reggae album of serge gainsbourg record in bahamas with sly and robby

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the right place at the right time...............................enjoy it !
I don't mean to be rude, but, what the f*** Serge Gainsbourg
had with Rock, Metal or Alternative?
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i'm new on funky soul & the name of forum is Punk, Ska, Indie, Hardcore, Emo, Britpop, Industrial, Gothic, Lo-Fi, Grunge, Reggae, Oi!


very good album latin jazz of french singer and composer serge gainsbourg


the right place at the right time...................................enjoy it !

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this link is workng!

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[Philips 1971]

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Fantastic! This may well be Serge Gainsbourg's greatest album ever -- a whole suite based around a spare, electric bass-driven theme, with Serge muttering the lyrics in a raspy loud whisper, while funky rhythms dart in and out of washes of strings and eerie sounds. There's a very strong soundtrack feel to the album, as washes of music envelop the lyrics, tripped out in funky beats that have become legendary over the years, thanks to some very famous samples

Histoire de Melody Nelson A 01 (07:33) Melody (Serge Gainsbourg)
A 02 Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg (02:00) Ballade de Melody Nelson (Serge Gainsbourg)
A 03 (01:32) Valse de Melody (Serge Gainsbourg)
A 04 (01:46) Ah! Melody (Serge Gainsbourg / Jean-Claude Vannier)
B 01 (04:08) L'hôtel particulier (Serge Gainsbourg)
B 02 (02:27) En Melody (Serge Gainsbourg / Jean-Claude Vannier)
B 03 (07:40) Cargo culte (Serge Gainsbourg)

Arrangement: Jean-Claude Vannier
Musicians: Jane Birkin (vocals A 02), Serge Gainsbourg (vocals), Jean-Claude Vannier (musical director)

merci, j'essaye de le telecharger!
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fais plaisir voir des frenchies.
Anna : Serge Gainsbourg OST

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Arrangement: Michel Colombier
Musicians: Jean-Claude Brialy (vocals), Serge Gainsbourg (vocals), Anna Karina (vocals)
This is the soundtrack LP for Pierre Koralnick's musical comedy Anna (1967)

Anna (Anna Karina), provincial young person, works recently in Parisian advertising and a dream agency of the charming prince. On his side, the director of the agency (Jean-Claude Brialy) falls passionately in love with a young woman of which he knows only the photograph... which is that of Anna. A typical musical of the end of the Sixties, carried by the charm of Anna Karina and music of Serge Gainsbourg who makes some noticed appearances.

Спасибо за папашу французского панк-рока. Но хотелось бы найти что-либо из Ванессы Паради.
Может есть у кого?
Serge Gainsbourg - Jane & Ser ge
1. Je T'aime Moi Non Plus
2. L'anamour
3. Orang Outan
4. Sous Le Soleil Exactement
5. 18-39
6. 69 Année érotique
7. Jane B
8. élisa
9. Le Canari Est Sur Le Balcon
10. Les Sucettes
11. Mano


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клип у меня его есть "Love on the Beat", кому нужен стучитесь в ПМ
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i don't take but very good album.

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