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Title : 20 In
Artist : Trinity (AG Sadat X DJ Jab)
Label : Fat Beats Records
Genre : Hip-Hop
Quality/Size : 44.1 @VBR 105,2 MB
Ripped : 03-22-2013
Grabbed from : CDDA
Enc : Lame 3.98
Website : n/a

01 03:15 Up To The BX Ft. Eternia
02 04:07 Sunshine Ft. Janelle Collins
03 03:49 Rap Attack
04 03:25 20 In
05 03:40 Influence Ft. Janelle Collins
06 03:53 Family Love Ft. Milano Constantine
07 04:53 My Way Ft. Janelle Collins
08 02:49 Sometimes Ft. Reef The Lost Cauze Eternia Everlast
Immortal Technique Slug Sha Stimuli Grand Puba & D-Stroy
09 02:59 Interview
10 05:06 Corrupt Ft. Ill Bill & Immortal Technique
11 04:05 Then & Now Ft. D-Stroy
12 04:01 Bite This 2010 Ft. Roxane Shante
13 04:04 Strange Ft. Janelle Collins
14 03:35 NY Bridges
15 02:54 Victory Outro
16 01:28 Outro
17 03:33 The Bronx

Totals 17 61:36 min

Release Notes:
Few artists in hip-hop have afforded the longevity that
Sadat X has. Where so many off his peers have faded into
obscurity, Sadat somehow continues to write innovative
songs, deliver relevant contemporary commentary, and
effortlessly staying tuned to trends of the day. Having
enjoyed an outstanding career in hip-hop, spanning nearly 3
decades as one of the genres most distinctive voices, his
undeniable twang has commanded songs not just as 1/3rd of
the fabled Brand Nubian (5 group albums), but alongside our
genres greatest from Jay Z, Notorious B.I.G., Nas, & Common
(to name a few). He's even been tapped by the likes of
popular singer/songwriter Jack Johnson, legendary House-
producer Miguel Migs and MC Lyte all in recent months for
collaborations on their respected albums. And not just
vocalists fiend for a good X verse; extraordinary producers
from The Neptunes to Primo to Madlib to Prince Paul have all
called in lyrics from the self-proclaimed Dot Father to
accentuate their sound scapes.

When you hear the name Andre the Giant, your initial thought
is a great, larger than life, ground-breaking, strength
defying man. A.G. (Andre Barnes) was born in hip-hop's
originating borough - The Bronx. AG was asked to contribute
to Lord Finesse's LP, titled The Funky Technician. On that
fateful session, A.G. met Showbiz. Bringing back some much-
needed swagger and soul, the forming of Showbiz and A.G. is
what some might call the rebirth of the Bronx. Show and A.G.
became a collaborative intricate part of the superb Diggin'
in the Crates Crew; an elite team of MCs and producers who
can claim much influence on genuine East Coast Hip-Hop. In
1992, A.G. and his counterpart Showbiz, released their debut
single "Soul Clap", a self-titled EP. Their debut album,
Runaway Slave, followed and is seen to date as a hip-hop
essential and they followed up with Goodfellows in 1994. In
1999, A.G. released his much antici-pated first solo debut,
The Dirty Version. A.G.'s second solo album, Get Dirty
Radio, was released in 2006. Flash-forward to 2011 and
almost two decades after A.G. not only made an impact but a
dent in hip-hop; A.G. continues to release quality Hip Hop
albums. A.G. is also an intricate part of the group Trinity,
gearing up to their dedication to hip-hop purity.

Since its inception on July 14, 1994, Fat Beats, has had one
mission: to become the international mecca for true lovers
of Hip Hop. Solely owned by Joseph Abajian (DJ Jab), Fat
Beats first opened its doors as a small, vinyl only retail
store in a basement location at 323 East 9th Street in
Manhattan's East Village. Since then, DJ Jab has seen his
company explode all over the place -- worldwide that is. Fat
Beats Distribution is the premier international independent
distribution company specializing in hip hop. Now DJ Jab has
taken on a producers role in putting a true Hip Hop project
together in Trinity. With production by the late J.Dilla and
features from legends like Roxanne Shante, Everlast, Grand
Puba as well as today's cream of the crop like, Slug,
Immortal Technique, Roc Marciano and Ill Bill to name a few,
the Trinity project volume one is destined to be a classic.

ifolder / turbobit
Party Groove/Soul Clap EP

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Koss & A.G. - Natural High EP

01. Natural High (ft. Sadat X)
02. Where It All Began
03. Above The Rest
04. Supernatural
05. Get It Baby
06. Live It Up
07. So Alive
08. Natural High (ft. Sadat X) (DJ Doom remix)
09. Supernatural (instrumental)
10. Supernatural (acapella)

Can someone please re-up Showbiz & A.G. - Mugshot Music Preloaded [Remixes] as link is dead

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Brandnew "Where It All Began" Remix by DJ SoulClap

Off the ApRock Joining Forces With The Snowgoons DJs - ReMixTape

request - please - Showbiz & A.G. - Mugshot Music Preloaded in flac.

Только сейчас обратил внимание на этот альбом. При больших объёмах хранилища шанс затеряться весьма высок. А альбом хорош. Собственно, учитывая ингредиенты, никаким иным он и не мог быть. Тот самый коленкор.
A.G. & Ray West - The Nickel EP (2015)

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mp3 / 320 kbps

[00:40] 01. Intro
[02:37] 02. Red Apples
[02:51] 03. U Ain't Me
[03:21] 04. Don't Ya Baby
[02:30] 05. Alfa Romero feat. L Fudge & Dave Dar
[03:05] 06. Red Apples Kings feat. Roc Marciano
[02:15] 07. Die Another Day
[02:07] 08. The One
[02:17] 09. Common Man
[03:53] 10. We Go Hard feat. John Robinson & Dave Dar
Showbiz & A.G. - Take It Back LP (2017)

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mp3 / 320 kbps

[01:12] 01. DJ Premier's Road Test
[03:15] 02. Take It Back
[02:00] 03. Walkin On Air (feat. A. Bless)
[03:59] 04. Dirty Rev
[02:24] 05. No Pit Stop (feat. A. Bless)
[02:43] 06. Live With Show and A (feat. Roc Marciano & John Robinson)
[02:47] 07. 16 and Out (feat. O.C. & A. Bless)
[02:42] 08. Redesigned
[03:20] 09. The Answer
[03:03] 10. Always Sound Hungry (feat. A. Bless)
[02:47] 11. Breathe Easy
[02:23] 12. Afro Child
[02:36] 13. Love Is A Beautiful Thing
[02:34] 14. Can't Wake
[02:49] 15. Jumpin Off The Roof
[03:47] 16. Rise
Showbiz - A Room Therapy EP (2017)

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mp3 / 320 kbps

[02:08] 01. Do What I Want 2 feat. David Bars
[03:25] 02. Burn Somethin feat. Tashane & A Bless
[03:27] 03. Dead Man Walking feat. O.C.
[03:49] 04. Bronx Day feat. Tashane & Majestic Gage
[03:19] 05. Speak Ya Mind
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Showbiz - A Room Therapy (2018)

01. Do What I Want 2 (ft. David Bars)
02. Burn Somethin (ft. Tashane & A Bless)
03. The Khalief Tale (ft. David Bars)
04. The Company (ft. A.G. & A Bless)
05. Bronx Tale (ft. Tashane & Majestic Gage)
06. City of the Gods (ft. A.G.)
07. Speak Ya Mind
08. I’ma Ride (ft. A.G.)
09. Put You Down
10. Pull Out the Gage (ft. Majestic Gage)
11. Toe to Toe (ft. Tashane, Majestic Gage & A Bless)
12. Love Never Dies (ft. David Bars)
13. The Science (ft. David Bars & OC)
14. Recovery (ft. OC)

в моём рейтинге пока №1 из вышедших в этом году
тонкие биты, классическая размеренная читка всех эмси, этакий минимализм хип-хопа
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David Bars & Showbiz - Bars & Beats (2019)

1. Blessings
2. Don't Panic (ft. Fred the Godson)
3. On Another Level
4. Rule The World
5. Uncut
6. Animal Shit
7. How I Got Em
8. City Don't Sleep
9. Side Bitch
10. Losing It

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