Senketsu No Night Club

The project stems from an idea by ADRIANO VINCENTI determined to push his research into a new level.
Inspired by extreme Japanese cinema, Adriano aims to bring together Japanese Power-Harsh drifts with jazz doomnoir atmospheres that he masters since a very long time.
Next step was to involve in such a project GIOVANNI LEONARDI who was also passionate in such artistic expression.
Alchemy was working and turning perfectly into a very intriguing project.
The two than decided to ask also the support of English saxophonist IAN FERGUSON, who takes care of all wind instruments.

But the initial psychoanalysis of the project is Japanese filmmaker FURACHI LIFE, she delivered one of his poems on band's debut album and took care of all the images and entire inspiration of the project.

Everything was condensed in these 10 episodes that end up overcoming the stereotypes and gender boundaries, there is a language where jazz, trip hop, kraut rock, end up merging with industrial debris of uncompromising power-noise, evoking the most disturbing images of the rising Sol cinema.

ADRIANO VINCENTI: musician active since 2001 with MACELLERIA MOBILE DI MEZZANOTTE, originally his solo project, he has published dozens of albums with other projects such as CRONA NERA, DETOUR DOOM PROJECT and ZOLOF EVRA...

GIOVANNI "LEO" LEONARDI: Singer and multi-instrumentalist active since 2011 with SIEGFRIED, founder of projects such as CARNERA, DIVISION SENSUCHT and also active solo as GIOVANNI "LEO" LEONARDI.

FURACHI LIFE: Voice and images

IAN FERGUSON: Saxophonist and musician founder of THE SARTO KLYN V.


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Senketsu No Night Club - S/T [2018]

01. Flowers of Flesh and Blood
02. The Blade Flavor
03. Megyaku
04. Odishon
05. Torture and Logic of Domination
06. Naked Blood
07. Odishon
08. Sex and Fury
09. The Noisy Requiem
10. Sanji

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thanks - where Magic happens.
Очень круто. Только в архиве песня Odishon два раза повторяется (4 и 7). Седьмая песня должна быть Gurotesuku.

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