School Is Cool

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School Is Cool - Entropology - 2011
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Artist: School Is Cool
Title: Entropology
Label: Laten Plabel
Quality: VBR VO
Encoder: LAME
Size: 85,44 mb
Play Time: 00:45:17 min

01. The World Is Gonna End Tonight
02. Car, Backseat, Parking Lot
03. In Want Of Something
04. O Delusions
05. The Road To Rome
06. Interlude
07. Dawn, And A Newly Hatched Damselfly
08. On The Beach Of Hanalei
09. Algorithms
10. Trouble In The Engine Room
11. New Kids In Town
12. Interlude
13. The Underside
14. Car, Backseat, Parking Lot (Reprise)
15. Warpaint
16. Entropology

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Supplier....: Team MND
Ripper......: Team MND
Quality.....: VBRkbps
Release Date: 03/22/2014
Source......: CDDA
Genre.......: Rock
Total Tracks: 11
Playtime....: 42:36 min
CD Size.....: 71,10 MB


01 - Black Dog Painting [04:02]
02 - Wide-Eyed & Wild-Eyed [03:41]
03 - Envelop Me [03:56]
04 - Tryst [04:38]
05 - Golden Grey [04:40]
06 - The Soothing Sound Of Breaking Bones [03:43]
07 - Hollow Hill [03:14]
08 - Your Body And Me [03:31]
09 - Blue Jeans [04:43]
10 - Tusks [03:37]
11 - Cursing, Let Me In [02:51]

Release Info

School is Cool are an indie sextet from Belgium, founded in late
2009. Debut album 'Entropology' (2011) introduced Belgium, the
Netherlands and France to School is Cool's indiepop in the form of a
16-song chaotic cathedral-like structure of energetic drums,
eighties synths, dark, apocalyptic lyrics and grand, baroque
choruses, produced by Das Pop's Reinhard Vanbergen. 2012 and '13 saw
the band touring Belgium (including Rock Werchter and Pukkelpop),
the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and France, and
playing at showcase festivals like Eurosonic, The Great Escape and
Popkomm. One of School is Cool's strong suits is its extremely
intense, energetic live performance, combining complex baroque
arrangements with a punk-like desperate rage. On stage and on
record, influences of Pixies, the Dodos, Menomena, Kate Bush and
Bruce Springsteen go hand in hand with 18th century orchestral music
and tribal, ethnic percussion. They've currently finished their
self-produced second album: Nature Fear

Enjoy this Great MnD Release !

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