – Lyrics in My Brain
08. Scratch B – Itinualy


VA - Bass Culture Meets Peckings (2018)

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01. Matrix – Rude Rude Rudee
02. Patrick Matic – Ska Take One
03. Gappy Ranks – Life Is so Amazing
04. Ranking Joe – Last Call, Pt. 2
05. Culan Luke – Fast Money
06. Ras Ranger – G Man
07. Ras Demo – Talk It
08. Sparky Rugged – Tricks & Plan
09. General Levy, Harmony – Touch You
10. Carolene Thompson – Cheer Up
11. Aleighcia Scott – Bloom
12. Dean Frazer – Sweet Reggae Music
13. Baby Boom – Jailhouse Nuh Nice
14. Ras Charmer – Hard Knock
15. Jah Mega – Real Thing
16. Ras Sherby – Back Biters
17. Iyahman Pablo – Jomo (Burning Spear) Kenyatta

Italian Dub Community Showcase vol.5 (2018)

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Nice Up Records - 12 Dubs of Xmas Volume 3

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VA - Africa Iron Gate Showcase
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Track listing:
01. Prince Hammer - King In A The Ring
02. Echo Minott - Emilo Bimbo
03. Trinity - Quiete Horse
04. Lee Van Cliff - Chalice And Spliff
05. Prince Hammer - Africa Iron Gate
06. Enos McLoud - Words Sound And Power
07. George Nooks - Moses
08. Prince Hammer - Press Along Dreadlocks
09. Trinity - She Is Mine
10. Prince Hammer - Salassie M. 16

this is the old first pressing, not the dub store re press from this year.
Free Mind - Keep It Conscious (Mixtape 2018)
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01 - Daba Makourejah - Afreekan Roots [Amoul Bayi Records]
02 - Galas My Sweet - Afreeka [Amoul Bayi Records]
03 - Joydan Ft. Sista Awa - African Roots (Huba Records)
04 - Joydan - African Roots Dub [Huba Records]
05 - Paul Fox Ft. Michael Rose - Babylon Kingdom Fall [Inner Sanctuary Records]
06 - Daba Makourejah - Don’t Leave Me Alone [Amoul Bayi Records]
07 - Saah Karim - It’s Over [Amoul Bayi Records]
08 - Ashanti Selah Feat. Ras Divarius - Violin Step [Steppas Records]
09 - Alpha & Omega Ft. Prince David - Poorman Style [Steppas Records]
10 - Moa Anbessa Ft. Prince David - Jah Fire [Moa Anbessa Records]
11 - Kibir La Amlak - Joshua’s Anthem [Salomon Heritage Records]
12 - Moa Anbessa Ft. Jules I - Jah A Di Best [Moa Anbessa Records]
13 - Chalart 58 Ft. Sr. Wilson & Alex Bass - Rise & Shine [La Panchita Records]
14 - Moa Anbessa Ft. Jules I - Jah Calling [Moa Anbessa Records]
15 - Moa Anbessa - Jah Dub [Moa Anbessa Records]
16 - Sista Habesha & Sista Awa - Jah Voice [Steppas Records]
17 - Arise Ft. Elijah Prophet - Rivers Of Babylon [Arise Records]
18 - Sista Habesha Ft. Prince David - Ini Shepherd [Habeshites Records]
19 - Sista Habesha Ft. Arkaingelle - In Awe [Habeshites Records]
20 - Sandeeno Ft. Digistep - Revelation Time [Inspirational Sound Records]
21 - Digistep - Revelation Horns[Inspirational Sound Records]
22 - Ackboo Ft. Brother Culture - Invincible (Ashanti Selah Rmx) [Odg Records]
23 - Bim One Production Ft. Macka B - Don’t Stop The Sound [Riddim Chango]
24 - Bim One Production Ft. Junior Dread - No Cocaine [Riddim Chango]
25 - De-Tu - Bun Down Babylon (Bukkha Rmx) [Green King Cuts Records]
26 - Numa Crew - Everytime [Moonshine Recordings]
27 - Numa Crew - Red Dub [Moonshine Recordings]
28 - Jack Sparrow - Pula Riddim [Deep Medi Music]
29 - Congonatty Ft. Nanci & Phoebe - London Dungeons (Young Warrior Rmx) [Big Dada Recordings]
30 - Vibronics Ft. Michael Prophet - Give Me The Feelings [Scoops Records]
31 - Dubkasm - Zulu [Peng Records]
32 - Young Warrior - War In Kenya [Jah Shaka Music]
33 - Dubkasm Ft. Rudey Lee - Coming In Ruff [Dubkasm Records]
34 - Dubkasm Ft. Yt - Higher Meds [Dubkasm Records]

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Black Redemption - Sound System Selection Part.1 (Black Redemption 2014)

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01. Kheru Jonah Dan – Ark of the Covenant
02. Kheru Jonah Dan – Ark Version
03. Johnny Clark – Play Fool
04. Ras Muffet – Play Fool Dubwise
05. Fred Locks – Walls
06. Ras Muffet – Walls Dub
07. Kheru Jonah Dan – Meditation
08. Kheru Jonah Dan – Meditation Dub
09. Judah Eskender Tafari – Land of Confusion
10. Judah Eskender Tafari – Land of Version
11. Prince Alla – Reward
12. Prince Alla – Reward Dub
13. The Congos – Solid Foundation
14. The Congos – Solid Foundation Dub


Black Redemption - Sound System Selection Part.2 (Black Redemption 2018)

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01. Prince Alla – Spiritual High
02. Russ D – Spiritual Dub
03. Rob Symeon – Have No Fear
04. Russ D – Dub No Fear
05. Fred Locks – Jah is the Father
06. Mighty Massa – Melchizadek Dub
07. Tony Tuff – Military
08. Mighty Massa – Military Dubwise
09. Tony Tuff – Rockers All the Time
10. Maximilien Cup – Dubwise All the Time
11. David Oneaway – Jah See I Through
12. Ital Mick – Jah Jah See Dub
13. Turbulence – Carry Jah Love
14. Will Tee – Carry Jah Dub


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