Someone can re up all albums? Great band!
28 июля новый альбом

Red Hands Black Deeds (Prelude)

песня The Come Up выйдет 9 июня
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Red Hands Black Deeds is the upcoming sixth studio album by American hard rock band Shaman's Harvest, with a release scheduled for July 28, 2017 through Mascot Records. It is the followup to their 2014 album Smokin' Hearts & Broken Guns. To promote the album, the band will be embarking on a tour where they will be opening for Nickelback throughout the summer and a select few dates for Fates Warning.
Shaman's Harvest - Broken Bones (Single)
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Shaman's Harvest - Red Hands Black Deeds

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Artist: Shaman's Harvest
Album: Red Hands Black Deeds
Year: 2017
Bitrate: 320kbps


01. Red Hands Black Deeds (Prelude)
02. Broken Ones
03. The Come Up
04. A Longer View
05. Soul Crusher
06. Off The Tracks
07. Long Way Home
08. Bring Me Back
09. The Devil In Our Wake
10. Blood Trophies
11. So Long
12. Tusk And Bone
13. Scavengers

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Anyone have any idea if track "08. Bring Me Back" has been released on any edition of this album?
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